Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Yuk-Lui's Christmas Giveaway

Cheers :D

Google Friend Connect will be gone!?

Well, as I'm blogging on blogger, I suppose this won't affect me and my followers.  However if you're using another platform to blog or to host your website, you may need to check this out :P
  • Google's Spring Cleaning Google Friend Connect—Friend Connect allows webmasters to add social features to their sites by embedding a few snippets of code. We’re retiring the service for all non-Blogger sites on March 1, 2012. We encourage affected sites to create a Google+ page and place a Google+ badge on their site so they can bring their community of followers to Google+ and use new features like Circles and Hangouts to keep in touch.
 I use this random pic because I don't want this post to be pic-less. XD

Happy blogging. :)


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Upcoming Postsss

I have purchased a giant load of products throughout November. And 2
swaps arrived from Italy and UK respectively. I have taken pics of
most of them already but it is a real pain for me to write them up,
and for you guys to digest in one post. Hence I'm listing out the
potential 'haul' posts that may follow soon:

- Fyrinnae 1st
- Fyrinnae 2nd
- Goodies from Tao's Blog Sale (2nd lot)
- MAC pro longwear eyeshadows (lot of 7 shades)
- MAC evil eyes palette
- Illamasqua liquid metal, pure pigment, eyeshadow and lipgloss
- Magazine gifts
- Body Shop Hair stuff and body butter
- Bioglo body scrubs
- Taiwan trip skin care craze
- The Italian Swap
- The 3rd UK swap in 2011
- Meow Cosmetics Black Friday Sales
- Chantecaille and MAC Dazzlesphere from US custom purchase (thanks Tao!)

If I miss any, it's because I bought too much.

*PS* I'm experimenting to post via email. If you see anything funny
esp formatting in this post, that's why! :)

The (Shameful) End to P10P

For the past month or so, although I allow myself to shop for make up - birthday as an excuse -  I still try to limit myself to buying things that I really wanted and also try to use up things as much as possible.  Turned out I didn't only buy what I need, what I want, but also many extras (that's another story)...

FYI, my project 10 pan is only on make up items, skin care, body and hair or perfume are not counted.  This is so challenging to me, and I need to be strict in order to make this meaningful... Well... These 2 months or so have been tough (in terms of using up make up), but I still used up something I like, and something I don't.  Read on if you like.

Here I show and tell what I have managed to finish, and surprisingly, I actually finished 10 since I began...

Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof (UK version)

For review, please read here.

Recommend? Yes
Repurchase? Maybe, I have no access to this, plus I have other better favourites ;)

Lioele Triple Solution BB (sample) - Rating: 2/5

Sadly, the shade does not suit me well.  It applies too dark on me then later oxidises to a slight greyish tone on me.  I guess this will work for cooler skin tones that is a bit darker than me.  I have a quite yellowish looking neck and I feel I am wearing a mask when I put this on - esp when it starts oxidising.  Nevertheless, it has a nice texture and blendibility, not too oily nor drying -- problems with some other BB creams I tried.
Recommend? Yes; because the texture is lovely, but not for all skin tones (of course)
Repurchase? No


Commencement: 30th July, 2011 (gosh it has been 4 months)
Done EYES: 5 + 1
Done FACE: 3 + 1
Total products finished: 8 + 2 = 10
Total products purchased: *&^%$#@ ((Sorry I have lost count -- I'm a loser!))


I know I know I'm a totally loser and I failed too seriously to measure in this Project 10 Pan... I feel sorry to say that but I'm giving up on this project (not fun!).  I had so much laziness to kill - to do make up - and so much greed to withhold - for shopping cosmetics...

I am now preparing for another project, probably a collab with my favourite blogger Tao (youtube // blog)) and if that's gonna run, it will run through December.  I'm Super Excited about that!!! Then I'll think of other ways to play with my stash and limit my buying in 2012, any good ideas on what I could do??

Anyway, Cheers :D

Monday, 28 November 2011

Random Review: Mascara + Brow Gels

One day. It was late. I was trapped somewhere. I have been bare-faced for whole day.  Make up bag calls my name.  Hence this silly + not too organised post.

