Monday, 28 November 2011

Review: Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Moisturizer

Another day, another Naruko review :P This time it is: 

Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Moisturizer

From US website, quote:
Product Detail:
Rose Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Moisturizer is Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated skin.   It provides in-depth hydrating and long-lasting moisture, resulting in smooth fine lines, tighten pores and soften skin.

Rose Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Moisturizer helps to keep skin healthy, tender and translucent.

In the morning and evening, after cleansing, use a cotton pad to lightly soak some moisturizer (about the size of a quarter). Lightly apply from back to front (jacq: what?) and from bottom to top, avoid the surrounding eye area. Apply with gentle pressure on your entire face.
We recommend using the Facial White Illuminating Cotton Pads with NARUKO toners and milky lotions for the best results. Use the textured side for toners and the smooth side for milky lotions. The cotton pads can also be used for toner face masks.

My Opinion

PRODUCT : 4.5/5
TEXTURE : 4.5/5
PRICE: 4/5 - HKD$130/120ml *not the cheapest but very well-priced!

This milky moisturizer smells very natural amazing.  Ingredients seem to be good for the skin - don't quote me, as I'm not a derma-specialist, nor do I bother to investigate everything chemicals in the world just yet.  The texture is a very light and runny milk, hence it can be difficult to apply like usual moisturizer with hands n fingers.  Application may be a little tedious as cotton is recommended.  I have yet to try their supposedly perfect Naruko cotton pads to go with it :P... 

I enjoy smoothing this on my face, either bare (as 1st step) after wash or toned with a light toner, every day and night.  It is like a 'softener' you throw in with your laundry, helps very well to seals in the moisture and makes skin milky soft and supple.  Another night gelly or thicker cream may be applied after this for drier skin (i.e. mine).

I know the naming of these Naruko toners can be confusing, but this 'moisturizer' is actually a 'Toning Emultion' or 'Milky Lotion'.  Except on humid days and oily skin, I don't think this work too well as the last-step-moisturizer.

To be honest, so far I'm really really satisfied with the Rose line, the Narcissus line and the Magnolia line.  The Tea tree line I haven't tried enough, whereas the Raw Job's Tears is just okay (probably because RJT doesn't have a good smell!).

Overall Rating: 20/25

Recommend?  Yes.  
For those who don't mind wiping this on day/night with cotton pads. :)  
Especially dry skin all year round or other skin in drier seasons.  
Rose-lovers should try something/everything from this line!

Repurchase?  Yes.  
After my 3 back-ups and trying the other Naruko moisturisers/toners, 
I will definitely come back to this one, some day...

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Which Naruko product do you want me to review next? :)

*bought by me, paid by sweet boyfriend*


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