Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Acquired: Dolly Wink, Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen and more

I couldn't help myself but grab a few pieces whenever I pass-by a SASA, or other pharmacy/ beauty stores...  Here are some collective purchases from my visitS in Dec'11.  If you consider this a 'problem', I admit this is already a big un-resolved one.  :P  And honestly, since 2012 I have been relatively under control.  Budget and self-discipline!

  • Lavshuca Lipstick - colour is PK-1, the name is un-important in my opinion, you can just go for the packaging.  Each formula of lipstick has its own unique design, for Lavshuca lipsticks!
  • Dolly Wink No.1 Lashes *USD13.5 for 2 pairs + glue* - this style is supposedly to be to most popular one.  Now that Dolly Wink has released the new lashes, styles No.9 to 14 I believe, I want to collect those as well.  Budget and self-discipline! :S
  • Beauty World Lashes #985 Glamorous (purple) #981 Sweet (pink) *USD9 for 3 pairs* - I have worn the glamorous ones here; they are great in fact!

  • Make Cleansing Sponge - good for taking off clay/cream mask or make up
  • Noyl Liposh beauty-blender style sponge
  • Beauty World Lashes #984 Dolly (green) *USD9 for 3 pairs*

  • Helena Rubinstein mascara set *US34.5* - Lash Queen Mascara with leopard print case?  Yes.  Some more make up remover?  Yes.  Eye cream/serum sample?  Yes please.

  • Hurry Harry Lines Roll-On Essence - because my family keep laughing at my laugh lines (pre-mature crow's feet? NO). 

  • Mandon Beauty Barrier Repair facial mask - Collagen and Hamamelis (=witch hazel) I tweet about these a while ago and I can't stand the itch and went to got myself some.  I got 2 boxes of Collagen and 1 box of Hamamelis.  It is not specified on the box of the origin, so I guess these aren't made in japan (because they wouldn't have missed this selling point) - could be made in China or elsewhere instead.

 enlarge for ingredients if desired
 Collagenist Eye Zoom

Make Up Remover

 Roller Ball thing (oops Japanese)

and yes, I treated myself 2 more L'Oreal indefectible ( I am fed up of spelling infailiable infallible or whatxever) eyeshadows - one in bright shiny white and one in sparkly pale gold.  FYI, most of those I seen are made in Italy, whereas the ones sold in the States are made in USA.  Brief swatches below:

 above with flash, below without.


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my other 4 indefectible eyeshadows

Cheers :D


  1. They do look different than the L'oreal ones that are sold here. I haven't picked any of them up yet. None of the colors jump out at me as anything I don't own. I am considering one of the Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadows. I never got the chance to go to sasa when I was in H.K. Felt like I really missed out...

    1. Yes, Ari. They do look a bit different (from the American blogs I read), but really, you're right, if you've already got similar colour eyeshadows or pigments, no need to rush out to grab them. After all, we don't use up colour shadows often, right? :P GREAT loss! (kidding) Sasa is indeed a great shopping place for beauty stuff. I guess you can go to if you really like to get some Asian brands though. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Yep I learn that from your blog! ;) I have opened and tried this mascara, not 'loving' it yet - I will give it some time, but the packaging is to die for!!! ^.^

  3. Super nice haul girl. I love little gets like these.

    1. I love treating myself with little shopping trips too, hopefully I didn't and won't treat myself too often :P wallet content and storage space aren't unlimited.... hehe

  4. let me know how the hurry hurry line wrinkle thingy goes i might pick one up for myself and I also recently got L'oreal eyeshadows we got the same first colour I think. will swatch mine 2mro i got a purple which looks burnt so its black and purple mixed. really beautiful colour.

    great post and its the new year soon for you so a little shopping does not hurt =)


    1. yes, madam. review on that asap, I almost forget rolling that :P you're true about the new year money though... Mmmm... hehe

  5. Oooh, that's interesting! I never actually paid notice where the infallible eyeshadows were made, it wa good to know. How posh the Helena Rubinstein products that are made in Monaco, I've never seen it before in makeup products! Nice finds! xx

    1. yep. most of these multi-national brands (well, at least for the l'oreal group) has a few factories to make stuff for diff region. for instance, a lot of the loreal group drugstore (loreal, garnier, maybelline) sold in hong kong are made in china. those sold in Japan are usually made in japan, etc. :P

  6. ooh, gorgeous haul! Everything looks great. I really like the look of the eyeshadows!



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