Sunday, 5 February 2012

Acquired 2012.01 (extremely pic heavy)

So, technically I budget myself to US$125 monthly on everything related to beauty.  Here I'll show you what I got and the total - as a checking of whether I pass or fail this implementation of Budget2012.  I confess, this month I went way way way over-board, and over-spent.  Also, a disclaimer, I didn't pay for everything, about one-third (or more) was sponsored by Mr. Boyfriend.
from SASA
Orchid Rose Hydrating Mask, US$22.5
Elizabeth Arden Good Night's Sleep Restoring Cream, US$20

A Sasa VIP member gets points when she/he shops.  These points can be used to redeem certain items at a discounted price in store, with a monthly-updated selection.  By the end of March all points will be cleared so I'm trying to find somethings I want to get the points well-spent.  Hence these 2 skin care were picked up.

Orchid is a rather new brand in Sasa, I only saw this mask and another scrub in store.  The packaging reminds me a little of Fresh.  Given that I love mask and this is French + Rose + Mask; I am sold.  Haven't tried this yet.

I don't need anymore skin care, I know, but this Elizabeth Arden cream caught my eye and I want a thicker cream in my routine. **why don't I shop my stash?**  It claims to be intensely moisturising, calming, repairing and strengthening.  I have used this for a while now, what I can say is, it does moisturise and smell nice.  I love using it as the last step of my night routine! ;)


 *** *** ***


from Anthong (a beauty shop)

Everyday Minerals Mineral Brush, US$14
Everyday Mineral Itahake Brush, US$16.5

I have been longing for an Itahake Brush for quite a while (maybe since it was launched?).  The distributor in HK, anthong, put me on the wish list and they emailed me around end of Dec to tell me it is back in stock!  I dragged my boyfriend to the store in TsimShaTsui and spent a while playing with the new brushes - to me at least!  All brushes are really soft and lovely.

Mineral Brush is one that I have never heard of and touched.  It has a funny, even a little bit silly mop-shape cut.  I don't find it on the US website, so it is either dis-continued, limited edition, or really new.  **no idea whatsoever**  I will tell you how I feel about it later!

The Itahake is indeed lovely.  Looking at it makes me smile - because it looks kinda funny!  I will try it with different products to see how well it goes, tell you more later!

Now, I am thinking of getting a Large Mineral Brush, Dome Blush Brush, Double Ended Angled Blush n Mineral Brush, Angled Kabuki, Giant Super Soft Kabuki.  Seriously waiting for a promotion on anthong, and next month - I have a monthly budget after all! ;)

Hanskin Hydro Sheet Mask, US$1.7
My Beauty Diary Winter Bright Pack, US$1 each

Picked these sheet masks up at Manning, a local pharmacy, because they look cute and are cheap.  I got the 'autumn' pack from my beauty diary and even that I haven't used, so this one may need to wait a bit :S

The Body Shop Outlet
Spiced Vanilla, Candied Ginger Shower Gel, US$11.5 for both
Satsuma Shower Gel, US$16.5 for three
Cocoa Butter Creamy Body Wash, US$2.5 for both
Banana Shampoo and Conditioner, US$7.6 for set
Honey Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner, US$7.6 for set

Brought/dragged Mr. Boyfriend to buy these, which are greatly discounted.  The holiday shower gels smell yummy (I wanted their candles too but the discount is not attractive), while I believe the Satsuma is being discontinued (in my local chains anyway).  The shampoo and conditioner sets seem to work for my damaged/dry hair at the moment so I picked up 2.  Not yet use any of these yet, yes I'm bad I know.... ... .. .

Lancome Eye Treatment Set, US$3.7

Lancome Blanc Expert Serum, US$11.3 each (10ml)
Kracie Hadabisei Moisturizing 3D Facial Mask , US$1.3
Sana Pore Putty Make Up Base N + Mini Face Powder N (Limited Set), US$11.3
Dolly Wink new False Lashes #14 Natural Cute, US$13.5
Dolly Wink new False Lashes #11 Pure Sweet, US$13.5
Dolly Wink new False Lashes #13 Baby Girl, US$13.5

Sasa/Bonjour/Aster (and Colourmix) are the most common beauty stores in HK.  I visit them often.  The Lancome Serum retails for about US$80plus for 30ml, and I have read/heard great things about it targeting pigmentation/freckles/spots kind of problems.  Just started to use it on my 3 prominent freckles/sun-spots on my right cheek, will see how it goes.   The rest are still brand new at this moment I'm writing this up.  :S

