Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Inventory#15: Pressed/Baked Foundation

Basically I'm including everything that's not loose.  Whether it is 2-way cake (used wet/dry), or pressed powder, or powder foundation, I'm putting it under this category.  It can be a little confusing, but I opted this way to count it anyway.  :P

The way I use these are mainly to set my concealer.  Other times I use them, either with a sponge or brush, all over my face on top of sunscreen for extra coverage.  Rarely do I use the in conjunction with liquid foundation or BB cream, as that will be too made up for my taste.

I have also forgotten to filter out the few which are too dark - I used them as contour, not face powder... They are the MAC MSF and Canmake... anyway...

The Hera White one, Holika Holika, Beauty Credit (pink one and refill) are brand new.  I'm currently having the Hera HD carried in my make up bag.  The BRTC is too pale for daily use.

Bihadashi, Kate, Kiss Me Heroine Make, RMK (2 different shades) and Cezanne are all in idle state in my cupboard.  :S

More Japanese:
Clearlast, Za (1 in use and 1 refill - should be Taiwan not Japan), Canmake (darker for contour hit pan, paler shade cold standby)

2 baked and rest Taiwan:
Kiko, MAC are baked (MAC is for contour).  Beautymaker, Lelan Vital were used but not now, Neuve is brand new.

7th pic : others
Red Earth, Stila, Givenchy - all used and not using now.   

8th pic: (almost forgotten these)

No7 Pressed Powder #Fair from UK swap, too fair for all over use, very firmly pressed.  Pore Putty was newly acquired and still in its packaging.  :P

Cheers :D


  1. I am on the hunt for my next face powder, something for my purse, any suggestions? =D

  2. My current faves are Hera (Korean) and Za (Taiwan). Are they available in your city?

    For department store, the next one I'll probably get is Burberry, or Chanel.

    For US drugstore, I heard great things about Maybelline and Rimmel. Maybe you can give those a go!




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