Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Empties 2012.01 (pic heavy)

As a new-year-new-start empties post, let me give a brief intro to my Empties series.  Here I show and talk about products I managed to use up entirely.  They include everything personal care and beauty-related.  Starting from this post, I am also going to count how many number of products I actually finished in 2012.  Full size, travel sizes, samples; everything.  So, Beauties Empties running from 001 all the way to infinity.  Let's go~

Skin Care

#001 - My Beauty Diary Aloe Amino Acid Cleanser
Nice soft fresh scent with a hint of sourness (not off, just perhaps inspired by yoghurt?)  Washes without drying out.  I like to use this with my Clarisonic because this cleanser is cheap, and they worked pretty nicely together.  Major drawback: stings my eyes like nothing else! **Note: I believe I will be over this cleansers after I consume my full size strawberry one in my storage.**
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: No.

#002 - Laneige Multi Cleanser
One of my top favourites.  Non-drying, foams nicely, cleanses effectively, smells good, cheap (if buy in Korea) and neat packaging.  Love.
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: Yes, already have a full size back-up.

#003 - Clarisonic gentle hydro Cleanser
Smells like "dried/sweetened jujube" (if you don't know what dates are, check out wiki link).  I love the taste and smell of red dates (that's how I call it, in Chinese: 紅棗), especially in my drinks, but not so much in skin care.  It is just pure absurdity.  Some say it is like Cetaphil cleanser, which I have used long time ago and didn't like.  It is a non-foaming thick lotion/liquid type of cleanser.  Quite good to use with the Clarisonic, which I did and didn't hate.  That's it.
Rating: 1/5 + Repurchase: No.

#004 - Johnson's daily essentials refreshing Gel Wash
Like the scent and application and foam.  But the effect it has on my skin is bad, so bad!  I see my whole face flaking up after just 1 wash with this.  The relative humidity of that day is very high, like 95%+, so it's not the weather, it's this cleanser!  Not designed for refreshing my skin, apparently!
Rating: 1/5 + Repurchase: No.

#005 - CL Horse Oil Cleansing Milk
Not bad, thick and moisturising enough for my taste but I prefer my SPA one from the same company (Choi Fung).
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: Maybe.

#006 - Holika Holika BB Deep Cleansing Oil
Smells like soda, as in Japanese soda candy (or imagine any candy that's slightly sour in your culture/market) -- compared to the Clarisonic red-date smell, this is more fun and appropriate in my opinion.  Liked it, emulsifies well and no residue.  Would probably check out the full size if I visit Korea again.
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: Maybe.

#007 - Dermalogica Multivitamin power recovery Masque/Mask
Smells like glue, like, 'super-glue' glue; definitely not a fan of the scent of this particular mask.  I have tried another one from them, probably a hydrating or rescue one, and that smells nothing like this.  Despite the smell, I have a big question mark on its performance.  It is a cocktail blend of vitamins and other things, and on the back of it, it claims to 'help skin recover from damage that cause ageing' (or something as vague as this).  I applied this very generously, as instructed, which is 1 tube in a go (it is not a brand new 15ml tube as it was tested before my full-face use).  It is a yellow cream which is thick but very smooth to apply.  When washed off after the recommended 15min, my skin is moisturised, firm, soft to touch and glowy -- still not sure what I should expect from it after the usage and reading about its claims...
Rating: 0/5 + Repurchase: No.

#008 - Vitacreme B12
Pretty much over-hyped.  Just a good moisturising thick cream.  For its price it is pretty decent and I think it is good for my skin.  Not miraculous though.  Plus it smells pretty meh.
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: No.

#009 - Naruko Derma Pro Multi-Peptide Firming Serum
Lengthi-er review HERE!
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: No, I have so many more serums to try/use up.

#010, 011, 012 - LaVie Dark Circles Treatment
At first, if you followed my Skin Care Weekly series, I used these alone as eye treatment.  Later, I lost patience and decided I'll use them as face treatments, and layer one over another.  Hence I finished all three around the same time.  I didn't use this day and night every 10 days, so I can't say whether it helped my dark circles or not.  However, as a treatment/ serum, the texture of these are really light, quickly-absorbed and makes skin feel good and moisturised.  Nice stuff but not must haves.
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: No.

