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Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Complex

I am in love with Naruko! 
I am in love with Naruko! 
I am in love with Naruko! 
I am in love with Naruko! 
I am in love with Naruko!  
I seriously want to switch over to everything they produce!   They make really high quality products with nice ingredients without asking for high price!  Although they are not the cheapest brand out their I think the value is really there!  ((If I figure out how to order them from the taiwan site - the cheapest - I'll tell you!))

Before my review, you may read my haul here (and here), and how the folded boxes look like here
Steps or routine as recommended on
I have incorporated a few items into my daily routine, if you're interested, just go refer to my "Skin Care Weekly Journal" (it is updated rather slowly due to my unavailability to take pictures of the pile that I use weekly..)..  Out of the many things I have bought and started using, the Rose Serum - let's keep the name short and sweet - is my current top favourite and I have literally drink up the whole bottle within a month.  I figure it may be helpful for those who don't read Chinese to have some English material to refer to, hence I share my 2 cents.

I'm on my 2nd bottle now!

Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Complex

Quote from US website:
Product Detail: 
Rose n Snow Fungus Auqa Cubic Complex is Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated skin.   It provides in-depth hydrating and long-lasting moisture, resulting in smooth fine lines, tighten pores and soften skin.
Rose & Snow Fungus Auqa Cubic Complex helps to keep skin healthy, tender and translucent.
Application: After using moisturizer, squeeze 1 to 2 drops (jacq: not pumps!?), apply gently, and massage on face.

My Opinion:

PACKAGING : 2/5 - I don't like their dropper design.
PRICE: 4/5 - hk$140/30ml not the cheapest but reasonable.

I LOVE this serum.   You can definitely tell from how much I drink up within a few weeks.  I love roses but I'm not the hugest fan, yet I still fall for this fragrance and serum - it is one of the best blend I have ever smelt, and I think this is not overly perfumed for a skin care.  Actually Niuer (the creator/skin care expert) designs this scent to have some sort of aromatherapy value - so it is recommended to be enhaled or deeply breathed in before application.  I don't do this every time but when I do, I feel happy. :)

For application, I use this regularly after toner/moisturizer and before my cream/night gelly/sunscreen.  It can be used day and/or night, and 1 pump is enough for oily to normal skin.  As my skin is dry and pretty dehydrated for this time of the year, hence I usually use a generous two pumps and gently massage it in.  The texture is very smooth and not heavy, while it glides on my skin, it plumps up my skin and leaves it moisturized and shining.

Onto some 'drawbacks' - I like this so much I literally go through a bottle of this in a month.  Not that I am complaining, because these products are made without preservatives and should be consumed as soon as they are opened, but I will really really appreciate if they do them in sets of a few bottles - and be cheaper.  Also, although this is very hydrating, if I don't apply a gel, cream, gelly or moisturiser after this, the moisture still doesn't stay/locks in the skin.  (this is not a drawback, just a point-to-note)

kindly excuse my deadly-dry looking palm. 

Overall Rating: 21/25 - low mark because of the packaging!
Recommend?  Yes definitely :D  If you like roses or you need hydration - who doesn't?
Repurchase?  Yes.  Even if they don't change their packaging, I will!  Note to self: already started 2nd bottle, only have 1 more back-up.. should i plan to re-order? :S

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Link to the this product's taiwan page:


I bought mine at colourmix stores locally.  You can get yours at the official taiwan online shop, or whichever distributor responsible for your area -- check here.  Their official site is only in traditional Chinese.  Their US website has limited info in English and even there is few, there are quite a number of typo spotted.  I don't totally agree with the translation either.  Anyways.  I hope my 2-cents serve you well ;)

How do you find my review style?  Please give me feedbacks~  I am trying to be organised when I write-up reviews.  Thanks in advance!




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