Friday, 30 December 2011

My First International Giveaway!! Winner!!~

2011 12 30 Update -

Technically on the last Friday of 2011 my package arrived at Veronica - She kindly sent me some pics of her with the gifts and here they are!  I may hold a Chinese new year giveaway around late January - keep an eye out for that!!


Thank you all for commenting!  The giveaway is closed and the winner is:

Veronica from Canada

I have got her address through email and the package will be out around this coming weekend!!

FYI, I consolidated the comments and here are the results:

Dolly Wink: 3
Dolly Wink eyeliner: 2
Cute Packaging: 2
Anna Sui: 2
False Lashes: 1
Skin 79: 1
Missha: 1
Kiss Me eyeliner: 1
Pop face cream: 1 (hey this is not an Asian brand!)
BB Cream: 1
Japanese: 1
Skin: 1
Hair: 1
Feet: 1

Keep an eye out for another giveaway soon - probably a New Year 2012 one! :D

To draw the winner, first I write up their names (and multiples of them if they are subscribed or re-posted) on the back of post-it.  Then I pasted them on an A4 sheet.  Asked my sister to randomly pick out 1 - and voila - the winner.


Yes It's Giveaway Time!!!

I just want to share some items with you guys, reasons of such celebration include i) this being the 100th blogpost - um.. ii) I have over 100 subscribers on youtube - yes, unbelievable, right? I don't even make videos that often iii) I want more people to follow my blog - hope this doesn't sound offensive?  Hence I am holding this Giveaway which will be open for quite a while (I want to accumulate prizes/gifts as well as followers).  Sorry for the wait!

Let me show you the prizes first, and then the boring rules afterwards...

(Korean) Baviphat sunscreen, (Japanese) Lemon lipbalm, (HK) Sasatinnie muted blue-green nail polish, (Chinese) generic white-gold gel eyeliner, (Chinese) false lashes, (Japanese) Visee silver eyeshadow. I may include some extras later...

Giveaway open until:
30th November
This reaches 100 comments

Basic Rules:

  • Comment below, tell me at least 1 Asian brand or product that is not available at where you are, and you want to try! Chances are, I may even include it for you!  
  • Please write down your email address in the comment!   
  • Each person can enter once only - hope this sounds fair!
  • I will ship anywhere on this Earth!

Extra chances:

Double chance for 'Blogger'
Follow my blog.

Triple chance for 're-posting'
Copy-n-Paste link to this Giveaway on your blog - come back and share with me the link to your post so that I can check out your blog also!

I plan to do more giveaways with my twitter or youtube in the future... Keep an eye out for that :)


I will randomly choose at least 1 of the commentors to send out the gifts.   It will be announced around 1 week after the giveaway is closed.  Good luck


Originally posted on 2011-11-02
Updated on 2011-11-03 
Updated on 2011-12-13
 updated on 2011-12-30


  1. Is this open internationally? If it is I would like to enter :) Asian brands I would like to try are Skin79, Missha and Dolly Wink. I think part of the reason why I want to try out Asian cosmetics is that the packaging is soooo cute!

  2. Oh, great giveaway! Hmm we don't have any Asian brands where I live but I'd love-love-love to try the Dollywink Eyeliner! Tres cute packaging!!! I follow you with the name "cbsg5861".

  3. thanks for holding the giveaway! i would really like to try any asian brand of false lashes. they look so fun!

  4. oooh great giveaway jacqueline!
    I would love to try more Anna Sui Makeup as we used to have it here in the UK but before I got to try any it just dissapeared!

  5. Thank you for the great giveaway. There are so many Asian brand I want to try especially the Japanese brand like the kiss me eyeliner, false lashes, right now a lot of asian girls love to wear the false lashes, it just makes a lot of difference.

  6. The asian brand i would love to try would be dolly wink eyeline because it looks so nice and smooth and also pop face cream because i think it would help my skin so much:)

    My blog is

    my email is

  7. Hi Jacq! great blog! I would like to try any BB cream from any Asian brand, I've heard that they are a lot better than the ones you can buy here and I'm also very pale so I can´t find the perfect tone for me anyways!
    Great giveaway btw!
    Email address :

  8. Hiii dear ,

    LOVELYYY GIVEAWAY ... and congrats for hosting an International Giveaway .. YEPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    I m following ur blog now

    my GFC : shaashii

    I would love to know more about Japanese products ...

    I have made a blog entry of ur giveaway on my blog

    Blog :

  9. Oh i forgot to mention my email ..

    i jst posted u my comment by GFC : Shaashii

    can u plzzzz include my entry

    GFC : shaashii

    email :

    my blog entry for u :

    I would love to see more japanese products..

  10. Hello here ;3
    First... I'v never seen any asian product here, sadly. So pretty much anything for skin/hair/feet is pretty cool, since my feet are pretty dry, and, I just completly love my hair, so xD
    Congratulations, Veronica Tremblay
    You are now following JacqWritesonBeauty
    I just found your blog, and i'm going though it, and by now I just completly LOVE it. It's so complete and awesome! I really really love it ;3 Your now in my favorite on the computer, so <3
    So, thank for considering my entry ;3 Yay <3
    Email ;

    Have a nice day <3

  11. Yay, thank again hun, I can'T wait to got it <3<3<3 I'm super hyper excited ;D

  12. Veronica, you're welcome! Keep an eye out for the package arrival! ;)

  13. i loooooooove false eyelashes!



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