Friday, 3 February 2012

Inventory#8: Exfoliators/Scrubs for Face/Lips

Continuing with my inventory check, here are all the scrubs, heating scrubs, peeling gels, etc.  I also throw in my 'only' lip scrub for this inventory creation measure. 
Not in the mood of taking them in depth so let's save it until I do a reiew/empties/inventory update.  ;)

Nuxe Aroma-Perfection Unclogging Thermo-Actif Mask 1 in use
pdc L'epoze hot esthe gel 1 in use
Dermalogica Age smart multivitamin thermofoliant 1 in use
Kose softymo Hot Cleansing Gel 1 in use
Care Zone Trouble n Pore Care Scrub (+1)
St. Ives Blemish n Blackhead Control 1 in use
St. Ives Brightening Apricot Scrub 1 in use
My Beauty Diary Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub *mousse* 1 in use
Lush Angels on Bare Skin 1 in use

Choifung CL Rice Peel (+1) *holy grail*

The Saem Dr. Beauty Laser Soft Gel (sample +2)
Holika Holika Smoothie Peeling Jam (sample +1)

Bioglo Pure Aloe Lip Smoothener 1 in use


Cheers :D


  1. ...Great inventory check!I propably should do one myself!
    Honey I have a Giveaway!If you like you can check it out on my blog!
    …All in Style…!

    1. thanks for commenting! you could do an inventory check too! yes going to your blog now... :)

  2. Great stuff. Don't you just love St.Ive's? It works so well and cost so little.

    1. yep yep - st. ives is so reasonably priced and works well. my mum loves it too! :P

  3. i love the st ives too :)

    1. yep - for its price it is good.. probably not for super sensitive skin though, it could be a little abrasive~ :P



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