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P20BH Finale (Finally!)

P20BH = Project 20 Body n Hair... Let's begin with the products and the rambling down below... :D

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Crabtree n Evelyn La Source Body Lotion
Crabtree n Evelyn Rosewater Body Lotion
The texture of these 2 body lotions are similar.  Very fast absorbing and feels light-weight on the skin.  I'm sure this lotion won't work for me now, as the weather turns dry and my body needs oil and butter instead of watery lotion.  Scent-wise, Rosewater is just okay, very basic/original/old-school rose smell - natural instead of artificial, good but not special.  La Source is much better, fresh, refreshing and 'relaxing' - I like it a lot.
(Recommend? Yes if you like light smooth fresh body lotion.  Repurchase? No if I have to pay full price)

OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers Berry Merry Rose Juicie
This smell is the best out of the few I tried.  It really throws a happy (merry) sweet fruity (berry + juicie) and floral (rose) scent.  Similar to the body lotion mentioned above, it tends towards the light side, not even soothing enough to be used as hand cream - this is just too wet and light, I prefer more creamy lotion/creams.  Not bad and especially like its yumminess.
(Recommend? Yes if you like berry n rose.  Repurchase? No.)

Pantene Clinicare Hair Time Renewal Shampoo
Again, this packaging is dis-continued, as with my other pantene clinicare hair products (these were made in thailand, the current ones sold in stores are made in china).  I like the Clinicare line a lot.  For shampoo I like the blue and the pink.  Conditioner and mask - all in the different ranges!  This shampoo has a very nice smell, lathers up easily (yes it has whatever sulphates in), leaves hair smooth (perhaps silicon whatever in too?) and really makes me feel hair is moist and nourished, even without conditioner/mask following.  I need to investigate on the new package/formula after I clear up my stash a little. 

Clinicare Full n Thick Treatment Mask (pink)
Clinicare Hair Time Renewal Conditioner (blue)
(Recommend? Repurchase? Maybe for both, as I said, interested to try out their newly repackaged versions!)

Bath n Body Works Twilight Woods Body Lotion
Again, the humidity in Hong Kong no longer allow me to wear body lotion on its own.  I need to pile on some creams or butters to make my skin un-itchy.  This BBW formula tends towards the thick side in the lotion spectrum, but still not enough for me.  (I used this up in 3 or 4 applications, can you imagine how thirsty my legs/body are?)  Twilight woods is an adorable scent, warm and basic, nothing too fancy nor floral or fresh.   I feel like this scent would work on heavier formua and this formula works with sweeter or fresher scents.
(Recommend? Yes, both the scent and the formula.  Repurchase? Not this scent in this formula!)

Choifung CL Papaya Bust Firming Cream (homepage here - in Chinese only)
I was looking for body creams and I found this free sample sitting in my cupboard, hence I gave it a go.  My bust size is small (typical flat-chested) and I don't have that much fat to 'firm'... I don't have a bust-care routine, exercise nor product application.  I can just say, this feels very moisturising, easy to massage in but hard to absorb.  Doesn't irritate but gives a funny cooling sensation.  Not particularly scented - perhaps too faint I don't realise any?
(Recommend? No idea.  Repurchase? No.)

Ma Cherie Gloss Milky Wax
This is perhaps the only one hair styling product I have used up?? Because I rarely use any on my hair - not only product but I mean styling in general.  This was hidden in my travel bag for ages and because of the Taiwan trip I managed to use this on my hair, in a morning when Mr Boyfriend blow-dry my hair.  (blush)  Makes my hair silky glossy and easy to manage - good.  Considering to give my hair products some good use and then go buy the full size of these.  Ma Cherie is a drugstore brand of Shiseido, most product packaged very cutely (many in pink) and quite popular among Asian girls...
(Recommend? Yes!  Repurchase? Probably!)

Clinicare Hair Time Renewal One Wash Treatment *2
Talked about them here~~

Neutrogena Rainath refreshing shower n bath gel
Smells strangely unisex and refreshing, not the 'aqua' or menthol kind of unisex but more warm and perhaps woody?  Wash well, pretty moisturizing in terms of shower gel.  I have used multiples of these esp during trips (as I always find travel sizes of these in my bathroom - mum bought them, perhaps).  Never ever bought the full big giant bottle but one day, I would! :D
(Recommend? Yes!  Repurchase? Yes!)

Clinicare Hair Time Renewal Conditioner (blue)
pls refer to the paragraphssss above~~~

 MJ Foot Care Pack
I bought a set of 10 pairs of this foot mask in Korea.  It was from a shop called 'Beauty Credit'.  They are one of the many chain stores that crowd in Myeong-dong (shopping/busy area).  Unlike most other shops, they aren't equip with the most arrogant saleslady and chinese/english fluent assistants.  The shops are actually a bit messy and less attractive.  But they are stocked with good stuff!  These masks cost about $12 per pair (hk dollars ofcoz) and works as well as the Sasa ones (those are about $30-40 per pair).  Makes feet soft and moist, but not long-term.  I believe pedicure requires very frequent scrubbing and oils and massage and very rare walking - not achievable... Think about instant pedicure in a plastic bag :P
(Recommend? Yes!  Repurchase? Yes!)

 Step 1 the mask, Step 2 the plastic bag.

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Project 20 Body n Hair stats

Start Date: 1st Sep, 2011
End Date: 20th Nov, 2011
Full Size Done: 8 + 1
Samples Done: 16 + 13
Total products finished: 16 + 7.5 = 23.5
Total products purchased: 2 (temporarily suspended in October)

Overall Grade: B
I think I did okay, not too well, not too bad.  It took around 3 months and I accomplished the product with about half full size, half samples - really quite good in fact! I thought I would have to cheat with mostly samples! 

Besides exploiting my birthday license and bought so many products, Lush, Haus of Gloi, Lux, etc, I also made use of the current in-store promotion of Body Shop and got mysef quite a few Body Butters and hair travel sets - super great stuff - talk about them later perhaps!  I seriously think I need to do a Body n Hair project again, soon.  Perhaps a shorter one?  But hang on, I need to break a while and look around for new things to acquire!!! :D

Extras - Ingredients

For my own interest I took pictures of the ingredient list of some of the items before I throw them out - I guess this will be informative to some of you who're interested to look into the things I mentioned.  Let's say the next chemistry nobel prize can be inspired by such long lists of organic chemicals? XD

(pls click pics to enlarge)

Pantene Clinicare Full n Thick Treatment Mask

Ma Cherie Gloss Milky Wax
(sorry I think I missed the ingredients and focus on the description instead)

Clinicare Hair Time Renewal Conditioner

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