Bare face
On my right eye (i.e. left in picture)
Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara +  Mio piccolo eyebrow mascara

Bare face

On my left eye (i.e. right in picture)
Maybelline Colossal + Forme brow

Bare face (enlarge at your own risk)
Lashes curled with Chanel lash curler - love!

Comparison/ Review

 Mio piccolo eyebrow mascara 
Colour: LB (= light brown)

This is a warm brown with gold shimmer running through, really changes brow colour to golden shade but doesn't give a 'shape' to the brows.  The wand is a big big and not the easiest to use.  Texture is a bit runny and thin.  Colour matches my dyed hair well. **Rating: B+

 ✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧

 フォーミィForme Volume Down Eyebrow Mascara (discontinued)
Colour: 01

A very soft neutral brown.  Good to match many different shades of brown hair.  It gives some volume to the brows so you can skip shading them in.  The brush is small and very convenient to use.  **Rating: A

Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof (UK version)

Nice product, doesn't weigh down my lashes, colour is good dark black, gives so much length, some volume and product doesn't dry up in the tube too soon.  I like the fatty wand/brush and the bright neon yellow bottle - easy to find in my crowded make up bag.  Love this much better than the Covergirl Lash Blast! **Rating: A-

✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧✦ ✧

Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara (discontinued)

I guess the repackaged "skinny brush" might be the same as this.  One thin coat it gives me length and tiny big of volume.  2nd coat - no matter how thin or thick - it weighs down my lashes and destroys my curl.  Same disappointing when I first opened it and now - after a few months of drying up in the tube.  **Rating: D

Random Swatches

1 Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick (shade 03) 
2 Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara (black) 
3 Majolica Majorca Neo Automatic Liner (BR622) 
4 Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof (glam black) 
5 forme volume down eyebrow mascara (shade 01) 
6 mio piccolo eyebrow mascara (LB)


Review: Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Moisturizer

Another day, another Naruko review :P This time it is: 

Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Moisturizer

From US website, quote:
Product Detail:
Rose Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Moisturizer is Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated skin.   It provides in-depth hydrating and long-lasting moisture, resulting in smooth fine lines, tighten pores and soften skin.

Rose Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Moisturizer helps to keep skin healthy, tender and translucent.

In the morning and evening, after cleansing, use a cotton pad to lightly soak some moisturizer (about the size of a quarter). Lightly apply from back to front (jacq: what?) and from bottom to top, avoid the surrounding eye area. Apply with gentle pressure on your entire face.
We recommend using the Facial White Illuminating Cotton Pads with NARUKO toners and milky lotions for the best results. Use the textured side for toners and the smooth side for milky lotions. The cotton pads can also be used for toner face masks.

My Opinion

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Review: Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Fundamental Serum

Before anything -> go enter my Giveaway <- it will end in 3 days!

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Fundamental Serum may be the most versatile serums of the many offerings from Naruko.  This is meant to be basic (the 'entry' product line of Naruko is Narcissus Total Defense), and good for layering -- meaning if you want more whitening you can add another raw job's tears serum on top, or for oil control: a tea tree serum for example.

Let me began by quoting from the US website, again, I can't agree 100% with their translation/interpretation but still helpful to some of you, hopefully.
Quote from US website:

Friday, 25 November 2011

Skin Care Weekly 2011 (14-20 Nov)

Another week, another weekly journal...

Went to Taichung (臺中) for a 3day-2night short trip with Mr Boyfriend this week.  I figured this is the best time to try out my Cle de Peau set, hence I brought them along and basically for those days, used this ONLY.  

The rest of the week are basically my good-old-naruko and other random bits-n-pieces.  :)

○ ◎ ● ◯○ ◎ ● ◯○ ◎ ● ◯○ ◎ ● ◯

14-Nov, Monday

Morning: Water, Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing Dew, Rose Moisturizer, Raw Job's Tears Serum.  Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light mixed with Dr. G Multi Protection Cream.

Night: Care Zone A-cure foaming cleanser, Clinelle toner.  Lush Catastrophe Cosmetics.  Cellina Time's Up Facial Mask - 今天我最美.  Naruko Rose Moisturizer.  LaVie Oxygen In treatment.  Naruko Raw Job's Tears serum.  Methode Swiss RRR.  Kiehl's Avocado eye treatment.  Dr. Hauschka rose cream light. 

