Monday, 5 December 2011

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau

There is a liquid foundation in this range, as well as the compact - which I own.  I got samples of this foundation + concealer in the shade 02 Beige Clair.

  • Size - This comes in a larger pan of foundation (0.7 gram), and a thin pan of concealer (0.3 gram), which is designed to look a little like the real packaging.  
  • Colour - The shade Beige Clair is nearly perfect match for me.  Well - the free (PR) samples in HK are usually light to medium Asian (yellow/beige) colour, hence tend to match me okay.  The foundation is medium coverage and slightly darker in shade, whereas the concealer is a little thicker, more concentrated in pigment and lighter in shade.
  • Crap Sponge - The sponge included is crap, so tiny that I can't imagine one can even hold it.  I mainly use my fingers to apply the product to my skin and then blend with another brush or sponge or fingers.  The formula is so great you can't go wrong with whatever blending methods.
  • Texture - I really don't have much complaint.  Very creamy and satiny and smooth, easy to blend.  Looks made-up but gives a flawless finish on the skin.  It sets to a very light powdery finish and if you like the semi-matte finish, no need to add other powder.  However, it is not very moisturizing, I need to put a good cream or primer underneath.

Quote from the web:
GUERLAIN fulfils every woman’s dream by creating an all-in-one moisturising cream foundation and concealer that seems to fuse with the skin so perfectly it cannot be seen or felt. The two complimentary shades blend in seamlessly, creating a second skin effect, tailored to match the natural perfection of each individual complexion.
Technological breakthrough: Bio-Fusion micro-mesh. Natural and synthetic have been combined to create an imperceptible veil of perfection for an ultimate second-skin effect. Hyaluronic acid, a powerfully hydrating molecule is encapsulated in the micro-mesh, and works to immediately revive complexion freshness.

Applied on me

I'm too shy to upload the high quality pics - and I have no time to take other pics... So please bear with the below :P

Half face

(left: applied but not well-blended, see it cakes under my eye!)
(right: naked)

Full face

Lesson of the day, wear lip balm and I don't look good early in the morning.

 I have already hit pan on the foundation side, just to include its original pic to end this post :P

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  1. I've been curious about the liquid version of this for ages but I love the idea of having a foundation and concealer in one palette. I totally agree with you though, why do they even bother including those crappy little sponges?! x

  2. I got a sample sachet of the liquid foundation too. Perhaps I can give it a try and share my views on it. This foundation+concealer is really great and they blend well! Totally find the minute useless sponge redundant! (it doesn't even serve decorative purpose~*) ;P



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