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Skin, Body, Hair Care Empties 2012.02.01

Continuing with my previous Empties post, I'm gonna share what are being used up in February!  I will begin with Skin Care, then move on to Body and Hair stuff; saving the juicy Make Up and Perfume for the next post (as they should be a tiny bit more exciting!).  Around the middle of February I was getting back on my routine of doing sheet masks regularly, so I have decided to throw in the sheet masks as well!

Please stay tuned for the most random (and fun) bits at the end, of the next post! ;)

Skin Care

#026 -  Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Anti-Spot Anti-Dark Circles Eye Serum
Pale yellow thick lotion with fine shimmer - ouch!  (and what a redundantly long name!)  Doesn't absorb well and will 'crumble' up when other products are applied after this.  Not a fan.
Rating: 0/5 + Repurchase: No.

#027 - Clinique All About Eyes Rich
Despite having a 'Rich' in its name, this just gives medium moisture to me.  Nice to wear under make up as it is moisturising and not too emollient, but nothing special.  Will be glad to use up the other sample of this, but that's it.
Rating: 2/5 + Repurchase: No.

#028 - (Taiwan) Punky Candy Night Mask - Red Rose
**The full size is shown in this taiwan blog**

Thought this would smell lovelier before I realise that nothing would live up to my Naruko night gelly standard - yes I'm calling them 'mine'... Does work decently in locking in moisture overnight. 
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: No.

#029 - Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
This sample lasted me a week or so, as I only use a few drops of it at night.  It is one of Tao's favourite skin care items and I'm glad she sent me a few to try out.  It is an oil with lovely lavender scent, quite nourishing and soothing.  I like to use it as one of my night serums - to be honest, I even tried to use it just on its own before bed because HK's has been extremely humid even in Winter, and it worked well too.  (actually that's just because I'm too lazy to layer on a moisturiser)  *Note: after the 2 other samples of this, I might consider repurchasing this in the (next) winter!*
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: Maybe.

#030 - Cle de Peau Beaute Gentle Balancing Lotion
Full Review HERE.  I will be refilling the beautiful, practical, well-designed (plastic) pump bottle with my Naruko toner/lotions!
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: No.

#031 - My Beauty Diary Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub
It is a very funny concept - it comes out like shaving mousse, you rub it in and find your dead-skin exfoliated!  Smells super chemical-packed (with added artificial vanilla) and the experience is fun but not enjoyable.
Rating: 1/5 + Repurchase: No.
the glue and brow pencil will be talked about in next post
#031 - Avene Micellar Lotion, Cleanser and Make up Remover
Very lovely.  I like the gentleness of it and the soft scent.  Not the most effective cleanser so I'd not recommend using it for hardcore waterproof eyemakeup or foundation.  Still like it for what it is though! ;) 
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: Maybe.

Body and Hair

#032 - Phyto phytorhum fortifying shampoo
Has a strong herbal-mix-alcohol scent.  The conisistency is a medium-thick liquid that doesn't foam up much.  The instructions said to leave it on the scalp after rubbing/massaging in.  After wash, hair does feel quite healthy and refreshed, without being stripped of oils.  Not so sure about the real 'fortifying' effect, and the price tag... :S 
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: Maybe.

#033 - the natural source micro-brewed naturopathic High-Shine Shampoo
Beer is has some positive effects on hair, or hair-growth. This doesn't give my hair high-shine, and leave my hair slightly dry.  Foams okay.  Overall, just okay.  (forgot about the smell)
Rating: 2/5 + Repurchase: No.

#034 - Asience Moisture Balance Conditioner for Normal/Oily Hair
I love the smell of Asience hair products.  The 3 formula (the basic 'gold', damaged/dyed hair's 'pink' and this lighter version of 'silver') all work okay for my hair and scalp.  This is an okay conditioner that I feel is not strong enough to make a difference to my dyed hair in Winter. 
Rating: 2/5 + Repurchase: No.

#035 - Lux Black Diamond Tube (Hair) Treatment
Despite claiming to have an elegant luxurious fragrance, I just feel it a little ordinary/cheap.  Despite the scent, it performs really nicely.  Won't get this again even if it gets reduced to hk$20, US$2.6, again (the price I got them), coz I just have so many more old and new favourites... 
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: No.

#036, #037 - Joseristine Black Sugar Moisture Shower Gel 
Not as sweet and attractive but similarly moisturising as the original one (see here).  This is slightly more uni-sex and pretty - um.. 'brown' colour is my fav... Ok to have as freebies. :P
Rating: 1/5 + Repurchase: No.

#038 - Nails Inc Eaton Dry Skin Exfoliator
If you have read the Nails Inc set post, you should know that this exfoliator leaked in the mail.  I scrapped most of the sugar left into the other pot, and used up this one.  As all the oil/liquid was gone (leaked), I need to add in other body oil in order to make this work.  Smells good but too hard to use.  The sugar scrub-bits just don't stay on the skin during application!  Not a fan.
Rating: 1/5 + Repurchase: No.

#039 - Scholl Foot n Nail Cream
I used this as legs and feet cream.  At first application I thought this would be as good as Elizabeth 8hour Cream Body moisturizer.  It does hydrate and apply smoothly, without the strong scent of 8hour cream.  However, this thing leaves behind a very sticky slime-y residue that lasts 24hr (from after shower to my next shower)... Not a fan.
Rating: 1/5 + Repurchase: No.

#040 - Bath n Body Works Dark Kiss Body Lotion
The fragrance is very dark berry-ish sweet, that lasts a good 24hr (from after shower to my next shower)... This particular scent is not my favourite, but I quite like the texture of these body lotions. 
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: No.

#41 - Natio For Men Daily Face Wash
If you have read my Feb Acquisition post, you know that I got 22 tubes of this for free.  It is a light gentle gel cleanser that foams just very slightly.  I mostly use this during the shower on my back which is the only problem area on my body (touchwood!); Hence I count this as a body product.  Smells super strongly of man product - the cologne-ish scent.  
Rating: 2/5 + Repurchase: No.

#42 - The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Creamy Body Wash
Creamy indeed, rich indeed.  Smells weird, doesn't spread nor foam nicely.  Not a fan.
Rating: 1/5 + Repurchase: No.

2012 Empties Update:

Jumbo Size: 1 + 1
Full Size: 4 + 5
Deluxe Sample/Travel Size: 11 + 8
Samples: 9 + 4
Random/Extras: 2 + NA

Project 20 Skin Care Update:

Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Balance Brought Down: 41.75
Finished: Full Size 2, Deluxe Sample/Travel Size 3, Samples 2 
Total Finished: 4
Purchased: Nil
Distance from Goal: 37.75 
Project 20 Body and Hair Update:

Start Date: 15th February, 2012
Finished: Jumbo/Full Size 4, Deluxe Sample/Travel Size 5, Samples 2 
Total Finished: 7
Purchased: Nil
Distance from Goal: 13

Cheers :D


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    1. yes indeed, GABY~ i'm doing quite good :P

  2. wow... I am so proud of you!!! Your empties posts are very motivating!

    1. Thanks Ari, hehe, I hope I can motivate myself to no-buy and use-up things! :D

  3. Proud of you, girl! I see you're using the same measuring system. lol God, I love seeing empties.

    1. hehe. yea. borrow some of the idea here and there to make up my own. ^.^



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