15-Nov, Tuesday

Morning: Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing Dew, Rose Moisturizer.  Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with avocado.  Dr. G MP Cream mixed with Dr. Hauschka day cream light.

Night: Clarisonic Mia with Beauty Diary Strawberry.  Biore MU Remover.  Steaming with Lush Vitamin E Toner Tab - applied Ki Glycyrrhizinic Acid Sensitive SC Treatment Nose Pore Cleanser on face first - later massage face with Dr. Hauschka Facial Oil.  Tone and cleanse face with Naruko Rose Hydrator, then Rose Moisturizer with cotton pad.  Body Shop Tea Tree Oil with cotton as spot treatment on skin for a couple of minutes.  LaVie Oxygen In eye treatment - almost time to move on to "Day 11-20"? - then Kiehl's creamy avocado treatment.  Naruko Rose Night Gelly.  

16-Nov, Wednesday
Morning: Water.  Naruko Narcissus MD, Rose Moisturizer.  Dr. Wu Hydrating Lotion.  Dr. G Multi Protection Cream.

Night: too tired after an insane day fighting with Microsoft SQL Server and etc - hence dropped dead on bed after shower - no idea what I used nor not used. 

17-Nov, Thursday

Morning: Probably some Naruko and Dr. Wu, I was in a hurry packing my luggage for my short trip hence didn't care to care for my skin - oops.

Night: Cle de peau cleansing cream, gentle cleansing foam, gentle balancing lotion, gentle nourishing emulsion. Same with the following day/nights, I applied the lotion with the cotton, but the emulsion just with my fingers/hands.

18-Nov, Friday

Morning: Cle de peau gentle cleansing foam, gentle balancing lotion, gentle protective emulsion.

Night: Cle de peau cleansing cream, gentle cleansing foam, gentle balancing lotion, gentle nourishing emulsion.

19-Nov, Saturday

Morning: Cle de peau gentle cleansing foam, gentle balancing lotion, gentle protective emulsion.

Night: Biore MU remover.  Clarisonic Mia with my beauty diary strawberry cleanser.  Naruko Rose Hydrator, Moisturizer, Narcissus fundamental serum.  LaVie Oxygen In.  Naruko RJT Serum.  Dr. Wu Hydrating Lotion.

20-Nov, Sunday

This is the only day (for months) that I let go of my routine and just wash and sleep - because I went terribly sick, vomit twice and slept unconsciously for over 18 hours.  Hence no record for this day... 

○ ◎ ● ◯○ ◎ ● ◯○ ◎ ● ◯○ ◎ ● ◯

  1. The cle de peau set works pretty well for me - cleanser and creme demaquillante (make up remover) okay.  lotion and emulsion above average.  need to work on them more to give a good review but I think I'm going to like them, rather than hate them.  I totally feel they are over-priced, naruko or other drugstore brands can work as well if the application is careful enough.  also i think i will be mixing other things in my routine - esp a lotion or a moisturizer - because simply using these CdP emulsion with cotton still seems too wasteful to me :)
  2. I'm gonna take a short break from my journal - perhaps a week or so, because this is a little boring to myself :P
  3. Expect to see a massive intensive extensive skin care lot I hauled all the way from taiwan.  It is huge.
  4. My boyfriend has definite oily skin, his pores are always clogged and zits grow every now an then although he hasn't been a teenager for a long long time now.  I gave him the first facial experience after hotspring during our trip - with zits popping and a cooling facial sheet mask - and he loved it.  His exlamation was "爽啊" XD ((lol if you can understand that))


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

P20BH Finale (Finally!)

P20BH = Project 20 Body n Hair... Let's begin with the products and the rambling down below... :D

○ ◎ ● ◯○ ◎ ● ◯○ ◎ ● ◯ ○ ◎ ● ◯

Crabtree n Evelyn La Source Body Lotion
Crabtree n Evelyn Rosewater Body Lotion

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Comparison: Cotton Pads (Intro)

updated 2011/11/22 - added pics

Insane girls like me who's obsessed with anything related to skin care sometimes, if not always, buy too much/many of things, products.  If you'd excuse me, I'd count cotton pads as beauty products.

