Friday, 2 December 2011

First time: Bio-Cellulose Mask

I have tried hundreds of sheet mask - paper, silk, cotton, jelly - and now, it's Bio-Cellulose 

Ludeya Brightening Moisturing Bio-Cellulose Mask
I got this mask from Taiwan drugstore-chain CosMed (康是美).  It came in a box of 3 and there's some sort of buy 1 get 1 promotion going on.  It costs me hkd$18 per piece.

What is Bio-Cellulose Mask?
Bio-Cellulose Mask is composed of nano-fibers formed by fermented microbes. The fiber structure is interlaced in three-dimensional space allowing active ingredients to be absorbed deeply into epidermis and demonstrating extraordinary immersion efficacy.

How it feels like?
Just like Second Skin!
The Mask is thin, thinner than I imagined.  But fit to my face contour really well.  There is hardly any gap or 'bubble' to smooth out.  *except the space around the nose - the hole is a little too big and you can see the zit on my left cheek almost coming out.

Ingredients for those who're interested
A funny fact: water is the last ingredient, probably because of its special texture, it can hold other ingredients/moisture inside the mask instead of soaking in a pool of solution... maybe? 

Mask removed
Unlike using other wet solution mask, my face seem brightened, smooth, moisturised - BUT NOT DRIPPING WET!  There is no excessive lotion/serum to massage in.  If I am to do this mask before make up, I feel like I can totally start my base after mask-removal!

 Quickly end this post with a post-skin-care, moisturised (ugly) face! :D

Please don't tell anyone you've seen how much I have hauled all the way back from Taiwan.

XD this is insane!

But makes me so so so happy....

See you in the next post!

 *bought by me, paid by the significant other* 



  1. Hi!
    I was wondering if you know where I can buy naruko products in Taipei? I will be going there during Xmas holidays and would like to stock up.

  2. Hi Judy, I'm definitely more than happy to tell you! I ordered mine off -> chinese website -> paid by my visa -> shipped to the hotel I stayed in. They have very good offers online and they ship quite fast.

    Another way is to buy them at local drugstore (Watson's). They don't stock everything but it is a good selection too. Prices are slightly higher there, but you can find sets and travel sizes too!

    If you want more info just email me! :)

  3. Hi jacq!!

    Thanks for ur quick reply! I'll probably have to just check out watsons since I will be there for 4 days only.


  4. Hi Judy,

    I actually pre-ordered the Naruko stuff while I'm still at home. They ship to the hotel before I even started my trip! Just make sure you talked to your hotel customer service - they usually help you keep the parcel for a while!

    Of course Watson's is a good choice too ;)




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