Monday, 19 December 2011

Mail Arrived: Benefit and Meow Cosmetics

Last month there was this 20% off benefitcosmetics dot com and free shipping for over USD125.  I joint-ordered with a friend and got some things that I have wanted for a while.   It was a great deal and I love everything I got! *hey we know that's not always true*

Dandelion - the softest baby pink blusher/brightening face powder
Skinny Jeans - perfect marriage of taupe and grey, not too cool
Birthday suit - I suspect my bare study could be similar, comparsion later maybe
(creaseless cream shadow/liner can be worn as a eyeshadow base, on its own or as a liner)

sorry I forgot to ask my friend whether she'd like me to keep them.  But em.. friendship crisis?
freebies - stay don't stray primer for concealer n eyeshadow, hoola 'the' bronzer/contour

above is a swatch/comparsion of Benefit Skinny Jeans // Essence Camp Rock // Essence Rock Chic -- i got the essence products from a huge swap with an Italian lady, post on that later

From Meow I ordered 2 full size foundation, 2 Tinted Glow Powder and a pile of foundation samples.  Thanks to Tao for the (evil) introduction, and the even more evil 'Black Friday Sales'.

That's about it.  As you can see I haven't yet opened the foundation to play with.  Not much to say on them yet!~*

December is driving me crazy and blogging seems to ease my nerves a little - hence I am very diligent at writing, can't you see? ^.^

Cheers :D


  1. Love benefit!!! You got loads of amazing stuff!! You really got loads of foundation samples, lol!!! The tinted glow powder look sfab, and the swatches of skinny jeans, essence camp rock!!

  2. Yay Fianna, Benefit seems to make cute and useful products. and I'm so eager to try out Meow - hence the big load of samples! :P Cheers~

  3. no there is no such thing as friendship crisis.

  4. @G, I'm more than glad to hear that from you XD



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