I came across this article on beautylish ( link ) where the writer basically introduce what are the properties she looks for when shopping for cotton pads  and some products out in the market.  There is also another post talking about the differences between squares (my fav.), rounds and balls - link.

For me, I use cotton pads for several purposes:
  1. Removing nail polish
  2. Removing eye make up
  3. Applying toner/lotion/moisturizer
  4. Making toner mask or water mask
  5. Spot treatment
List of the Cotton:
And if you're interested, please be patient and wait for my upcoming reviews on the different kinds!  What do you use cotton pads/balls for?  Comment below if you want to read any particular one first!


Skin Care Weekly 2011 (7-13 Nov)

Before reading on, make sure you have already entered my giveaway HERE!   

Okay, so this is just another week, nothing glamourous, nothing sparkly.  Skin care is skin care after all :P  Just for your information, no new pics taken for this post - because I was lazy and most things are mentioned and pictured in previous post, go read that if you're still interested :P

7-Nov, Monday

Morning: Water, Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing Dew, Rose Moisturizer, Rose Serum.  (forgot sunscreen, may add before lunch break)

*1230: Dr. G Multi Protection Cream applied 30min before I went outdoor.

Night: Laneige multi cleanser in shower.  Body Shop Tea Tree Oil applied with lily bell on spots and congested area (as a treatment/essence).  Clinelle Soothing Skin Toner. CL Technology Marine Collagen Moist Mask - for about 20min.  Naruko Rose Moisturizer, Narcissus Fundamental Serum, LaVie Dark Circles 30days (Day 1-10) Oxygen In eye serum, Naruko Rose Serum.  LaVie Dark Circles Correcting Eye Cream, De-Wrinkle Eye Cream.  Dr. Hauschka Rose Cream Light.  Carmex.

8-Nov, Tuesday

Morning:  Water.  Naruko Narcissus MD, Rose Moisturizer, Rose Serum.  LaVie Oxygen In (Day1-10), Dr. G Multi Protection Cream.  Today is actually cloudy and rainy so spf30 is more than enough, anyway...

Night:  Laneige multi cleanser.  Clarisonic Mia with beauty diary strawberry cleanser.  Dr. Hauschka Toner, Naruko Rose SF Complex.  Body Shop Tea Tree Oil with Lily bell cotton pad.  Naruko Rose Moisturizer with Lily Bell.  Naruko Raw Job's Tears Serum.  La Vie 30day treatment - oxygen in.  LaVie dark circles correcting, de-wrinkle eye cream (1 over another).  Carmex.

9-Nov, Wednesday

Morning: Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing Dew, Rose Moisturizer.  Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light.

Night: Laneige multi cleanser, Lush Catastrophe Cosmetics.  Naruko Rose Hydrator.  Ki Q10 Mask.  Clinelle toner.  Naruko Rose moisturizer, narcissus fundamental serum.  LaVie Oxygen In, dewrinkle cream.  Body Shop Tea tree oil.  Naruko Tea tree oil out blackhead remover.  Carmex.

10-Nov, Thursday

Morning: Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing Dew, Rose Moisturizer.  Dr. G Multi Protection Cream.

Night: Care Zone A-Cure clarifying foam cleanser, clinelle toner.  Naruko rose hydrator, moisturizer, narcissus fundamental serum.  Lavie oxygen in, dark circles correcting cream, dewrinkle cream.  Body shop tea tree oil.  naruko taiwan magnolia cream.  boots botanics balm (around nose). naruko rose night gelly.

11-Nov, Friday 

Morning: Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing Dew, Rose Moisturizer.  Dr. Wu hydrating lotion.  Carmex.

Night: Biore eye make up remover, Lush AOBS.  Naruko Rose Hydrator, Moisturizer.  LaVie Oxygen In.  Dr. Wu hydrating lotion.  Carmex.

12-Nov, Saturday

Morning: Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing dew, Rose Moisturizer.  Dr. G Multi Protection Cream.

