Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mail Arrived: No7 Poppy King, Deborah Lippmann, Burberry 開箱文

I asked for these holiday lipglosses (on sale) from Sam, my UK blogger friend and swap buddy, after seeing them in her post.  I sent her the little Nail Inc. giftcard and some sheet masks for return.  I'm happy to see some leopard-print Nail Rock nail wraps as well as false nails with leopard-printed designs!  Sam does know me very well!

Also, my friend/sweetheart Ms. A lent me a few bottles of Deborah Lippmann nail polish (no swatches yet), while at the same time gifted me a tube of Burberry lipstick tester.  Happy!!!!!!

我在英國的友人寄了愛心包裹給我:裡面有兩 No7/Poppy King 唇彩(下面有試色)跟一些豹紋的指甲貼/假甲。另外,香港的愛人 A 小姐除了送我一條 Burberry 的唇膏,又借我幾瓶 Deborah Lippmann 的夢幻逸品。。。感激! :")

Clockwise from top-left: 1 - bare cracked lips; 2 - exif file of these non-flash pics; 3 - the purple lipgloss from No7 Poppy King; 4 - the orange/nude lipgloss from No7 Poppy King

(Excuse my facial hair above my lips... don't you laught at that!!)

The above pics are taken with my desk-light and no flash, the more purply shade shown in the bottom right is one of my current favs now.  juicy and adds life to my face!  Technically the 2 lipglosses are called "Deep Wine" and "Plum" respectively, but I have no idea which is which even after researching on and offline.  Nevermind.


上圖:  左上=裸唇 左下=淺色 右下=深色
下圖: 全是深色 愛心=閃光燈 其它=書檯燈

More pics on the darker shade >> Pics with hearts = taken with flash, without hearts = without flash/i.e. my desk lamp.

左邊那條是愛人送的 Lip Mist No.03 Brown Sugar(櫃台試用裝);特意拿來右邊,我在韓國買雜誌送的小樣品 Lip Cover No.04 Rosewood。顧名思義,前者比較透亮,後者比較顯色。透亮的啡糖在我唇上還好,是氣質色;絹面/satin finish 的花梨木卻好像比較老氣。。。可惜可惜! 下面有收背試色。

Ms. A gifted me the counter/store sample of Burberry Lip Mist No.03 Brown Sugar, which has a sheer glossy finish.  I dug out the small deluxe sample I obtained in Korea a while back, which is the Lip Cover No.04 Rosewood, for comparison purpose.  It is more pigmented and gives a weird (in my opinion) satin finish.

Turned out, the Brown Sugar looks 'elegant' on me, and the 'Rosewood' ages me a good few years. :'(  If you have any idea how to make this colour works for me, please advise!

Left: Lip Mist in Brown Sugar; Right: Lip Cover in Rosewood

Cheers :D


  1. I've got Brown Sugar too and absolutely love it! I think it's the perfect neutral.

    1. I think it makes me a little more sophisticated and lady-like than I am. but that's a good thing too, right? :P

  2. Burberry gave you a sample?

    PS the leopard print had the cross on them so I had to give them away =S AND yes I know you well =D
    Glad you liked it. Want to see your review on the lipglosses

    1. Well, the big sample is a tester that my friend gave me (because she has a relative who worked at a Burberry counter). The small one is a magazine freebie!

      I see! so that's why you gave the false nails to me! (still need to figure out how to wear them)

      Hehe, may do a review on the lipglosses :P

  3. Hi Luv, I've given you The Versatile Blogger award xx

    1. Thank you dear :") That makes me happy~ hehe



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