(Aster) Clinique Lip Set, US$9
chubby stick moisturizing lip colour balm in 04 mega melon,
superbalm moisturizing gloss in 02 Raspberry,
high impact spf15 lipstick in 19 extreme pink

(Bonjour) Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadows, US$2
47 Nude Fresco (satin),
50 Sandbar Beige (Matte),
54 Pretty Penny (Shimmer),
33 Ivy Envy (Satin)

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter, US$8.3 each
Peach Parfait,
Berry Smoothie,
Cherry Tart

Za Set, US$12.2
Impact Lash Mascara Volume,
Lip n Eye Makeup Remover

Neutrogena Cleansing Water, US$2.6 for 3

La Roche Posay Set 1, US$17.9
La Roche Posay Set 2, US$27.6
Dove Shampoo and Conditioner, US$2.9 per set
freebie Clean n Clear

Too much skin care I know, and I'll probably touch these in a while, but who can resist amazing prices of La Roche Posay sets?  And, although I know I'm on Project 20 Lips, but who can resist the oh-so-popular Revlon lip buttersWatson's had an amazing sales and I couldn't help but grabbed 3.  FYI, the peach parfait was the last one left :P  More on these in future posts!  I just picked up the mini Neutrogena cleansing waters for fun/trial purpose.  I used to like Neutrogena's cleansing oil a lot, but didn't repurchase - guess it's nice to try their cleansing water...

Overseas Order (not gonna count in P20SC)

Naruko US$230

UNT US$171
Yves Rocher US$87

Both of these 'hauls' are still on my friends' hands.

My best friend A went to Taiwan for her Chinese New Year break and we did a little online collaborated-damage to our wallet.  Technically, Mr. Boyfriend sponsored me half of these as my new year gift (when did such thing as chinese new year gift exist anyway?), but as I asked for and chose them myself, I'm still gonna honestly and brutally counting them as my expenditure - sigh.

Another friend of mine, Jas, has family visiting HK from Canada.  She ordered some Yves Rocher stuff online and asked if I'd want to join.  Of course I did.  Jas family finally came, and here are the stuff.  Basically I took advantage of a lot of promotion and got a big lot of products at CAD85.82.  Technically I didn't spend the money this month, but I'm just gonna include this in my Jan-spending... :S


Skin Care
42.5(EA/Orchid) + 3.7(Masks) + 26.3(Lancome) + 2.6(Neutrogena) + 45.5(La Roche Posay) + 230(Naruko) + 82(UNT) + 87(Yves Rocher)
Make Up and Nails
2 (Estee Lauder) + 9(Clinique) + 25(Revlon) + 89(UNT) + 12.2(Za) + 11.3(PorePutty)
Tools and Misc
30.5(EDM) + 40.5(DollyWink)
Body and Hair
45.7(BodyShop) + 5.8(Dove)

an idiotic US$790.6 was spent!

Projectss Updatess

Project 20 Skin Care Updates

Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Full Size Finished: 8 + NA
Samples Finished: 45 + NA
Total Finished: 19.25 + NA
Full Size Purchased: 5 + 5
Samples Purchased: 8 + 13
Total Purchased: 18 + 23
Distance from goal: 20 - ( 19.25 ) + ( 41 ) = 41.75

I need another round of Project 20 Body and Hair - a little self control on shopping for new products.  The rules will be basically the same as the previous one, buying 1 is going back 1 step, 2 deluxe sample/travel sizes are treated as 1 full size, 4 small samples will be counted as 1 full.  If I managed to use up some family/jumbo size products I may just count that as 2 in 1 go! :P  Although I may start this after I do a shopping trip to Body Shop (for the new limited edition chocomania line), and some more Dove shampoo/hair treatment (with coupons I got), I'll definitely do one!

Hopefully I shall be able to do an inventory of all body/hair stuff in Feb/Mar time too.  If I do well in this one, I might just treat myself a Kiehl's or Korres body product shopping after this project finishes!

Cheers :D


  1. whoaaah! That's a lot of skin care stuff! I think I've been buying more skin care than make up recently but I should give myself a budget also. Great post.


    1. thx~
      yea that's a lot :S although I still feel 'justified' because I use up skin care much more faster than make up... budgeting is key!! ><

  2. omg can't believe you got the Revlon Lip Butters! dying to get my hands on them. When they hit the stores in London I will but them all

    1. they are decent lipsticks. :) don't get all! but get one or two shades first - I feel like I have all the colours I would wear already... HK has 10 shades launched and the others just don't attract me~

  3. I'd like to try the Liz Arden night cream. Night Creams are important.

    1. hi girlie blogger, that E-Arden night cream is good. not a must-have in my opinion. do you have any fav night creams?



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