Night: Laneige Multi cleanser.  Dr. Hauschka Toner.  Naruko Rose Hydrator, Moisturizer, Narcissus Fundamental serum, Raw job's tears serum.  Kiehl's Creamy eye treatment with avocado.  Naruko Taiwan Magnolia Cream.

13-Nov, Sunday

Morning: Naruko Narcissus moisturizing dew, Rose moisturizer.

Night: Lush AOBS, Catastrophe Cosmetics.  Dr. Hauschka Toner.  Beauty Mate Collagen Smooth Eye Mask.  Naruko Rose Hydrator, Moisturizer, Narcissus fundamental serum, raw job's tears serum.  Methode Swiss RRR.  Kiehl's Avocado eye cream.  Naruko Taiwan Magnolia cream.

  • Should start trying Cle de Peau set soon (bought over 1 week and not yet opened?!)
  • Loving all my Naruko stuff - money very well spent!  Can't wait to show my new Naruko toys in Taiwan :P
  • To sum up this week,  10 Narukos + 1 Dr. G + 3 LaVie + 1 Bodyshop + 4 Cleansers + 2 Lush + 2 Dr. Hauschka + 6 others = 29 products.  (exclude disposable masks)
  • Lush Catastrophe Cosmetics will expire soon.  Need to use it up asap!!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

My Skin Care Stash and New Project...

After completing my previous P10SC,  I allow myself to buy (evil word) as many skin care as I wish - and you-guess-what, I went totally over board and crazily acquired too much!!  In view of my giant size of skin care stock, I think allowing myself to buy so many is an insane act.  Anyhow, I have bought them, and now I'm showing you my stash, and then talk about my new project...

FYI, cleansers, exfoliators, masks and make up remover kind of things are not pictured - simply because they are stored in my bathroom instead of my bedroom-cupboard and I don't want to move them around for the sake of photographing.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Boyfriend's Bday FOTD

Before reading on, make sure you have already entered my giveaway HERE!  

Okay.  Kindly excuse the webcam and phone camera quality.  I didn't have the opportunity to mess with my digital camera nor steal/borrow sister's dslr.  Make up was done during lunch break hence the random pic from office.  No lip products in these shots. :P


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Skin Care Weekly Journal 2011 Nov (Part 2)

I am just wondering, whether this would be beneficial to anyone - including me?  Um... anyway, here you go the long list of weekly-skin-care-journal. FYI, I managed to rotate between 38 items and added 1 sheet mask this week = 39 products!!!...


Morning: Naruko Rose Moisturizer, Naruko Rose Serum, Hera Sun Mate SPF35+.  Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV on neck.


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Complex

I am in love with Naruko! 
I am in love with Naruko! 
I am in love with Naruko! 
I am in love with Naruko! 
I am in love with Naruko!  
I seriously want to switch over to everything they produce!   They make really high quality products with nice ingredients without asking for high price!  Although they are not the cheapest brand out their I think the value is really there!  ((If I figure out how to order them from the taiwan site - the cheapest - I'll tell you!))

Before my review, you may read my haul here (and here), and how the folded boxes look like here
Steps or routine as recommended on
I have incorporated a few items into my daily routine, if you're interested, just go refer to my "Skin Care Weekly Journal" (it is updated rather slowly due to my unavailability to take pictures of the pile that I use weekly..)..  Out of the many things I have bought and started using, the Rose Serum - let's keep the name short and sweet - is my current top favourite and I have literally drink up the whole bottle within a month.  I figure it may be helpful for those who don't read Chinese to have some English material to refer to, hence I share my 2 cents.

I'm on my 2nd bottle now!

Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Complex

Quote from US website:
Product Detail: 
Rose n Snow Fungus Auqa Cubic Complex is Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated skin.   It provides in-depth hydrating and long-lasting moisture, resulting in smooth fine lines, tighten pores and soften skin.
Rose & Snow Fungus Auqa Cubic Complex helps to keep skin healthy, tender and translucent.
Application: After using moisturizer, squeeze 1 to 2 drops (jacq: not pumps!?), apply gently, and massage on face.

My Opinion:

PACKAGING : 2/5 - I don't like their dropper design.
PRICE: 4/5 - hk$140/30ml not the cheapest but reasonable.

