Saturday, 17 March 2012

Inventory#14: BB Creams

One of my favourite things to collect make-up wise is BB Cream.  Because my geographical location opens me to a diverse selection of Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese offerings, that are the best and suit my fair to light Asian skin tone very well.  Plus they are mostly very reasonably priced when we're talking about quality face make up!
1st pic (Korean)

Hera Mineral Multi BB #2 1 in use
Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating (Silver Label) #only-shade 1 in use
Care Zone  A-cure for troubled skin #only-shade 1 in use
Skin 79 VIP Gold Colleciton #only-shade 1 in use
Skin 79 Diamond Collection #only-shade 1 in use
BRTC Jasmine Water #only-shade 1 in use
BRTC Gold Caviar #only-shade (new +1)
BRTC Whitening and Repairing #only-shade 1 in use
BRTC Aqua Rush Water Drop #only-shade 1 in use

Out of this bunch, my current favourite is definitely the Hera which I got in Seoul.  My 2nd fav might be BRTC whitening, the silver tube, or the aqua rush...

2nd pic (Taiwan full size, Korean travel size)

Beautymaker All-in-one #only-shade 1 in use
Naruko Narcissus BB Cream Essence #only-shade 1 in use
Skin 79 Summer Colleciton #only-shade 1 in use
Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Moist Moist #only-shade (new travel +1)
Dr. G Bling Bling #only-shade (new travel +1)
Dr. G Hydra Intensive #only-shade (new travel +1)
Dr. G Primer BB Protector #only-shade (new travel +3)
Neutrogena Fine Fairness #only-shade 1 in use

3rd (small samples)
Missha M Signature Real Complete #21, #23 (new samples +5)
Missha M Signature Real Complete #21 (new sample +1)
Missha 美思  #1 (new samples +3) 

4th pic (small samples) *excuse my laziness I'm not gonna type all their names*

Baviphat  #1 (new samples +2) 
Holika Holika #1 (new samples +1)
Etude House #2 (new samples +2)

Oriks  #only-shade (new samples +6)
Somang 多娜嫺  #23 (new samples +1) 
Somang Super Duper #only-shade (new samples +2)
Hanskin #only-shade (new samples +2) 
Skin Food  #2 (new samples +1)

Cheers :D


  1. Replies
    1. yes indeed. I don't give them enough love frankly! :P

  2. Can you do a full review on the dr jart silver label bb cream? I've been wanting to try that but am not sure about it. Thanks.

    1. OK! Pls give me some time! thx for the suggestion! :D



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