Thursday, 23 February 2012

Acquired: Lavshuca, Canmake and more 2012.02 二月美妝買物

Didn't buy too much this month, just things that really caught my eyes, or with very good deals, or in special edition/packaging.  If you want to see whether I keep everything within my 'monthly budget' (of US$125, FYI); read on until the end of the post!

本人對限定組和優惠組基本上沒甚抵抗力。首圖的 Lavshuca 限定組初戀粉 和 Kose 美白手霜組合就是最佳例子。。。買完這個月以後,我像除了暫停買臉部保養品外,也要停一停購身體頭髮洗護品了。。。

Saw those sets of Kose CoenRich hand cream in special limited edition bundle so I got myself both versions, may gift them to friends and family as I already have gotten a big stash - but these have good reviews and look promising (and pretty).

Each set costs about US$5.8.


Then I got myself a Lavshuca Sweet up Cheeks Limited Edition Set in Pink.  It is just too cute to be passed.  Plus there's a mini soft adorable kabuki, how pretty!?!?  There is also an Orange set that doesn't appeal to me much.

Lavshuca - US$15.4.

我在吉之島(百貨公司)看見以上的 Canmake 福袋組合。。極度理智地制止了自己買入。。然後第二天我走進了一間莎莎。。由於我有會員的額外 95 折折扣。。便手滑(打劫了男朋友)買下了。。。小失望的是,買時沒有看清楚,回家才發現假睫毛其實都是中國製。。

Then I got a special-set from Canmake, which contains 4 sets of their false lashes, a cream eyeshadow, Jewelstar Eyes, and an eyeshadow palette, Gradation Wink.  Seems like an attractive deal and I'd love to try their lashes.  So far I've only swatched the lash glue (random testing, no?) and it smells fruity.  Disappointedly, when I looked closer to the lashes' description, I found out that they are made in China (while the glue is made in Korea).  And I guess compared to the US$1 lashes I can get from Taobao (China's ebay counterpart), these aren't too much superior.  Wait till I try them on, maybe?

Canmake Set: US$25.4

買 Canmake 福袋的同時,也跟手手滑了 Candy Doll 的遮瑕液+ Lavshuca 的眉粉。。。這才叫手滑吧! :")

From the same model who designed Dolly Wink comes another line - Candy Doll.  I have no idea which brand comes out before which, but they are both designed for dolls, i.e. cute adorable lovely girls (i.e. not me XD).  I was a little depressed that day - hence the shopping - hence I robbed Mr. Boyfriend and got myself the Candy Doll concealer in No.01 and a Lavshuca Eye Brow set (and the Canmake set above).  Not that I need either of them, but it made my day.  :)

Candy Doll, US$11.3
Lavshuca, US$9.2

最後,我分別用了優惠卷和莎莎會員積分收了上面的 Dove 髮品+下面的 Natio 洗臉/爽膚。。特別值得一提的是:下面的 22 套全是免費的!

As mentioned in my last month's acquisition post, I got some coupons to use on Dove Hair Therapy, and I allow myself to use them before starting the new round of P20BH.  The above (huge) family size shampoo cost HK$57.9, and the daily treatment HK$34.9 each.  Watson's, where I got them, has a 15% off hair products; and with my HK$22.9 off coupon, these made up to US$11.  Pretty reasonable/amazing-deal, no?

Extras: Sasa Redemption

As mentioned in my Jan Acquisition post, my sasa membership allows me to save up points that can be used to redeem products at discounted price.  This month of Feb, they introduced their 1st offer to redeem items for free.  For 200 points, I can get 1 set of Natio clenaser and toner.  Each member can only redeem 10 sets, but I found out that they don't record my redemption, hence I search high and low for the above.  Turned out, I got myself 22 sets.

I have been using the Men Daily Face Wash as a shower gel for my back.  It has a very manly-cologne-y scent and runny clear gel formula.  I realise I won't be using this up in anytime so I have given 2 to Mr. Boyfriend, and 5 to my girlfriend.  (She'll probably hand them to her significant other.)  I have also been using the toner every night in replacement of my Cle de Peau.  It is, on the other hand, really good!

February Round-up

Skin Care: 0

Make Up and Tools
15.4(Lavshuca) + 25.4(Canmake) + 20.5(CandyDoll/Lavshuca)

Body and Hair
11.6(Kose CoenRich) + 11(Dove)

US$83.9 was spent! I made it within my Budget!

sneakpeak of empties, post soon!
Project 20 Skin Care Update


I did really well this month not buying any new skin care items, so hopefully I'll make decent progress on P20SC by the time of the next empties post, stay tuned!  I will be counting 1 full size = 2 travel sizes/deluxe samples = 4 small samples from now on.  Hope I can finish these projects asap!

Cheers :D


  1. What an amazing haul, and such great value! Thanks for sharing!

    1. hehe yea Jamilla, the deal was amazing! ;)

  2. I like the colors of your shadow and blush. Here in the U.S, we don't get products that look good on Asian skin.

    1. hehe thank you! yes I agree, the US/Europe colours are bright and fun but sometimes not compliment Asian skin tones that well! :P



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