Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Project 20 Lips (P20L)

To force myself to show more love to my lip products, which by the way, is a big collection, I have decided to introduce this P20L.  Everything lips related will be included: lip balm/ butter/ stick/ gloss/ liner/ scrub - everything.

Basically there are 2 parts of this project.

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Start Date:  11th January, 2012

First, it is to ban myself from buying lip products, especially those crazy theatrical dramatic colours, which I don't use much of.  I need to empty, aka totally finish, 20 lip products before going out and buy any new ones.  Hopefully through this project I can seriously downsize my lips department - because they expire and turn bad the soonest in my opinion - and help myself to recognise what shades and formula work best on me. 

Second, wear everything in my collection once.  Each round I will randomly (or purposely) choose 20 lippies, and force myself to wear them.  Hopefully I can do a post of swatches by the end of each round with short reviews.  *I got this inspiration from Claire (Eyelining Obsessions) where she did something called 30days of lipstick.*  As you can tell from the 2 pictures of this post, I have already chosen my first 20.  Wish me luck that I can actually finish (at least) this round.  Honestly, I buy many lip colours but I don't wear them, (almost) at all.    

  1. AC Silver Lip Gloss #06
  2. AC Silver Lip Gloss #08
  3. Essence Stay with me longlasting lipgloss #06 Berry Me
  4. Essence Stay with me longlasting lipgloss #03 Candy Bar
  5. No7 High Shine lipgloss #15 Flirt
  6. Bourjois Effet 3D Les Nudes Lipgloss #34 Rose Mythic
  7. Revlon Super Lustrous SPF15 #040 nude lustre
  8. Rimmel Vinyl Gloss #115 Snog
  9. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss #Beige
  10. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss #Natural

  1. (Italy) Giory Lipstick #701 
  2. Revlon #070 Soft Nude
  3. Essence #43 Kiss You
  4. Lavshuca #RD-1
  5. Lavshuca #PK-2
  6. Clinique Different Lipstick #Shy
  7. Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick #03
  8. Integrate (lip crayon) #BE314
  9. Integrate (lip crayon) #RD328
  10. Integrate (lip crayon) #RD741
Gonna keep this post sweet and (relatively) short, and hopefully this little project sounds interesting to you.  Frankly, I feel a little challenged - finishing a tub of body butter might be easier than a tiny tube of lipgloss! - but I'm gonna try...

Wish me luck!
Cheers~ :D


    1. Thanks for the mention hun :-) Good luck with your project, you can do it! x

    2. Well it definitely is harder to finish up 20 lipsticks/glosses than say, skincare products, but it would also be kinda fun! It's better though to focus on one lip product at a time and finish it up completely, so you won't lose hope ;) I'd love to see swatches of these! You can do it, Jacq!!! xx

    3. @Claire, you're welcome. I hope I can do well in this little project :P

      @Evi, that's right! I should focus on 1 at a time! Right now I'm working on my tiny elf lipgloss (which I already feel will take up my whole month)... and I'll try to swatch all of them (for you!) :D

    4. Oh you have so many amazing lip products! I wish I could raid your collection, haha. Good luck with your project! x

    5. I need to do this!

      that revlon 70 soft nude lipstick looks amazing!

    6. @Summer, thanks for visiting/ commenting! I seriously want to get rid/ good use of my collection rather than just keeping it for no use!

      @Sam, yes - do it! do it like 5 or 10 at a time - I'd love to see your sharing too!!!

    7. Good luck! I might do something like this! =D

      1. Yes Ari, do it! I will be more than happy to see your sharing too! ^.^



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