#013 - It's Skin Clinical Skin Solution, VC Effector
Another Vitamin C derivatives infused serum.  Well... A light milky texture, smells citrus-y (just faint memory), layers well and not much more to say.  Didn't impress me with 1 sachet, sorry!
Rating: 2/5 + Repurchase: No.

#014, 015 - Ocean Mire Spa Moist (sample size)
Technically it is a lotion+serum+mosituriser+mask kind of product.  I got these 2 tiny samples with my subscription of a magazine.  It is a thin gel-cream texture, claims to be addictive-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free and colourant-free.  I used it as my last serum - i.e. the moisturising serum.  Worked well.  No idea where I can repurchase though.
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: Maybe.

#016 - L'Oreal RevitaLift Total Repair Day Cream spf20 (from Europe)
I don't think this exact product or formula is sold in HK, I got this free insert in either a French or Spanish or English magazine a while back.  Thick, very moisturizing and I did feel a bit of 'repairing' action going on.  Not super-uber over-dozed with fragrance.  Spf 20 is decent for Winter use and I'll consider repurchase, if possible.
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: Maybe.

#017 - My Beauty Diary Orange Blossom Moisturizing Mist
Lovely refreshing spray that adds moisture and has a nice clean light scent.  Doesn't feel too artificial for its price, and the dispenser is even and gives fine mist instead of random-sized droplets.
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: Yes.

Project 20 Skin Care Updates

Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Full Size Finished: 6 + 2
Samples Finished: 30 + 15
Total Finished: 13.5 + ( 2 + 15/4 ) =19.25
Full Size Purchased: 5 + NA
Samples Purchased: 8 + NA
Total Purchased: 18
Distance from goal: 20 - ( 19.25 ) + ( 18 ) = 18.75

Note:  I have been really naughty and bought a lot with my New Year Lucky Money (Red Packets).  So please expect a long acquisition/haul post coming, and a big few steps backward on my P20SC.

Make Up

#018 - Bourjois Brush Concealer (Shade unknown)
YSL Touche Eclat kind of thing.  Brightens up dark circles or any shadow and dullness.  On my well-slept days, this is only what I need, maybe topped with some sheer veil of powder.  On my not-so-well-slept days, I use this before my concealer or foundation as a 'brightener'; this does layer well, too.  *Note: I have 2 more touche eclat to go through, and this might be being discontinued, again*
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: Maybe.

Body and Hair

#019 - Korean 呂 Shampoo (Purple for Scalp Care)
Love this so much, definitely will repurchase!  I can feel my hair getting healthy by washing with this, no joke.
Rating: 5/5 + Repurchase: Yes.

#020 - Korres Rice Protein + Oligoelements Shampoo for Fine & Fragile hair.
Like this shampoo a lot.  It has good ingredients, leaves hair clean and soft.  Not the best foam nor silkiest-feeling nor best smelling thing I've tried, but for the sake of Greece and for the sake of using less toxins in my shower, I'll buy this again.  (Someone please tell me how!)
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: Yes.

#021, 022 - Kiehl's Amino Acid Conditioner
Love the smoothness and softness it gives my hair, and the coconut scent is very yummy.  If I ever ran out of my conditioners, and have extra bucks for expensive conditioner for daily use, I'd go for this one! *Note: it's out of my budget, to make things clear*
Rating: 5/5 + Repurchase: Yes if I become $$$!

#023 - Unicorn Aqueous Cream (A-Cream)
My siblings have eczema and this was recommended by doctors to use instead of usual shower gels and moisturisers.  Basically this petroleum/aqua mixture can do it all.  However, they were stubborn and go on with their usual cleanser and lazy on using this as a cream.  I showed pity to this A-Cream and used it up as a non-foaming body wash during the driest days.  It really doesn't irritate my body and leaves it soft.  No scent no excitement whatsoever.  Only good if your skin needs it.
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: No.

#024 - The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector
I used this up on my legs and body instead of my hands, because it stings (bad smell).  At first I was okay with the grassy scent, I used up the foot balm and lip balm anyway.  But this giant full size hand cream is too much for me.  Anyway, putting the scent aside, it is an okay moisturiser, not the best but good for a few hours.  I apply this after shower at night, and I need to re-apply body moisturiser in the morning.  *Note: I don't shower in the morning*
Rating: 2/5 + Repurchase: No.

