Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Oct Monthly Favourites + Haul Round-Up

As a conclusion to my birthday month craze, I have decided to link all my related hauls here, and then move on to my monthly favourites.   Please be prepared, I was indeed not very sane now that I look back how far I went with my purchases!! :D

Insane series of Birthday Hauling:

#1 Clarisonic Mia and Naruko 

#2 Make up from Sasa (Dollywink, Canmake, Lavshuca)

#3 Lush Bubble Bars and some Elite cosmetics

#4 Massive Naruko Haul

#5 Gorgeous L'Oreal Infaillable eyeshadow and Missha

#6 Shopping at Tao's Blog Sale

#7 Giant Collective Haul

 #8 Gifts

I still have 2 more hauls not yet written up, 1 being a collection of online purchases (MAC, Illamasqua, Fyrinnae and Tao's Blogsale *almost sound like a brand*), another one is a really expensive Cle de Peau skin care haul. :S Thanks mum, I feel so so so spoilt!!


So, onto my Monthly Favourites.. It has been quite a month struggling between blogging and working and celebrating but I did come up with some pink-related favourites as a response (my 2 cents) to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Go to read my "Pink Favourites" if you haven't already: 1st  and 2nd.  For the other non-pinks favourites, please read on~


 from left: MAC Material Gold, Stila Purrfect (base, kitten lid, crease *black cat liner shade not shown), Sephora Khaki, Gosh Truly Brown and MAC Molasses.

MAC Brushed Metal-X Cream Shadow - Material Gold
Beautiful warm gold colour.  I have 2 of these metal-x cream shadow and I love them.  They don't crease too bad because they are more like a dry powdery cream rather than a moist creamy cream.  However I always use a primer underneath (MAC paint pot or BareMinerals prime time).  I love how it brightens and warms up my eye lids and adds dimension to powder eyeshadow I layer on top.

Stila Purrfect
I got this from Tao's blogsale and I have been loving it since I tried it on for the 1st time!  The base colour really really suits my skin tone and helps blending a lot.  The lid colour is similar to the Material Gold, but paler and more yellow.  It is the perfect lid colour for me!  If I didn't get it wrong, this is actually the famous kitten colour?  Impressively pretty!  Lastly it is the pinky-brown-nude crease colour.  I thought it would make me look puffy and not flattering, but turns out, it warms up my eyes and add definition very naturally!  I'm so glad I found a warm natural crease colour - in addition to my usual cool tone choices!  All of these shadows blend beautiful and stay on pretty well :D

Sephora Brow Pencil - Khaki 01
No longer available in my city!   I picked this up when Sephora was closing down a year or so ago in Hong Kong, and this was on clearance for about $10 (local currency, of course).  It was the lightest shade available and I bought it because I dyed my hair pretty light brown.  I didn't realise that it has SHIMMER in it - I mean real shimmer!  The shade is a rather neutral light brown and there's gold shimmer inside.  Sounds really weird but for my hair colour, it is a good match.  FYI, my brows and hair are naturally very dark brown and I have been dyeing my hair various shades of brown for a few years now :P  It's sad to see this finishing soon but I'm so excited to move on to other brow make up in my own stash ^^

Gosh Velvet Touch Eye Liner Waterproof - Truly Brown
This is one of the few eyeliners that I have multiple shades of, and for this particular shade, I have a backup!  Velvet touch are really smooth to apply and stay put all day on my lids.  For water-line it fades gradually but that means it is not too harmful - no?

MAC Pearlglide - Molasses
Frankly, the Gosh velvet touch will do the job for me.  But as I never tried any MAC eyeliners, I figure it is a nice idea to pick up one in Tao's blogsale (again?).  This is even smoother than the Gosh velvet touch, and the colour is more complex, with a bit of bronze and forest green hue/shimmer on top of its dark brown colour.  Like this a lot, but for full price, I probably won't repurchase. :D

BeautyMaker Aqua Eye Concealer - #2 Natural
This is the darker of the 2 shades available (I have both).  It is a little less pigmented than the BobbiBrown creamy concealer but more mositurising (water content).  Feels light on the skin and blends easily.  Conceals under eye circles well.  It has to be set with a powder.

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense BB Cream Essence
A very big mistake of this make up base (that's what I use it for), is that it doesn't have sunscreen/spf.  It really brightens and evens out my skin tone but I feel a bit bothered that a sunscreen is needed before this.  Feels good on the skin and I believe its skin care properties do condition/protect my skin throughout the day.  Would love to use this up (or mix with my sunscreen for a tinted brightening moisturizer) but definitely won't repurchase.  There's a backup of this sitting in my stash.. oops..  I believe this is being replaced by a BB Cream with UV protection now.  :D

Skin Care

Naruko (definitely!)
This month I have been using the Narcissus Fundamental Serum, Rose n Snow Fungus Complex (serum) and Moisturizer non-stop.  I will do individual review of them soon because I love them too dearly! Serious!! They are the love of my life!!!

Cherry Kiss Lip Balm
Not the biggest fan of cherry-scented products because many of the artificial offerings remind me of syrup medication I used to had when I was small.  This, in contrary, smells rather natural and not offensive at all.  It is an oily-ish balm but tends towards the light side.  I like to apply and re-apply this through-out the day in the office with a lipbrush (MAC 316 for my case).  It soothes and gives a faint cherry colour tint = lovely ;)

Original Carmex Tube (official site here)
My tube broke in my pocket some time ago, hence I deported it into a sample jar as pictured.  It doesn't have the best smell in the world - very medicated and drug-like and menthol-y.  However it does save my lips when they are cracked.  Good stuff.  I have a vanilla stick of carmex which I don't use that often.  In my opinion other options of carmex don't smell particularly good, so instead of paying for extra fragrance/flavouring, why not stick to the basic?


By the way I may go on an extended-weekend-holiday with Mr boyfriend some time this month so I'm busy planning and stuff.  I will be back in no time.  Don't miss me too much - I know I will miss blogging a heaven lot though! ;)

Last but not least, if you haven't already, go join my Giveaway.  It's free and it makes you and me happy!



  1. Oooh that Stila palette! The shades are so, so pretty! Kitten definitely lives up to all the hype ;)

  2. Wow that is some great stuff you have there, I'm jealous lol!

  3. @cbsg5861 yes yes yes. I finally understand why Kitten is so famous!

    @Emma Some are really great, others I almost forgotten to start playing with... I need to give all of them some good use and see if they really are 'great' ;)




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