I LOVE this serum.   You can definitely tell from how much I drink up within a few weeks.  I love roses but I'm not the hugest fan, yet I still fall for this fragrance and serum - it is one of the best blend I have ever smelt, and I think this is not overly perfumed for a skin care.  Actually Niuer (the creator/skin care expert) designs this scent to have some sort of aromatherapy value - so it is recommended to be enhaled or deeply breathed in before application.  I don't do this every time but when I do, I feel happy. :)

For application, I use this regularly after toner/moisturizer and before my cream/night gelly/sunscreen.  It can be used day and/or night, and 1 pump is enough for oily to normal skin.  As my skin is dry and pretty dehydrated for this time of the year, hence I usually use a generous two pumps and gently massage it in.  The texture is very smooth and not heavy, while it glides on my skin, it plumps up my skin and leaves it moisturized and shining.

Onto some 'drawbacks' - I like this so much I literally go through a bottle of this in a month.  Not that I am complaining, because these products are made without preservatives and should be consumed as soon as they are opened, but I will really really appreciate if they do them in sets of a few bottles - and be cheaper.  Also, although this is very hydrating, if I don't apply a gel, cream, gelly or moisturiser after this, the moisture still doesn't stay/locks in the skin.  (this is not a drawback, just a point-to-note)

kindly excuse my deadly-dry looking palm. 

Overall Rating: 21/25 - low mark because of the packaging!
Recommend?  Yes definitely :D  If you like roses or you need hydration - who doesn't?
Repurchase?  Yes.  Even if they don't change their packaging, I will!  Note to self: already started 2nd bottle, only have 1 more back-up.. should i plan to re-order? :S

Click the above to enlarge the product description

Link to the this product's taiwan page:


I bought mine at colourmix stores locally.  You can get yours at the official taiwan online shop, or whichever distributor responsible for your area -- check here.  Their official site is only in traditional Chinese.  Their US website has limited info in English and even there is few, there are quite a number of typo spotted.  I don't totally agree with the translation either.  Anyways.  I hope my 2-cents serve you well ;)

How do you find my review style?  Please give me feedbacks~  I am trying to be organised when I write-up reviews.  Thanks in advance!


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Oct Monthly Favourites + Haul Round-Up

As a conclusion to my birthday month craze, I have decided to link all my related hauls here, and then move on to my monthly favourites.   Please be prepared, I was indeed not very sane now that I look back how far I went with my purchases!! :D

Insane series of Birthday Hauling:

#1 Clarisonic Mia and Naruko 

#2 Make up from Sasa (Dollywink, Canmake, Lavshuca)

#3 Lush Bubble Bars and some Elite cosmetics

#4 Massive Naruko Haul

#5 Gorgeous L'Oreal Infaillable eyeshadow and Missha

#6 Shopping at Tao's Blog Sale

#7 Giant Collective Haul

 #8 Gifts

I still have 2 more hauls not yet written up, 1 being a collection of online purchases (MAC, Illamasqua, Fyrinnae and Tao's Blogsale *almost sound like a brand*), another one is a really expensive Cle de Peau skin care haul. :S Thanks mum, I feel so so so spoilt!!


So, onto my Monthly Favourites.. It has been quite a month struggling between blogging and working and celebrating but I did come up with some pink-related favourites as a response (my 2 cents) to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Go to read my "Pink Favourites" if you haven't already: 1st  and 2nd.  For the other non-pinks favourites, please read on~


 from left: MAC Material Gold, Stila Purrfect (base, kitten lid, crease *black cat liner shade not shown), Sephora Khaki, Gosh Truly Brown and MAC Molasses.

MAC Brushed Metal-X Cream Shadow - Material Gold
Beautiful warm gold colour.  I have 2 of these metal-x cream shadow and I love them.  They don't crease too bad because they are more like a dry powdery cream rather than a moist creamy cream.  However I always use a primer underneath (MAC paint pot or BareMinerals prime time).  I love how it brightens and warms up my eye lids and adds dimension to powder eyeshadow I layer on top.

