Sunday, 15 January 2012

Skincare I Have Given Away #2

Dr. Morita (Sum Tin 森田藥粧) - Whitening Face Cleanser
Joseristine - Salicylic Acid Cleansing Gel
Essence - Eye Makeup Remover *oil-free
Neutrogena - Pure Glow Daily Cleansing Cushions
-->> all four goes to my sister Jen

The Dr. Morita whitening cleanser is the foaming type, which I found too drying.  After my sister gave it a few tries, she decided that it is also pretty drying on her now (it's winter!).  She decided that it would be a summer cleanser for her.  Now I gave her another tube of Laneige multi cleanser travel size and Sana Soy travel size to try.  Fyi, the Dr. Morita is a Taiwanese brand which makes pretty nice sheet masks, both face and eye ones.  And I got this cleanser in a set of 5 (or 10?) masks and got this for free.  :P

When I learnt about how salicylic acid is actually BHA and helps skin to slowly exfoliate and regenerate new layers, I went out and buy this cleanser.  Joseristine makes very cheap and nice products and this cleanser, honestly, has nothing wrong.  I just am not a fan of gel cleanser that doesn't foam or emulsify.  BHA is good for exfoliating and my sister (the same one) has clogged pores on her arms.  *Note: there's a more scientific name which I don't know.*  She is now trying it on her body to see if it can help to clear out those problems.

Essence is not a brand I can buy in Hong Kong.  My mum got me this cute pink make up remover among a bunch of other nail polishes, bronzers, (so on so forth),  when she was in Europe a while back.   This make up remover doesn't remove waterproof make up, full stop.  This is the sentence!  Jen likes its light-weight and clean zero-residue texture; and she decided she would take it.  I'm more than happy to gift this to her.  :)

The no-box cleansing pads are bought when According to the website: "NEUTROGENA® Pure Glow® Daily Cleansing Cushions are unique double-sided cleansing cushions that cleanse and exfoliate skin in one simple step."  I bought it when I was desperate about one or two exceptionally stubborn pimples.  After using 1 or 2 cushions, I decided my pimples were simply hormonal and I don't need this pack of deep cleansing pads.  So now it's with my sister, who has more oily skin and is still  in her puberty.

So here I am, some items I have found un-useful or simply not suit my routine that much.  I don't expect you to 'enjoy' this post, but nevertheless hope you find this sharing helpful.

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Cheers :D


  1. Great post I need to do one like this. I'm interested in Dr. Morita will research him more

    ALSO PHB can't remember what they sent. They sent me too of the samples so kept one and sent one to you but they don't even know what it is. useless!

  2. Nevermind about PHB, I have swatched it on my hand, seems a bit dark, I may have to save it for summer, or use it as subtle contouring. It seems quite smooth though~~

    Yes, do a 'disppointing skin care' post too! :) I'd love to read that. hehe

  3. ...I love essence's make up remover...Ypur blog is very good...
    I follow you!
    …All in Style…!

    1. Really! Well, I think it is a decent make up remover, but not powerful enough for my use... Thanks for following, going to yours now! ;) Cheers

  4. Great post! I've not tried any of these products before so thanks for reviewing them.

    1. You're welcome! I think Dr. Morita (taiwan) and Joseristine (hongkong) are generally more available in Asia; while Essence (germany?) and Neutrogena Pure Glow (US?) are not 'officially' distributed in my city... Well, skin care is really presonal, things that won't work for me may really be others' holy grail. Cheers! :D



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