Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Inventory#12: Cream/Stick Foundations

1 pic says it all!  These are all I've got!  Basically the 4 on the right are brand new. 
L'egere Double White #only-shade 1 in use *I hit pan!
Covergirl n Olay Simply Ageless #220 Creamy Natural 1 in use
Chantecaille New Stick #Ivory (+1)
Vichy Dermablend High-coverage Corrective Foundation #G34 1 in use
Chantecaille Real Skin Refill #Aura (+1)
The Balm time balm foundation #light/medium (+1)

The L'egere is a beautiful formula and makes skin look immaculate, sadly it tends to dry up on my skin (esp on winter) and look rather pale which may not match my neck in Summer.  It's kind of a love-hate item, hm... 

I have only swatched the Covergirl/Olay on my hand and the texture is really lovely!  However, it is obviously at least 2 shades darker than I am.  Still thinking about how to use it.  

The Vichy Dermablend, which is upside down, was bought in a clearance sale, and fortunately match my skin tone.  It is hardcore good coverage so I don't use it often.

For the new ones, I would just like to point out one fact about the time Balm one.  It is technically the same product as the rather famous concealer in the same line, same ingredient list and consistency, but with a slightly higher price tag, with 21.3 gram of product... That's the reason I got it...

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I will paste the link to my BB Cream and/or Concealer here when they're ready.

Cheers :D

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