Stila Purrfect
I got this from Tao's blogsale and I have been loving it since I tried it on for the 1st time!  The base colour really really suits my skin tone and helps blending a lot.  The lid colour is similar to the Material Gold, but paler and more yellow.  It is the perfect lid colour for me!  If I didn't get it wrong, this is actually the famous kitten colour?  Impressively pretty!  Lastly it is the pinky-brown-nude crease colour.  I thought it would make me look puffy and not flattering, but turns out, it warms up my eyes and add definition very naturally!  I'm so glad I found a warm natural crease colour - in addition to my usual cool tone choices!  All of these shadows blend beautiful and stay on pretty well :D

Sephora Brow Pencil - Khaki 01
No longer available in my city!   I picked this up when Sephora was closing down a year or so ago in Hong Kong, and this was on clearance for about $10 (local currency, of course).  It was the lightest shade available and I bought it because I dyed my hair pretty light brown.  I didn't realise that it has SHIMMER in it - I mean real shimmer!  The shade is a rather neutral light brown and there's gold shimmer inside.  Sounds really weird but for my hair colour, it is a good match.  FYI, my brows and hair are naturally very dark brown and I have been dyeing my hair various shades of brown for a few years now :P  It's sad to see this finishing soon but I'm so excited to move on to other brow make up in my own stash ^^

Gosh Velvet Touch Eye Liner Waterproof - Truly Brown
This is one of the few eyeliners that I have multiple shades of, and for this particular shade, I have a backup!  Velvet touch are really smooth to apply and stay put all day on my lids.  For water-line it fades gradually but that means it is not too harmful - no?

MAC Pearlglide - Molasses
Frankly, the Gosh velvet touch will do the job for me.  But as I never tried any MAC eyeliners, I figure it is a nice idea to pick up one in Tao's blogsale (again?).  This is even smoother than the Gosh velvet touch, and the colour is more complex, with a bit of bronze and forest green hue/shimmer on top of its dark brown colour.  Like this a lot, but for full price, I probably won't repurchase. :D

BeautyMaker Aqua Eye Concealer - #2 Natural
This is the darker of the 2 shades available (I have both).  It is a little less pigmented than the BobbiBrown creamy concealer but more mositurising (water content).  Feels light on the skin and blends easily.  Conceals under eye circles well.  It has to be set with a powder.

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense BB Cream Essence
A very big mistake of this make up base (that's what I use it for), is that it doesn't have sunscreen/spf.  It really brightens and evens out my skin tone but I feel a bit bothered that a sunscreen is needed before this.  Feels good on the skin and I believe its skin care properties do condition/protect my skin throughout the day.  Would love to use this up (or mix with my sunscreen for a tinted brightening moisturizer) but definitely won't repurchase.  There's a backup of this sitting in my stash.. oops..  I believe this is being replaced by a BB Cream with UV protection now.  :D

Skin Care

Naruko (definitely!)
This month I have been using the Narcissus Fundamental Serum, Rose n Snow Fungus Complex (serum) and Moisturizer non-stop.  I will do individual review of them soon because I love them too dearly! Serious!! They are the love of my life!!!

Cherry Kiss Lip Balm
Not the biggest fan of cherry-scented products because many of the artificial offerings remind me of syrup medication I used to had when I was small.  This, in contrary, smells rather natural and not offensive at all.  It is an oily-ish balm but tends towards the light side.  I like to apply and re-apply this through-out the day in the office with a lipbrush (MAC 316 for my case).  It soothes and gives a faint cherry colour tint = lovely ;)

Original Carmex Tube (official site here)
My tube broke in my pocket some time ago, hence I deported it into a sample jar as pictured.  It doesn't have the best smell in the world - very medicated and drug-like and menthol-y.  However it does save my lips when they are cracked.  Good stuff.  I have a vanilla stick of carmex which I don't use that often.  In my opinion other options of carmex don't smell particularly good, so instead of paying for extra fragrance/flavouring, why not stick to the basic?


By the way I may go on an extended-weekend-holiday with Mr boyfriend some time this month so I'm busy planning and stuff.  I will be back in no time.  Don't miss me too much - I know I will miss blogging a heaven lot though! ;)

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