Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Inventory#2: My MAC Stash

One of my few new year plans for 2012 is Project Back2MAC (PB2M).  I have collected way too many make up, and accumulated quite a stash of MAC.  In the past, I have done Back2MAC once, which I consider a cheat because I depotted 6 blushes that are not yet used up, and Back2MAC their containers.

I hope I can really give my MAC collection some love and try to go through a few of them, mainly lip products, and then in the year after (i.e. 2013) I can really invest in things I like to try and own.

Below is the MAC stash I have as in Jan'12  
I am just listing every MAC out, and the total the containers I can return is printed at the end of this post.

Eyeshadow n Blush Palettes (+6)

Eyeshadow Quads (+3)

Pro 4-pan Palette (+3)
Eyeshadow Refill Pans (+12)

 Pro 15-pan Palette (+1)
Eyeshadow Refill Pans (+1)

Full size pigment (+3)
Single Eyeshadow (+5)
Pressed Pigment (+1)

Pigment samples (+29)

Mineralized Eyeshadow (+2)

Paint Pot (+2)
Mineralized Skin Finish (+2)
Brushed Metal-X Cream Shadow (+2)

Beauty Powder (+1)
Blush Ombre (+1)

Blush (+6)
**the deported blush mentioned in the beginning of this post**

Lip Palette (+1)

Festivity (Frost), Bubbles (Glaze), Nude Scene (Cremesheen), Creme D' Nude (Cremesheen), Innocence Beware (Cremesheen), High Tea (Lustre), Eager (Lustre)

Lipsticks (+7)

Lipglass (+4)
Dazzleglass Creme (+2)

Lipglass (+1) 

 Cremestick Liner (Lip) (+2)
Lip Pencil (+1)

Studio Sculpt Concealer (+1)

Mineralized Blush sample (+1)
Pigment samples (+4)

Pigment samples (+2)

Dazzlesphere sets (+2)

Lip Conditioner (+1)
Oil Control Lotion (+1)

Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye Primer (+1)

Pigment Sample (+1)

Eyeshadow (+1)
Pearlglide Eye Liner (+1)

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - 1

Pro Longwear Eyeshadow (+7)

Eyeshadow (quad) Palette (+1)


In total, including the empty pro palettes, I have 77 returnable items/containers.  Although some of them are special/limited edition packaging and I won't necessarily return even if I use those up, there are still a lot of real  returnable products.

Possible to accomplish this project, right?  I am pretty hopeful I can at least empty 6 items of the above.  Let's see how well I do in 2012 :S

Note: The extra items are included in pictures because I use my MU collection pictures for convenience.

Cheers :D


  1. Good Luck! I don't own a lot of mac items. (allergic to their shadows. its probably for my own good) I don't think I ever finish a blush before... Lipsticks and everyday shadows are your best bet. I am rooting for you!!! You should do an update half year in! =D

    1. Thanks Ari, I'll try. Good suggestion on everyday eyeshadow (maybe Cork and a highlight colour...) and lip stuff.. Let me try to KO one or two lipgloss/sticks! >< and ok, a mid-term review if I remember :P

  2. That's an awesome collection, add oil!!

  3. That's an awesome collection, add oil!!

    1. I'm a little awed by my collection as well.. luckily I still like most/all of the stuff I keep! hehe

  4. wow you have a lot can u please list the names of all the lipsticks in one of the pics for me i like one shadea dn the bright pink blush is it pink swoon?

    1. no problem. do that for you asap when I get home (and have the time)! ;)

  5. I've never done back2Mac yet, my Mac collection is ever so tiny so I've only got 3 empty containers so far :( Do the containers have to be empty to be eligible for back2Mac? Say you have a lipstick/gloss that you hate and won't ever use up, can you still include it in this program? xx

    1. no need to be empty. you can return brand new stuff if you'd like (who will!?) yes of coz for anything half-done and no longer wanted! just make sure there's a back2mac logo on the box, it's not part of a set, and there's a real plastic/glass container, e.g. pencils need to be sharpen cannot be return, because there's no packaging to recycle... this is what Tao told me :P the best way to find out is of course talk to your local mac counter~*



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