Thursday, 8 December 2011

Swap with JadoreKyla - UK!

What's happening to me?  This is my 3rd swap with another UK lady this year!

Kyla found me on youtube for swapping some Asian stuff with her, so I asked for some Montagne Jeunesse masks (some Barry M and some others) - She kept it true to what I requested and included some more!

Montagne Jeunesse Masks
Blemis Mud, Strawberry Souffle, Sauna, and the Chocolate one!

Dead sea and Very Berry

Damask Rose

Montagne Jeunesse Peel-off Mask
Not gonna lie, I'm a little disappointed when Kyla included 6 peel-off mask for me.  As I don't really like to use peel-offs, I'm gonna gift them to my friends.  I'd rather they are all chocolate mask instead! :P

Make up and Nails
Two Barry M dazzle dust (shade 39 and 53) and one fine glitter dust (shade 22).  MUA nail varnish, lip gloss and extreme curl mascara.

Robert Piguet perfume samples
I like trying new scents so I don't mind to find these in my box! 


I'm happy with this swap especially with the Montagne Jeunesse mud type of masks, and Barry M little pots of eyeshadows! ;)  **Maybe I should swatch them/do FOTD with them soon**

However, I found the Damask Rose mask and MUA mascara to be opened.  I didn't expect that (although I wouldn't mind if notified beforehand) so that's a little surprising~ 

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