Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ruby Ring - FOTD

So here it is, a NOTD and FOTD for the 1st week of 2012.  Excuse the pictures chosen, I asked my sister to helped me snap a few shots, and mr. boyfriend picked these out of the bunch.  Anyway...

The reason why no lips are shown is because pics are taken at the end of the day (reason for the mess), and basically I didn't re-apply lip colour. 

Make Up
  • Bourjois Collagen Foundation #61
  • Beauty Maker Zero Pore loose powder
  • Sephora Brow Pencil #khaki
  • Sleek Contour Kit #light *contour and highlight*
  • Hard Candy Fox in a Box #smooth talker *more highlight*
  • Benefit Dandelion *blush*
  • MAC paint pot #soft ochre *eyeshadow base*
  • Clinique eyeliner #roast coffee *blended out along lashline*
  • Stila eyeshadow #kitten #twig *kitten on the lid, twig along lashline*
  • MAC eyeshadow #cork *in the crease, this gives my eyes dimension*
  • Majolica Majorca mascara base
  • Sana Gafixx No. F101 mascara

Product pics: 
Sorry i'm lazy to take a group pic for them.  You can find Bourjois foundation, sephora brow pencil, mac paint pot and clinique quickliner here.  Beauty maker powder here.  Sleek contour kit here.  hard candy fox in a box here.  Benefit dandelion here.  Stila eyeshadows here and here.  MAC eyeshadow here.  Majolica Majorca here and SANA mascara below.

This mascara has a very nice texture (after it gets matured in the tube, opened for a few weeks) and the brush is adorable: one side longer than the other, hope you can see from the poor pic below!


A better shot of my hands, nails and the ring.  Sorry no closer close-up of my precious ring. :")  Thanks so Much(ness), sweet boyfriend!  *Nail polish by OPI Alice in the Wonderland Collection, and the name is bolded for you.*

Hopefully I can do my weekly FOTD with this good start! ;)

Cheers :D


  1. Thanks for the follow!
    love the nails and ring!

    1. Thanks - I love the ring (meaningful and pretty) and red nail polishes too! :P I feel like I don't wear red nails enough... hehe Chinese New Year is a good time to wear more... Mmm.. :)



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