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❀PvP Collab - 2nd Round❀

December, as well as 2011, is gone, and our 1month challenge of Make-Up Pan-Killing with Tao (blog here) has come to an end.  It's time to review how well we did at PvP!

In short, we made up this collaboration with 10 products chosen at each side, and try to use them up in Dec'11.  The only spec for the 'pans' is that their usage must be somehow measureable, e.g. how deep the dent is in a blush, how short a pencil get, or how much weight certain pot lose, etc etc.  I went a little over-scientific and brought out my electronic balance and a ruler.  Hence, in my intro post, I documented how much some items weighed, and how long certain pencil measured.

There are 3 parts in this post, each part talks about 5 products; I will review the December PvP and also move on to the January PvP...


Part 1

I will kick these out for a while.

No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder (Fair) *8g* *7.66g*
    Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation + Concealer (02 Beige Clair) *17.71g*
    Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer *8.63g*
    Clinique Quickliner for eyes (03 roast coffee) *29mm* *25mm*
     Daiso DC retractable eyebrow pencil (Brown) *16mm* *16mm*

The Guerlain (read here pls) and Laura Mercier samples are done, and the other 3 I just want to swap out.

No7 Pressed Powder's colour suits me well.  I use a dense brush to apply it to set my concealer or foundation.  It is pressed super tight/hard in the pan, hence just gives 'ok' coverage.  It is a bit drying for me, and not the most convenient thing to use when I'm on the go as it is just a refill pan.

Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer is great.  It does moisturize a bit, smooth out my dry skin, and makes the foundation/concealer application that follows easier and nicer.  Didn't particularly notice "make up staying longer" but it didn't melt off my MU definitely.  I would love to get myself some once I go through my stash a bit.  Thanks Sam for sending me this!

I have been using the Clinique quickliner a lot as base for my eyeshadow.  Because its tip can't be sharpened, I just draw a blunt and rough line around my eyes close to my lash line and a bit further towards my crease, blend it out then do eyeshadow.  Helps shadow stay on much better and colour show up better.  As a liner, its own shade Roast Coffee is really pretty and flattering, too!

Daiso brow pencil wasn't of much use because the colour seems to look a tad dark, but I use the other end, the brush thing to brush to brows every time I do MU.  Very helpful.  Although I will count this out in my next round - I will still keep it in my MU bag - I need the brush!



Part 2

These I will continue to include in 2012 Jan PvP. 

 Za Skin Beauty Two-way Foundation (#21) *70.09g**69.28g*
    Beautymaker Aqua Eye Concealer (#2 Natural) *21.81g**21.75g*
Beautymaker Aqua Eye Concealer (#1 Fair) *21.45g*
 Gosh Velvet Touch Waterproof Eyeliner (Truly Brown) *92mm* *88mm*
    Sephora brow pencil (khaki) *47mm* *38mm*
    MAC Pigment (gold stroke) *5.96g* *5.93g*

I love this Za Skin Beauty foundation.  Love it to an extent that I hit pan and I bought a back-up already.  Smooth, moisturizing, good colour match, cheap, etc.  I usually just use this dry, although technically it is a two-way and can also be used wet. **CAN YOU SEE THE PAN ALREADY!?!?**

#2 ON THE LEFT, #1 ON THE RIGHT (don't tell me you can't tell)

I chose a wrong shade of beautymaker aqua eye to work with in Dec. Obviously #2 is too dark for my current complexion so I only used it once or twice.  This month I'm swapping it with #1 the fairer shade, and hope to use it a lot more!!  The consistency is very light and glides easily, moisturizing and good for this time of the year.

handsome swatch, you can see both are okay for me but #2 is noticeably a bit dark!

Both pencils, the Gosh eyeliner and the Sephora brow pencil are significantly shorter now.  One I used particularly for tight-lining, and one for brows-filling.  They are brilliant at what they do, so I would love to continue using them~*

MAC Gold Stroke is a beautiful warm medium brown, with a sheen instead of shimmer.  It is very versatile.  For my skin tone it is good as a liner, a standalone shadow (softly blended in or strongly packed on), or as a crease colour.  I remember using this quite a lot, but pigments are really hard to use up - I just used up 0.03 gram in 1 month - maybe 10 applications!!!

MAC Gold Stroke swatch: above in cloudy natural light, below with flash


Part 3

New friends.

Guerlain L'Or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold *sample* *14.39g*
Bourjois Reboosting Collagen Foundation (61 Abricote Clair) *39.84g*
PN Eyeshadow Stick (BR131) *13.71g*
MAC Paint Pot (Soft Ochre) *58.20g*
E.L.F Plumping Lip Glaze (Champagne) *18.84g*

I hope it seems reasonable to include two face products, 3 eye products and 1 lippie.  The Guerlain primer holds HG status in my heart, I want to use this up before moving on to my other primers.   Click here for the ancient review!

The Bourjois foundation is really really really old.  I suspect it to be 5 or 7 years old - yes it is scary, no?

The two cream eyeshadows work well as bases.  The PN one is from a discontinued line of Shiseido; it may be 10+ years old, and is a very sheer shimmery soft gold, not the most long-lasting but I figure, it's time to give it a last shot.  MAC soft ochre is THE shade for fair Asian/yellow skin, and it is one of the only two paint pots I have, the other being Bare Study.  I will start using this more as I'm planning on doing a Project Back2MAC.  *that's still a project in sketch*

E.L.F. plumping lip glaze is tiny - but I still haven't yet finished one.. Both sides are decent stuff, with a smooth and fresh gloss: one side menthol and clear, one side golden and gives a little colour.


Jan 2012 PvP Pans Contestants!!!

Above: only the face/lip stuff.  Below: added the eye stuff.

Overall on Dec 2011 PvP, I didn't do well, just a (bare) pass probably.  Killing 2 pans and exposing 1 (Za) is okay.

For Jan 2012 PvP, given the experience of the 1st round and some adjustment - I hope I can kill as much pan as possible, Happy MUPK! ;)

Join us if you like, it's free and it's fun!

Read More:
My Intro
Tao's Intro

Cheers :D


  1. DAMN woman!! You used up A LOT!! I can't wait to get better internet than this piece of crap slower than snail internet at the hotel so I can post mine.

    I also need to pick out my PvP2 contestants. :)

  2. It's great that youre using a ruler and an electronic balance, that way you'll know the progress of each item! I bet it won't take a lot of days to finish up the Elf plumping glaze, there's so little product inside :( Also, I want to try Soft Ochre so bad! Once I'm done with Painterly, I'll be getting it! xx

  3. @Tao, Wahahaha :P I did okay, not too good - I expect to hit more pan(s)! Yes please - time to start a new month on your side too! I will write up the post on your box soon - there is a hell lot of stuff!!! I feel so spoilt!!!! :D

    @Evi, Soft Ochre is quite pale - I think paintery is pink-er and slightly darker? It really depends on your skin tone, you don't need both, because it will take forever to finish 2 basic colour eye bases I think! I am very hopeful on the ELF champagne too, let's see~ ;)



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