Saturday, 12 November 2011

Boyfriend's Bday FOTD

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Okay.  Kindly excuse the webcam and phone camera quality.  I didn't have the opportunity to mess with my digital camera nor steal/borrow sister's dslr.  Make up was done during lunch break hence the random pic from office.  No lip products in these shots. :P


Bourjois Brush Foundation in 31 all over face and neck and chest with fingers.  Guerlain Lingerie de peau (foundation mix with concealer) under eyes.  ELF Studio Blushr Bronzer duo - blush applied from outer-apple to ear (kind of a diagonal manner), and a bit of bronzer underneath cheekbones, right near the ears.

Bourjois foundation, Guerlain foundation and ELF blush/bronze.

Bare Minerals Eye Primer on lids.  MAC Material Gold Metal-X all over lid.  Gosh brown liner on upper inner+outer, lower inner+1/2 outer.  Lavshuca BE-1 darkest shade to smudge outer upper+lower liner.  2nd dardest shade on lid up to crease.  TKB Hilite Red on brow bone, TKB Smokey xxx on middle+outer eyelids.  Curl Lashes.  Majolica Majorca mascara base on both upper and lower lashes.  2 layers of Gafixx no. f101 flared silhouette mascara on upper lashes.  Piles of Integrate Separate on lower lashes.  Applied Princess Leah #3823 lashes.  Comb through lashes with KAI metal comb.  Brows filled in with Sephora khaki pencil.

BareMinerals primer, Sephora brow pencil, MAC Material Gold, Gosh eyeliner, TKB Hilite Red Mica, Smokey XXX, Lavshuca BE-1

Lash Glue, Majolica Majorca base, Integrate and Gafixx mascara 

Princess Leah #D3823 on its own; compared to #D3122

bare in these pics but later put on some Rimmel lipgloss.



  1. Aww, you look so pretty! Those lashes are so natural on you! Hope you had a great night w/ your SO. :)

  2. beauuutiful FTOD and those false eyelashes look AMAZING!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Thank you ladies! we had a great night with sashimi and gelato. A walk and chat by the Victoria harbour :P

    In person these lashes are actually quite obvious, not too natural :P but I like them much!




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