Saturday, 10 December 2011

Review: Muji Cut Cotton - Unbleached

Hi, so here comes the 1st review of cotton pads.  I have listed out all the cotton I have on hand HERE, and in this post I'm going to talk about the Muji unbleached one.

On the Muji Hong Kong website, I found the cotton description below.  They offer 3 types of cotton - Cotton Puff (with stitches or pressed edge), Cut Cotton (loose layer of fibres) in white and unbleached, 2 different colours.
  1. Cotton Puff ($20 for 60pcs)
  2. Cut Cotton ($15 for 120pcs)
  3. Cut Cotton - Unbleached Big ($35 for 102pcs)
  4. Cut Cotton - Unbleached Small ($18 for 140pcs) ** will be reviewing this one **
  5. Cotton Puff ($15 for 129pcs)

For the information I have taken, I have already 2 questions:

  1. Except for the size and quantity, are Cotton Puff ($20 for 60pcs) and Cotton Puff ($15 for 129pcs) different in texture or build?
  2. Does anyone notice the dimension for Cut Cotton - Unbleached Small ($18 for 140pcs) is wrong?  It should be 60x50mm

Anyway, My Review:

  • Natural - not bleached
  • Soft - doesn't drag or irritate skin
  • Affordable - actually pretty reasonably-priced
  • Packaging - clear zip-lock bag
 (see how soft it is when I place it at my finger tips?)

  •  Shapeless - it is not pressed at the edge, hence the fibre just moves and cotton lose its shape very quickly
  • Size - I find the squares a bit small for my taste
  • Yes for lotion/water mask - soft and natural and easy to tear
  • Not for applying lotion - lose its shape too easily.
  • Not for removing make up or nail polish - soaks up too much liquid.


NO - Because I don't do lotion mask enough to justified this purchase.

Overall Rating: 2/5

Singaporean blog (English) - talks about unbleached small
Taiwan blog (Chinese) - talks about unbleached big
Taiwan blog (Chinese) - talks about White small

Leave comments/questions below if you have any! :D


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