Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The (Shameful) End to P10P

For the past month or so, although I allow myself to shop for make up - birthday as an excuse -  I still try to limit myself to buying things that I really wanted and also try to use up things as much as possible.  Turned out I didn't only buy what I need, what I want, but also many extras (that's another story)...

FYI, my project 10 pan is only on make up items, skin care, body and hair or perfume are not counted.  This is so challenging to me, and I need to be strict in order to make this meaningful... Well... These 2 months or so have been tough (in terms of using up make up), but I still used up something I like, and something I don't.  Read on if you like.

Here I show and tell what I have managed to finish, and surprisingly, I actually finished 10 since I began...

Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof (UK version)

For review, please read here.

Recommend? Yes
Repurchase? Maybe, I have no access to this, plus I have other better favourites ;)

Lioele Triple Solution BB (sample) - Rating: 2/5

Sadly, the shade does not suit me well.  It applies too dark on me then later oxidises to a slight greyish tone on me.  I guess this will work for cooler skin tones that is a bit darker than me.  I have a quite yellowish looking neck and I feel I am wearing a mask when I put this on - esp when it starts oxidising.  Nevertheless, it has a nice texture and blendibility, not too oily nor drying -- problems with some other BB creams I tried.
Recommend? Yes; because the texture is lovely, but not for all skin tones (of course)
Repurchase? No


Commencement: 30th July, 2011 (gosh it has been 4 months)
Done EYES: 5 + 1
Done FACE: 3 + 1
Total products finished: 8 + 2 = 10
Total products purchased: *&^%$#@ ((Sorry I have lost count -- I'm a loser!))


I know I know I'm a totally loser and I failed too seriously to measure in this Project 10 Pan... I feel sorry to say that but I'm giving up on this project (not fun!).  I had so much laziness to kill - to do make up - and so much greed to withhold - for shopping cosmetics...

I am now preparing for another project, probably a collab with my favourite blogger Tao (youtube // blog)) and if that's gonna run, it will run through December.  I'm Super Excited about that!!! Then I'll think of other ways to play with my stash and limit my buying in 2012, any good ideas on what I could do??

Anyway, Cheers :D


  1. Girl you did fine! I know it was boring to stick to these few products but don't you feel relieved a bit? I do when I finish up a product ;)

  2. @cbsg5861
    well well. i did okay.. i spent 4 months to use up 10 items (including samples)... while I purchased 485748201 items more!!! ><
    but it's true i feel good finally finishing something up! :D



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