Thursday, 15 December 2011

SASA: Dollywink, Diamond Lash, Kate, Tsubaki...

So I went on shopping for a swap and I bought what I wanted, plus many more!  I haven't opened everything yet as I am on my way to clearing out old stuff before starting new ones - then why buy?  So if you want to see review/swatch on anything, tell me in the comments!

Dolly Wink Mascara and Eyeliner Special Edition Sets - Sam ask for Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner and when I saw these special sets, I have to get them.  The problem now is, I don't know which set to send her - maybe I should keep both?? LOL **the purple is volumizing mascara, hot pink is lengthening mascara, both liquid eyeliner are same**

Canmake Shading Powder, Diamond Lash - My friend Jas asked me to help her get a shading powder in #01 after trying out mine, so I got myself a back-up.  FYI, #01 is a really great neutral shade for pale to light/medium Asian colour.  The diamond lash are rather popular amongst the Japanese and some Asian beauty blogs so I craved a few styles when I spotted them in SASA.  They aren't cheap (about US$13.5 for 5 pairs) so hopefully they live up to their hype! **hot pink box = gorgeous, purple = natural (bottom)**

Kate Mineral Loose Foundation, Gel Eyebrow brush and More Diamond Lash - There is this stunning leopard bag organizer gift-with-purchase with Kate products so I had to get myself some Kate.  Never tried their mineral line so I started with the loose foundation (Colour in OC-B, about US$15.5 for 10g).  More Diamond Lashes because 2 styles aren't enough **Left one = cats, right hand side = angel**

Za Skin Beauty Two-way Foundation - I got this already and I love it.  Za is the sub-brand of Shiseido.  A moisturizing and smooth powder, not cake-y but gives good coverage.  It is decently priced and they make really cute limited edition cases! **I use shade #21** (you can see the one I am using HERE)

Tsubaki Water - I got both of them in the travel sizes because I want to give them a try (and finish them off) before comitting to a full size one.  **Note: space is limited and if my mum charge me land rent for my junk, I'll be bank-rupt**  These are hair conditioning spray or leave-in conditioner.  I am using the white one one and like it.  **Red - mist with tsubaki oil EX (to make normal hair shine) and White - Damage Care mist with tsubaki amino (for damaged hair)**

Germanium Facial Roller - Umm.. basically to massage face to smooth wrinkles, improve circulation, etc etc.. It is cute pink!  and handy.  Quite lovely feeling on the skin as well.

Just a random moisturizer because it's on sale?!

luckytrendy Multi Foundation Brush - because I'm loving my current one I need to get a back up of this!  it is so soft and so handy.  The short length of its bristles give me very good control of what I'm doing, whether it's applying foundation or buffing on powder!

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