Friday, 17 February 2012

Acquired: Naruko, UNT from Taiwan 臺灣戰利品開箱文

As mentioned in my January acquisition post, I have ordered a (few) lot of things on 2 Taiwanese websites, got them delivered to my friend's accomodation and have her brought the stuff back.  Thanks, G!  :")

I made 2 orders off Naruko, and 1 from UNT.  

春節時,女友人幫我從寶島帶回了(大量)網購戰利品。我對衣服、飾物的興趣「麻麻」(普普),買的都是護膚/指彩等。。這篇基本上只是<開箱文>,很多我都沒有開始用,大家就當看看圖吧! :P

Although I am a (sick) skin care junkie, there is no way I open everything and try all at the same time, hence I'm just gonna list out things I got, and perhaps a few reasons why I put them in my (virtual) shopping basket in the first place.  I'll go through everything from Naruko and then move on to UNT... :P 

In the very 1st pic of this post you can see:
  • ampm Super Triple HA Skin Hydrator - Light
  • ampm Super Triple HA + B3 Brightening Complex
  • ampm A30 Pore Minimizing Complex
  • ampm Desert Extreme Hydra Mask
  • ampm Desert Extreme Hydra Eye Cream
  • ampm Desert Extreme Hydra Cream

2nd pic:
  • ampm Vitamin C Whitening Lotion
  • ampm C12 Two-Step Line Reducing Set 
  • ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer (x2)

Honestly, I got all these ampm items because they are bundled up into very decently priced sets.  The ampm line, unlike the Naruko original line, is not beautifully aromatherapy-scented or blended with exotic plant extracts/essential oils.  They are, instead, more effective and concentrated, marketing the busy OL (office lady) or modern women.   Out of the bunch, I'm really eager to try the Desert Extreme line, which is supposed to give extreme moisture and nourishment; and the A30 Complex, a Vitamin A treatment for pores and lines.

歲晚的時候,鑒於愛慕可官網推出了一連串十分吸引的套裝,我忍不住手選了幾套。其中我對 極地系列 和 維他命A精華 特別有興趣。待我把它們開了封再分享吧!

The original Naruko line:
  • Narcissus Total Defense Make-up Removing Mousse
  • Narcissus Defense BB Sunscreen SPF50
  • Narcissus Total Defense Night Brightening Serum (2pcs)
  • Rose n Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Makeup Removing Oil
  • Rose n Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Complex
  • Rose n Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Cream
  • Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Mask (10pcs)
  • Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Mask (10pcs)
From the 'cheaper' more basic NRK line:
  • NRK Rosehip Perfecting Elixir Multifunction Balm
I have been a really good girl (in my own standard) that I didn't over-buy.   I only repurchased my favourites: Rose serum, RJT sheet masks, Narcissus night serum; the rest are all new stuff I'd like to give a try!

跟 ampm 的一樣,這些大部分都是優惠裝/套裝/年終慶什麼來的。除了回購的 水仙夜間精華+玫瑰保濕精華+紅薏仁面膜 以外,其他都是我沒有用過,超想試用的!

UNT makes really popular nail polishes that are toxic-chemical-free.  I read uncountable good reviews and posts by Taiwan bloggers and I can't help but ordered myself 15 in total.  *Please refer to the above pics for their shade-codes, I am lazy to type them out, and I haven't worn them yet - hence no swatches, sorry*

Besides, their skin care and nail care also sound/look promising so I also get:
  • Nail Lacquer Remover *Nail Nourishing Camelia
  • Finale Top Coat
  • Prelude Base Coat
  • Toe Separator *this just came in the set, hehe, looks so glam!
  • Nude Fresh Eye n Lip Makeup Remover
  • Floraison Cherry Blossom Cleansing Oil
  • Nettoyant Deep Refining Hydrating Cleanser 
  • Acerola Brightening Exfoliator 
  • Lift Fermete Age Minimizing Essence
  • Unreal Touch Mineral Compact Powder Blush *L20 Lovely
  • Hydra Energy Mask *25pcs
  • Ex White Intensive Facial Bio-Cellulose Micro Repair Mask *15pcs
  • freegift: slimming socks!?
UNT 的指甲油在網路上享盛名,在台灣的美妝部落客中看過上百篇心得/試色分享了。因為價錢公道,我一次過訂了十五支。慢慢再跟大家分享吧!


+護甲用品 一套
+(臉部)洗卸護理 一套
+精華液 一瓶
+腮紅/胭脂 一顆
+面膜 四十塊 *其中十五塊是「生物纖維面膜」
+贈品 :美腿襪 一對

Cheers :D


  1. Very impressive!! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

    1. Yes Jamilla - can't wait to try them out! ;)



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