Sunday, 13 November 2011

My Skin Care Stash and New Project...

After completing my previous P10SC,  I allow myself to buy (evil word) as many skin care as I wish - and you-guess-what, I went totally over board and crazily acquired too much!!  In view of my giant size of skin care stock, I think allowing myself to buy so many is an insane act.  Anyhow, I have bought them, and now I'm showing you my stash, and then talk about my new project...

FYI, cleansers, exfoliators, masks and make up remover kind of things are not pictured - simply because they are stored in my bathroom instead of my bedroom-cupboard and I don't want to move them around for the sake of photographing.

I would say these 2 pictures show about 80% of my lotion, potion kind of skin care. **Lip balm are not here too, because they were placed with my lip make up and everywhere**

After so much lovely pictures of my skin care stash; Here comes my second attempt of tackling my "too many SC products" situation -- my Project 20 Skin Care (what a boring stupid name)!


- Not allowed to buy any facial skin care items, for eyes, face... 
- Until I use up 20 full size items
- Sample/travel size items will be counted as 1/4 of a full size (lesson learnt from last P10SC, i.e. samples are too easy to use up)
- Sheet masks used up are excluded.  But I shall stop buying them too.
- Lipbalm and chapsticks are excluded. (for another up-coming project)
- If I do buy any skin care, which is likely probable, full size will be counted as double, sample size = 1 item.... :S
- During the course of this project, I will giveaway items that I don't like or don't suit me to my friends and family; those are excluded as well.
- Another round of Skin Care Stash pictures will be taken at the end of this project, and we'll see how successful this is!

A Good Start

Hera Sun Mate Daily, Rating 4/5 - One of the best sunscreen out there.  I have 2 full size of this sitting in my stash :S  Good for daily use - feels soft, moisturising and light.  One 'con' is it smells very perfumed, although lovely and fades quickly, I still think it might be too strong to some.  Again, it is a high-end product but very reasonably priced - if you get it in Korea duty-free.

Naruko Rose n Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Complex, Rating 5/5 - (full review here)

Care Zone A-Cure Clarifying Toner, Rating 4/5 - Nice stuff for troubled skin, not that I have as much skin issues now, especially when you want to prevent break-outs and help zits heal sooner.  As my skin is getting drier and drier every day (maturing?) and only get hormonal potential break-outs once a month.  I don't think this is necessary for me - hence not repurchasing.  The truth is, I plan to use Naruko Tea Tree line to solve my occasional skin issues...

Caudalie Vinosource Quenching Sorbet Creme, Rating 1/5 - It has been previously reviewed here.  Basically my comments are the same, not like.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum, Rating ?/5 - No idea how this works as 0.5ml sample does nothing.  Though didn't blind my eyes, didn't perform miracles in 1 night.

Joseristine H2O Hydrating Night Mask, Rating 0/5 - (2 samples) - I know I have said in previous empties post that I quite like this stuff.  However, that was before I am spoilt by Naruko Night Gellies.  Compared to Naruko, this is thick, alcoholic, goopy.  It leaves behind some sticky residue on skin (helps lock in moisture perhaps?) which can only be removed with thorough cleansing the other morning.  To be short, nothing good :P Actually this is not that bad, but I'm not the old me anymore ;)

Joseristine H2O Hydrating Gel, Rating 1/5 - Similar to the above, but less sticky residue left behind.  However I have a feeling this actually evaporates instead of sinks in throughout the night - no way to prove it though.. hehe


Mum received an SMS - attractive deal on Cle de Peau products so before she went a trip with my dad, she brought me there and bought me a set as the 'treat' to becoming home-in-charge for couple of days.


I may talk more on the shopping experience and feelings later, after I start using and feeling it myself :P

Project Stats:

Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Full Size Finished: 1
Samples Finished: 7
Total Finished: 1 + 7/4 = 2.75
Full Size Purchased: 4 ($3725 Cle de Peau set that worths over $4545...)
Samples Purchased: 6 (from CdP, don't want to count these, but seriously, they are responsible for the CdP purchase.. hence the inclusion of count)
Total Purchased:  4*2 + 6 = 14

Distance from goal: 20 - ( 2.75 ) + ( 14 ) = 31.25 kilometres... XD

I just ordered a long list of Naruko products off the taiwan website. There are nearly 40 products, but just cost about hk$2900, amazing deal!  :D  share more on that later!!! - but hey, should I exclude them in this project?? After all they are not purchased locally... (does that matter...?)



  1. Goodness me... It looks like a department store! That's a pretty huge collection. Good luck with your project! x

  2. I wish my mom got me some CdP. AWESOME stash btw. Good luck with the project 20 pan!

  3. @Claire
    yes it is big/huge indeed and skin care are not like powder cosmetics - they will expire! thx - good luck w my project :P

    well well. she said this is eary christmas present, and I cooked/did housework (for 3 siblings) for 1 week while she was away.. so that's a deal, not a total 'treat' :D
    let's see how my progress go with the project! :D

  4. Looking forward to see the completion of this project. =)

    1. Hi June, Well, it is gonna be challenging, Now I've still about 30+ items to go... long way, huh? :S :P

    2. just done a inventory count on my skin care stash. i have 10 brand new sunscreens, 9 moisturizers, 4 serums and 3 toners. it is also a challenge for me to use them up before their expiry date. I am going to Hong Kong this coming May. Hopefully i am able to control myself not to buy any skin care product at the airport. =)

    3. sunscreen i'm ok, can use mine up in the summer, moisturisers and toners i'm hopeless (i got dozens of them in full and sample size)... serums i can drink up about 1 bottle a month. Hong Kong is really a dangerous place to stay, in terms of being on a no-buy/low-buy/use-it-up determined.

      I am just hoping I will use up 30+ (the number left in my P20SC) and downsize a little bit :S



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