Monday, 12 December 2011

Small Shopping: Choi Fung Hong

Choi Fung Hong (彩豐行) is a Hong Kong company that makes beauty products under several brands, including Joseristine, Ki, CL, MaybleSally, JimmBenny, Beautiella, etc... I believe they are originally making affordable bulk size beauty supply for beauty salons - and later branch out to the ordinary retail market.  It is quite popular among Chinese tourists for their super affordable and wide-range of products.

    They make a lot of sheet masks, each cost around hk$10.  The usual type has thick and soft sheet and a lot of lotion/serums.  I like them a lot.  **There are also more expensive types that cost from hk$15-40ish, but I don't remember liking them**

    I have tried tons of their products, from face to hair to body.  And honestly, I think only 1/3 of eveyrthing I tried are decent.  Most are just cheap and definitely replaceable products.  This cleansing milk, however, is really good and is a repurchase - it is very moisturizing and cleanses nicely.

    In the past, whenever I mentioned the above brands in my blog, I have just labelled them as Choifung, I figure I owe readers some explanation on this brand.  Note: I did include some samples from this company in my swaps. Sam, this is your cream - and I got you 2 bottles!

    One last thing, no matter you order from online store or go to their stores to shop, they are really generous with samples and gift-with-purchases.  **probably one of the reason why they are so popular - we love freebies, don't we?**  This last pic shows all the freebies I got with my purchase this time.

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    Their online store:

    I will be talking about this brand on and off in future posts, so this also serves as a reference to what this company is.  Hope this is is helpful! :P



    1. yey i'm so excitied. I actually cut up the nano c tiny sample to use it. I really loved it and my estee lauder is finishing now so this is the perfect timeing!

    2. I tried that too, but I didn't like it as much as you do~ :P Glad that you found something you love from what I sent you!~* hehe~

    3. Oh yeah I remember reading this blog. SHould have referred to it before writing my review =D thanks jacq xx



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