#025 - Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Body Cream/Intensive Moisturizing Body Treatment
Super strong scent and moisturising power.  Hate the smell, love the moisturising effect it has on my skin.  Won't repurchase for its price but I think I could say I enjoyed using it.  *Warning: the scent will linger 24hr, just like the moisture - Not just 8 hours!!*

Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: No.

Special Mention 
(these are so random I'm just gonna count them running from #1001)

#1001 - Antica Erboristeria Whitening Toothpaste 
A souvenir/swap item from Italy - read full post here.  It was a mixture of white and clear paste, a similar design to some of the whitening ones the market offers.  Not overly minty and leaves mouth feeling fresh.  Lovely!
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: Maybe.

#1002 - H n M Vanilla Apple
Ran out of hand soap for the sink one day, and figure this could work so I pour this out as hand-soap refill for my family.  Dislike the artificial scent but no regrets on getting this when it was on clearance.  For US$1.3 (HKD$10) it is alright!
Rating: 1/5 + Repurchase: No.  

    2012 Empties Update:

    Jumbo Size: 1
    Full Size: 4
    Deluxe Sample/Travel Size: 11
    Samples: 9
    Random/Extras: 2

    Cheers :D


    1. Oy yes, this Touche Eclat dupe (that I love, too) is discontinued! Thankfully, Bourjois is going to release a Healthy Mix concealer/highlighter wand/brush thingie, so not everything's lost...

      About the Korres shampoo- its true, all of their shower gels/shampoos/face cleansers don't foam a lot, but as you say they have lovely ingredients so it's cool! I saw Korres, the man himself, in a greek documentary- he was so down to earth and knowledgeable, I was so impressed by his nice personality that I'm going to give the brand another go!

      Also, in a way i'm glad you didn't like the Hemp hand cream! The whole hemp line is not available in Greece and everyone was raving about it and I got so jealous, now i know I'm not missing anything special! Last thing, about the horrible smell of the 8-hour cream- THANK YOU!!! I can't believe how it's got so popular, it really stings! There must be loads of products out there as moisturising as the 8-hour cream but with better scent!

      Good luck with your project Jacq, so far you're doing great ;)

      1. Evi dear, yes I read about that new Bourjois brush highlight/concealer too. you know what, I actually used the peach packaging before this black tube - and now they're bringing out an even newer one to replace this! that's 3 generations! I may get the new one when I use up my 2 touche eclats and some other concealers first!

        I would like to know more about Korres the guy and the brand too! share with us on your blog maybe? too bad I can't get them at a good price and easily, in HK! :S

        Not a fan of Hemp line, it is just okay to me. The 8 hour cream smells bad, but I'm impressed with the moisture indeed! Agree - there must be stuff as good as it smelling less pungent. XD

        Thanks and have a great day~

      2. About the Korres products: you could try - it's a greek online pharmacy store that has amazing prices on all their products, especially Korres! I've written a blog post about this some time ago:

        Now that I think of it, a post on Korres -the man!- would make a great post! hehe

        xx xx

      3. Yes Evi, a post on Korres the man please! I have visited the pharmacy4u web, looks good!! I may order it when I feel like it! thanks for the great recommendation~~~


    2. Replies
      1. yes, girlie blogger, indeed! and I hope i empty as much as I did this month in the coming months!!! :P

    3. Wow very inspirational as always! I was thinking that last couple days about starting to do monthly empties post, I think I just might!

      1. thanks Ari! do it! the main reason I'm doing empties post is because I love reading them! so pls write yours! also, absent-minded being me would forgot what I used and liked/disliked so empties posts keep record for me... :)

    4. great post, what were in the small glass bottles with the dropper in the 4th picture?

      1. hi annabelle! LaVie Dark Circles Treatment they are. they are 3 diff treatments, each for 10days, and together claim to help treat dark circles in 30days... nothing very special in my opinion :P

    5. great post so detailed!

      love the Lavie eye masks work wonders for me =)

      1. thanks sam! I hope it is not 'too' lengthy~~ Great to hear that you like the La Vie Masks! ;)



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