Friday, 25 November 2011

Skin Care Weekly 2011 (14-20 Nov)

Another week, another weekly journal...

Went to Taichung (臺中) for a 3day-2night short trip with Mr Boyfriend this week.  I figured this is the best time to try out my Cle de Peau set, hence I brought them along and basically for those days, used this ONLY.  

The rest of the week are basically my good-old-naruko and other random bits-n-pieces.  :)

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14-Nov, Monday

Morning: Water, Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing Dew, Rose Moisturizer, Raw Job's Tears Serum.  Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light mixed with Dr. G Multi Protection Cream.

Night: Care Zone A-cure foaming cleanser, Clinelle toner.  Lush Catastrophe Cosmetics.  Cellina Time's Up Facial Mask - 今天我最美.  Naruko Rose Moisturizer.  LaVie Oxygen In treatment.  Naruko Raw Job's Tears serum.  Methode Swiss RRR.  Kiehl's Avocado eye treatment.  Dr. Hauschka rose cream light. 

15-Nov, Tuesday

Morning: Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing Dew, Rose Moisturizer.  Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with avocado.  Dr. G MP Cream mixed with Dr. Hauschka day cream light.

Night: Clarisonic Mia with Beauty Diary Strawberry.  Biore MU Remover.  Steaming with Lush Vitamin E Toner Tab - applied Ki Glycyrrhizinic Acid Sensitive SC Treatment Nose Pore Cleanser on face first - later massage face with Dr. Hauschka Facial Oil.  Tone and cleanse face with Naruko Rose Hydrator, then Rose Moisturizer with cotton pad.  Body Shop Tea Tree Oil with cotton as spot treatment on skin for a couple of minutes.  LaVie Oxygen In eye treatment - almost time to move on to "Day 11-20"? - then Kiehl's creamy avocado treatment.  Naruko Rose Night Gelly.  

16-Nov, Wednesday
Morning: Water.  Naruko Narcissus MD, Rose Moisturizer.  Dr. Wu Hydrating Lotion.  Dr. G Multi Protection Cream.

Night: too tired after an insane day fighting with Microsoft SQL Server and etc - hence dropped dead on bed after shower - no idea what I used nor not used. 

17-Nov, Thursday

Morning: Probably some Naruko and Dr. Wu, I was in a hurry packing my luggage for my short trip hence didn't care to care for my skin - oops.

Night: Cle de peau cleansing cream, gentle cleansing foam, gentle balancing lotion, gentle nourishing emulsion. Same with the following day/nights, I applied the lotion with the cotton, but the emulsion just with my fingers/hands.

18-Nov, Friday

Morning: Cle de peau gentle cleansing foam, gentle balancing lotion, gentle protective emulsion.

Night: Cle de peau cleansing cream, gentle cleansing foam, gentle balancing lotion, gentle nourishing emulsion.

19-Nov, Saturday

Morning: Cle de peau gentle cleansing foam, gentle balancing lotion, gentle protective emulsion.

Night: Biore MU remover.  Clarisonic Mia with my beauty diary strawberry cleanser.  Naruko Rose Hydrator, Moisturizer, Narcissus fundamental serum.  LaVie Oxygen In.  Naruko RJT Serum.  Dr. Wu Hydrating Lotion.

20-Nov, Sunday

This is the only day (for months) that I let go of my routine and just wash and sleep - because I went terribly sick, vomit twice and slept unconsciously for over 18 hours.  Hence no record for this day... 

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  1. The cle de peau set works pretty well for me - cleanser and creme demaquillante (make up remover) okay.  lotion and emulsion above average.  need to work on them more to give a good review but I think I'm going to like them, rather than hate them.  I totally feel they are over-priced, naruko or other drugstore brands can work as well if the application is careful enough.  also i think i will be mixing other things in my routine - esp a lotion or a moisturizer - because simply using these CdP emulsion with cotton still seems too wasteful to me :)
  2. I'm gonna take a short break from my journal - perhaps a week or so, because this is a little boring to myself :P
  3. Expect to see a massive intensive extensive skin care lot I hauled all the way from taiwan.  It is huge.
  4. My boyfriend has definite oily skin, his pores are always clogged and zits grow every now an then although he hasn't been a teenager for a long long time now.  I gave him the first facial experience after hotspring during our trip - with zits popping and a cooling facial sheet mask - and he loved it.  His exlamation was "爽啊" XD ((lol if you can understand that))



  1. Great review, I love reading your skin diary!

  2. @sam
    thanks! your comment make me feel i'm not writing up nonsense :P coz these skin care post really don't attract many views/comments usually...



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