Thursday, 10 November 2011

Skin Care Weekly Journal 2011 Nov (Part 2)

I am just wondering, whether this would be beneficial to anyone - including me?  Um... anyway, here you go the long list of weekly-skin-care-journal. FYI, I managed to rotate between 38 items and added 1 sheet mask this week = 39 products!!!...


Morning: Naruko Rose Moisturizer, Naruko Rose Serum, Hera Sun Mate SPF35+.  Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV on neck.

Joseristine Salicylic Acid Cleansing Gel, Cosline Sweet Honey Pack, Methode Swiss Radiant Resilience Reviver, Ki Sensitive Moisturizing Mask (Choi-fung A282), Vitacreme B12 Anti-Ageing Serum, Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Anti-spot Anti-Dark Circles Eye Serum (what a heavenly long name!?), Naruko Raw Job's Tears Serum, LaVie Dark Circles Correcting Eye Cream, Carmex lip balm, Naruko Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Reparing Night Cream, Naruko Rose SF Night Eye Gelly, Night Gelly.

*I piled on so many different type of products because it finally turns dry (and a little cool) in Hong Kong.  Plus I went home quite early tonight, without bringing my laptop on purpose.  Hence I pamper my face with loads of good stuff - face does feel soft and extremely moisturised + bright after the international cocktail, made with 12 items, from wash to gelly!*

The Joseristine cleanser on the left: now it's given to my sister.


Morning: Wash with water, spray with Dr. Hauschka Toner.  Naruko Rose SF Moisturizer, Rose SF Serum, Hera Sun Mate Daily and Carmex.  Neutrogena FF BB Cream UV on neck. (I am wondering should I include this as skin care or make up?  It is white as chalk - hence on the neck it goes)

Night: Joseristine Salicylic Acid Cleansing Gel, Lush AOBS, Naruko Rose SF Hydrator (toner) with Lily Bell, Rose SF Moisturizer (with same piece of Lily Bell).  Naruko Narcissus Fundamental Serum.  LaVie Dark Circle Corrector 30-Day Eye Program #1 Day 1-10 (Oxygen In). I forgot to follow up with cream or night gelly, oops.


Morning: *A pimple/spot is forming right in the centre of my forehead*  Clinelle Soothing Skin Toner (spray) all over face and pat dry with flannel.  Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Moisturizing Dew with Lily Bell (basically Lily Bell is used for toner/moisturizer unless otherwise stated).  Naruko Rose SF Moisturizer.  Naruko Narcissus Fundamental Serum.  Lancome anti-this anti-that eye serum.  Dr. Wu hydrating system extra hydrating lotion with aqua-collagen.  Neutrogena BB UV on neck.  Hera Sun Mate Daily on face.

Night: Clarisonic Mia with Beauty Diary Strawberry Cleanser.  Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out T-zone Blackhead Remover (on zit and large pores) and Swiss Balance Ultra Hydro Cleansing Mask on 2 cheeks.  Wash with water.  Clinelle Toner on face.  Methode Swiss Resilience something Reviver serum on freckles, Body Shop Tea Tree Oil on spots.  Naruko Raw Job's Tears Whitening Serum all over.  LaVie Dark Circle Program - Oxygen In.  Naruko Rose SF Serum, LaVie Dark Circles Correcting Eye Cream and De-Wrinkle Eye Cream.  Naruko Rose SF Night Gelly - thin layer because I love love love the smell and textureJoseristine H2O Hydrating Night Mask (don't like this much).


Morning: Wash with water.  Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing Dew with Lily Bell puff.  Naruko Rose SF AC Moisturizer with same puff.  Naruko Narcussus Fundamental Serum.  Hera Sun Mate Daily.

Night: Nuxe cleansing water, Clinique take-the-day-off.  Laneige Multi Cleanser in shower.  Naruko Rose Hydrator and Moisturizer.  Naruko Narcissus Fundamental Serum.  LaVie Oxygen In for eyes.  Methode Swiss RR Reviver.  Naruko Rose SF Serum.  LaVie Dark Circles correcting eye cream.  Caudalie Vinosource quenching sorbet-creme.  Naruko Rose SF Night Gelly.  Carmex.


Morning: Water.  Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing Dew.  Lancome Blanc Expert eye serum.  Dr. Wu hydrating lotion.  Dr. G Multi Protection Cream SPF30.

Night: Dr. Morita Whitening Face Cleanser and Lush AOBS in shower.  Naruko Rose Hydrator (toner) with Lily Bell, Moisturizer with same piece of Lily Bell.  Clinique Turnaround Concentrate on some bumps/potential breakouts.  La Vie Oxygen In Treatment (for eyes).  Methode Swiss Reviver serum.  Naruko Rose SF Serum.  LaVie Dark Circles and De-Wrinkle eye cream (layered).  Caudalie sorbet-cream.  Joseristine Hydrating Gel.


Morning:  Water.  Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing Dew, Fundamental Serum, Rose SF Serum.  Lancome Blanc Expert eye serum.  Dr. Wu Hydrating Lotion.  Dr. G Multi Protection Cream.

Night: Clinique take the day off, Dr. Morita whitening face cleanser.  Clarisonic Mia with beauty diary strawberry.  Naruko Rose SF Hydrator, Moisturizer, Narcissus Fundamental Serum.  LaVie Oxygen In eye serum.  Clinique Turnaround concentrate (on congested area).  Methode Swiss RRR (on freckles).  LaVie De-W + D-C Correcting eye cream.  Dr. Hauschka Rosencreme leicht (light rose cream).  Dr WU Hydrating lotion.  Naruko Rose SF Night Gelly.

Rose n Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Hydrator, Narcissus Total Defense Mositurizing Dew, Tea Tree Oil Out T-Zone Blackhead Remover, Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Serum, Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Reparing Night Cream
*suprisingly, they are all from different line!*
from left
Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner, Clinelle Soothing Skin Toner, Dr. Wu Hydrating System Extra Hydrating Lotion with Aqua-Collagen, Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light

I didn't take pictures of the other masks/cleanser, as well as those I already mentioned in my empties post.  Hope that's okay with you! 
Again, if you like to know more about certain product just comment below.  I am more than happy to answer them for you!



  1. all those naruku products look so nice!

  2. Holy...! That's a lot of products! I'm lemming Naruko so hard!! I've heard so many good things about it. I need to check it out more.

  3. yes yes! the naruko stuff are great indeed! I will be using more and more of them and hopefully review them 1 by 1, let you guys know more about it! :D




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