Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dragon Year Greetings! (a quick update)

After the Chinese New Year, e.g. from 26 Jan onwards, my work is gonna be crazily busy.  There's a project which I'm invovled in approaching its deadline, so I'll be real hardcore 'working'.  Some bits and pieces to keep you waiting and checking back:

I have already picked up prizes for my giveaway but yet to find time to picture and upload them.  Perhaps I shall postpone that for a while - probably extending the deadline of that giveaway too, what'd you think?  Or, idea #2, go with this one first, and host another one in a short while?  I'm excitedly looking forward to 100 followers (hopefully)......

I have a few scheduled posts to be up in early Feb, other than that, no more.  I have some material but no time to write up, so if you'd like to see any of the below posts first, please leave a comment or request - kick me to do it!  I might just squeeze out some time to do them for you, no promises though.

Posts to come:
  • Christmas Gifts (long over-due) *scheduled*
  • Clinique Derma White liquid make up *scheduled*
  • old FOTD x1 *scheduled*
  • January Empties
  • January Favourites
  • January Acquired (Everyday Minerals Brushes, Naruko Skin Care, Body Shop Outlet lot, Yves Rocher lot from Canada, sheet masks, Revlon lip butters x3, Lancome skin care, UNT skin care and nail polishes)
  • Inventory: Exfoliators, Foundation, Concealer, Face Primer, BB Cream
  • PvP Jan Conclusion
  • "Chicken-Rib" Project - Things not too bad as 'regrets', not too good as to 'likes'... To be, or not to be kept?
  • Top 10 under 10/ Drugstore Favourites (inspired by Claire/Eyelining Obsessions)
  • Review: Naruko Raw Job's Tears Serum
  • Review: Cle de Peau Day Emulsion, Night Emulsion
  • These are too old #2 - Things I don't love and need to be tossed because they are too old. Read the old first post here.
  • Blog Sale - a big one, in need of doing one.
  • Another mail from Tao - from her blogsale.
  • Nail Inc sets from online purchase.
Waiting in the Mail:
  • Love package from France
Random New Wishes:
  • new MAC Tendertone Lip Balms - all four please (Temptalia's post)
  • new MAC Crushed metal pigment and matte face powder - so adorably pastel and soft looking, I want all three sets, even the blue/green butterfly one! (Temptalia's post)
  • new MAC Lightful Skin Care (Temptalia's post)
  • MAC 188 brush
  • K-palette 1 day tattoo eyeliner
  • By Terry Concealer and Foundation (Chinese blogger's review here)
  • Chantecaille Foundation
  • KissMe Heavy Rotation Brow Mascara
  • new Dolly Winks false lashes, brow powders, brow pencils and lash glue
  • Kanebo Freshel (gold tube) BB Cream and skin care
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge make up
  • Cle de Peau concealer
  • Dicila Concealer and Foundation
  • Suqqu and Ellis Faas and Edward Bess and Daniel Sandler
  • Jack Black Lip Balm
I'm also bad at doing FOTD because life was a little crazy and honestly, I have not much time/mood to do make up properly.  On the occasions that I do, I don't have the right camera and conscious to picture/record.  Will try harder to do so (hence no update on P20L, or etc, yet)

All the best to everyone at work or at school.  For newly weds or mums to-be, good luck with your baby dragon.  In Chinese traditional belief, a child born in the year of Dragon is meant to achieve great and be great.  That's a big blessing indeed!  Have a healthy and spiritually wealthy year ahead, life is too short for unhappiness, may the Good one bless you with a joyful and prosperous future!!!

**The pic I added to this post was taken back in Autumn 2010, when I was taking my graduation pictures.  My photographer friend took this random shot of my heavily made up eye/face with circle lens and false lashes.  My hair was home-dyed red and faded.  I'm not sure if this looks nice cropped to a 1:1 aspect ratio, but as I said, I just wanted to publish every post with some sort of pic(s).  Anyway.** 

Cheers :D



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