Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Inventory#10: Nail Polish Remover 洗甲/去光水清點

This could be the shortest "Inventory" post.  Although I still have much more than an acceptable amount, this stashsize is already the effort after many months of using instead of buying - (with the exception of the new UNT one)... FYI, I share my nail polishes and removers with my mum, and sister(s).

Also, I'll be trying to incorporate Chinese-English in one post (with the label NICAM), please tell me if you have any comments on this.


The break down:
  1. OPI Polish Remover (Non-Oily) in use
  2. OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover in use
  3. Kate Nail Color Remover in use
  4. UNT Tip Off Nail Lacquer Remover Nail Nourishing Camelia 山茶花強化潤甲去光水   (+1 new) 
I got the two gigantic OPI bottles from a salon supply/wholesale place a while back, when my mum and I were a bit (too) obsessed with nail colours and OPI's stuff in particular.  The green one is the basic one with a shorter ingredients list, and also transferred to the small container for daily use.  The purple one is supposed to be stronger and more professional.  Both contain Acetone as the main component and although I prefer the purple (for its scent and appearance) than the green, I don't think I will repurchase either of them.  I guess I have better choices out there, no?

The Kate (a sub-brand of Kanebo) one is a relatively cheap and easily available option from the drugstores and beauty stores.  It removes effectively and claims to keep nails white (targetting the stains from polishes probably).  Like it so far.

Not much to say about the brand new UNT one.  Will update when time comes. ;)

先從最大的兩瓶 OPI 說起吧。綠色的是基本款,紫色的是「專業配方」,對成分有研究的不妨比較看看圖中的列表。圖中的小瓶是用來分裝用:剛補充了綠色進去。這兩大瓶是沙龍裝,以前有一段瘋狂沉迷的時間跟媽到批發入手得來的。個人比較喜歡紫色,因為稍為好聞一點,還有我不太喜歡綠色。。但用完這兩「桶」我真想不出理由再回購>>完全用膩了!

Kate 的去光是開架裡比較多好評,也比較容易找到的。它聲稱洗掉甲油後指甲不會變黃,甚至會變白?我覺得還好。。洗得乾淨也不太乾已經對我來講就可以了!

UNT 的還沒有開來用。春節時我友人到台灣旅遊,我請她幫我帶回了超多保養品/指彩。。有時間再跟大家分享! :P

Cheers :D


  1. wow girl! I've never seen so much nail polish remover in my life! haha!! Im enjoying seeing ur inventory posts! :-)

    1. Cherry Lane: indeed, I have a bit too much nail polish remover! thanks for liking my inventory posts - I'm really enjoying doing them too! :P

  2. HOLY COW! It'll take a while to go through those jugs! O_O

    I hear Zoya remover is amazing, though I haven't tried it yet. I can't stand the thought of spending a lot on removers right now. :s

    1. yes Liz, I have litres to go through before I can/should get new ones XD

      Heard good things about Zoya's too, could look into that further! :P

  3. Wow thats some nail polish remover you have there! Great Collection! I just found your blog and checked out your adds. Hope your having a good day!!

    1. Thanks SweetWahine! Have a nice day too! :)



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