Monday, 5 December 2011

New stuff: Body Shop, Magazine Gifts... with short reviews

This is part of my October/November shopping record. Well... a lot of swatches and posts are still in my draft-list and I don't know when can I finish them.. :P

The Body Shop

  1. Rainforest Moisture Shampoo
  2. Rainforest Moisture Conditioner
  3. Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter
  4. Wide tooth comb
 (above: hair butter texture)
(below: enlarge for ingredients list)

  • Amazing Shampoo and Conditioner!! Hair mask is okay, wide tooth comb is definitely handy to detangle wet hair~
  • If you love the scent of their honey n oat 3-in-1 mask, you'll definitely love this scent too!!!
  • The shampoo is moisturising and leaves hair shiny and lovely-scented.  The conditioner is good, but the hair butter/mask I feel is just okay.
  • Considering to repurchase the shampoo in the future~*
  • Note: I got 2 of these travel sets so I am good for another few weeks.  FYI, I wash and condition my hair every day, but I rotate my shampoo and conditioner!

Body Buttersssss
  1. Strawberry - goes to my 2nd sister
  2. Almond
  3. Moringa
  4. Sweat Pea duo - goes to 3rd sister
  5. Macadamia duo
  6. Floral Acai - goes to 3rd sister
  7. (not pictured) Shea Butter - goes to Mum
  8. (not pictured) Vitamin E
  9. (not pictured)  Mango
Yea, I went a little over-board and got 5 for myself - and 4 for my family.  The ones I bought for myself all smell nice and feels very moisturising/emollient.  Will talk about them soon when I give them enough tries. :P

Lux Hair Masks

  • Super Damage Repair Black Diamond Tube Treatment 
  • Crystal Diamond Extreme Moisture Repairing Hair Mask (in a tub)

 Haven't tried them yet, but seeing these pics now remind me to try them out asap :P

Magazine gifts

  • Laneige Perfect Renew Essence_EX
  • Tsumori Chisato Make Up Bag
  • Astalift Mask and samples
  • (not pictured)  Barrier Repair Mask
  • Lacoste pouch
  • Pantene Milky Deep Nourishing Intensive Treatment 

I haven't tried these yet but if you're interested then keep an eye out, or request below!



  1. I recently ordered and received my 6 body butters from The Body Shop, they were 3 for $30, so hard to resist! Never tried them before!

  2. @sam
    yes that's quite a bit but i stick to the travel sets (faster to use up) and body butters (repurchase)... don't want to get stuff that I won't use and keep piling up!

    i got mine at a similar sales too! they were hkd209 for 3 (hence I got 9) :P hope you like them, esp for the winter season~*

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