Friday, 9 March 2012

201203xx Updates

First of all, if you're interested to read about my 1st attempt at trying to do a food post, go to this link.  For those who don't already know, is a blog my friend A and I co-host.  :)

Please continue on to read some random updates of mine...

A review on my 2012 Beauty Resolutions:

1. Monthly beauty budget
Failed in Jan, Passed in Feb, should do well this month too! ;)

2. At least one FOTD per week.   
Oops.  Totally ignored this.

3. Review my Naruko/ampm skin care one-by-one. 
Doing well.  DP Serum here, Raw Job's Tears serum here.  
In the progress of other 2 serums already!

4. Investigate on good skin care brands
Um.. I guess yes? 

5. Study and try to acquire the 'top sellers' as much as possible
Got Deborah Lippmann.  The rest?  I can wait.   

6. Downsize my stash
Skin, Body and Hair is showing a little progress.  Make up?  Not so much.

7. Project 20 Lips
Started. :S

8. Project Back2MAC 
Started. :S

9. To blog in Chinese
You may refer to the posts I did in Bilingual, or in Chinese only (go to the sidebar and look for the labels!)

10. Learn how to style my hair - hair-styling is important!
No progress.  

11. Wear, photograph and document every dear angels in my False Lashes Collection
No progress.

12. Target my laugh lines/premature wrinkles esp. around my eyes.  
Not diligent enough in using hydrating/anti-wrinkles around my eyes :S

  • Blog Sale/Swap - a big one, right now you can go to this page to see them.  If you're interested to swap anything with me, email me!
  • I'm mad Naruko discontinued the Narcissus Fundamental Serum, one of my favourites.  *It is no longer seen on the Taiwan official site*  I'm hoping they're secretly re-launching that in the new pump design. :(
  • Dying to try some Naruko Rose sheet masks - despite I have too many sheet masks.
  • In the process of shopping and finalising 3 swaps. (2 @UK, 1 @Singapore) 
  • Lenten resolution/sacrafice is to spend less, care more, and no purchase of beauty products for self (exclude shopping for swaps)... Hmmm... 
  • I know I shouldn't, but I'm wanting the UNT bb cream - now back in stock - that my friend and I missed in our last shopping! *it was too popular and was out of sotck*... 
  • I'm looking for new swap buddies in the US, anyone out there interested???
Posts to come:
  • March Empties (already planning to do part one with pics taken!)
  • Current Favourites #2
  • Acquired: Yves Rocher
  • Inventory: Foundation, Concealer, BB Cream
  • Review: Cle de Peau Day Emulsion, Night Emulsion
  • Review: Naruko Taiwan Magnolia serum, Narcissus night serum
  • Top 10 under 10/ Drugstore Favourites (inspired by Claire/Eyelining Obsessions among many others)
  • These are too old #2 - Things I don't love and need to be tossed because they are too old. Read the old first post here.
Waiting in the Mail:
  • Love package from France
  • 3 swaps ^.^
Cheers :D

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