Thursday, 19 January 2012

Inventory#3: Make Up Wipes and Cloths

I don't know why do I have such a collection of wipes/ clothes.  I rarely ever use wipes - frequency is as low as barely once a month.  Actually I don't realise it until I do this inventory check.  Well.  After the inventory list, let me share a few words on why these wipes are here...

Divinia Moisture Cleansing (+1)
Klorane Soothing 1 in use
Bourjois Express 1 in use 
Simple Kind to Skin 1 in use
Biore Daily Cleansing Cloths (+2)
Kracie Naive Natural Deep Cleansing 1 in use

I picked up the Bourjois because I just need a few extra dollars to meet the gift-with-purchase limit (lame customer).  I picked up the Klorane and Kracie ones a while back when I was experimenting with wipes; I have come to a conclusion that wipes are either too abrasive or in-effective to clean my face, and these are drying up in their packets gradually - sometimes I use them to scrub off stubborn make up swatches on my arms or backs of my hand.

When I asked my friend to shop for the Olay Daily Faical Cloths below, it's either me or him who've mistaken the Biore one as also water-activated as the Olay, hence he got that duo-economic pack for me.  Turned out it is also pre-wet tissue type. 

The Simple one was a gift-with-purchase.  I got my Divinia pack in a trial set together with other items while I was in Taiwan.

Olay Daily Facials hydrating (+1)
Olay Daily Facials deep cleansing (+2)

These Olay cloths are just the refills, I believe. They are cloths with dry soap/ cleanser on, that needed to be activiated and foams up with water.  For the deep cleansing type, one side is more textured than the other, and when gently massaged on face, it helps with exfoliation.  For the hydrating type, the cloth is same on both sides.

A couple years back, when I was just starting to care for my skin and budget was very much tighter, Hong Kong has these cloths and I tried them.  I used to cut 1 sheet into 2 or 4 and use it at night as cleansing + exfoliating - and I truly loved them.  Somehow the distributor in Hong Kong decided to discontinue importing these and I was sad for quite a while.  While my friend visiting US last year, I added a few of these in my shopping list and he bought them for me.  These cloths managed to hide away, until I dig them out for the picture above.  I should better start using them ASAP :P

So, what do you use to take off your make up, or clean your face?  Are wipes and cloths part of your routine?  Tell me also!  I am so into skin care, you know~~!



  1. I use wipes in the morning to clean my face, that's pretty much it!

    1. I see. Do you wash your face with toner or water afterwards? or follow with moisturiser and make up? :)

  2. I haven't found a type of wipe that doesn't irritate my skin =(

    1. agree. the cleansing solution soaked in the tissue seems to be irritating in general!

  3. I use wipes at least one a week (after a night out!) and I've found great one which you can buy in poundland here in the UK called Age Defiance - two packs for £1 - bargain! I also like cleansers which you use with a cloth and wash off gel ones too (got a slight addiction to cleansers) ;) x

    1. I have a huge stash of cleansers too... because generally I use them up quite fast, hence I keep buying :S Nice hearing your affordable find, wipes shouldn't cost too much afterall, right? hehe



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