Saturday, 3 March 2012

Used up Make up (and more) 2012.02.02

Continuing with my Feb Empties, here are my make up and other things, including a bunch of sheet masks!  As always, I'll do short reviews on them here, because my schedule and lifestyle just don't afford the luxury to review them individually.  ;)

Make Up

#043 - Bare Escentuals Prime Time (Primer)
Not the easiest to work with. Also seems to be patchy no matter how little I use and how quick I tap or blend. Does help eyeshadow to stay on better but I have other things to replace this, at lower price. Plus the packaging doesn't match the price tag, the sponge tip doesn't help the dispension nor application, product dries on the tip and in general not sanitary. 
Rating: 2/5 + Repurchase: No.

#044 - Clinique Lash Power Curling Mascara, Long-wearing Formula
Has a brush that I like, but the product/formula doesn't do anything to my lashes.  No curling, lenghtening, volumising, whatsoever.  Will be keeping the tiny brush for brow-combing on the go... :)
Rating: 1/5 for the brush + Repurchase: No.

#045 - E.L.F. Plumping Lip Glaze
Not bad quality for its US$1 price tag.  Not plumping on me, and doesn't last on me.  The colour is nothing - on my lips anyway.  I adore its menthol-ness a lot. 
Rating: 2/5 + Repurchase: No.

#046 - Sephora Brow Pencil
One of my 'holy grail' that is sadly (curseword) discontinued.  I have talked about it in previous posts, please look them up if wanted!  A bit too sad to insert links here. :'(
Rating: 5/5 + Repurchase: Cannot.

(pls refer to the 1st pic of this post)

#047 - "Intrusion" Eau de Parfum by Oscar de la Renta
(The name of it has been rubbed off.)  This was a 1.5ml sample I bought at Bonjour - yes they do sell perfume samples.  Very elegant and intense.  Mainly floral with tiniest bit of fruity top notes.  I would describe this as an elder-sister scent (not that I have an elder sibling).  More a night scent than a day one.  Not a very special fragrance, but rather hard-to-wear due to its 'heaviness', in my opinion anyway.
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: No.

Sheet Masks

making myself look like a fool.  no?
#048 - Cellina 雪芙蘭 Time's up Facial Mask (Daily Whitening) 天天透嫩白
One of my favourites masks that aren't sold in HK - sadly.  Relatively thick but still soft cloth/sheet.  Not too much serum/lotion.  Smells decent and not overpowering.  Very moisturising and decently brightens.  Cheap.
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: Yes.

#049 -Beauty Mate (Gold) Refining Smooth Nano Mask
Soft thin cloth.  Quite a lot of lotion.  Moisturising and decently brightens.  Relatively cheap.  Seriously wanting to get their new masks, including one featuring SNAIL serum ;)
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: Yes.

#050 - My Scheming 我的心機 Crystal Hydrating Eye Mask
(Not sure of their official site)
Not a big fan of gel masks, nor gel eye mask, in general.  I feel like they never moisturise enough nor give any results... Not going to repurchase this brand unless I visit Taiwan again, because there are way too many fakes online and in the market - scary!
Rating: 2/5 + Repurchase: No.

#051 - Lifecella Ceramide
Japan.  Clean scent.  Big sheet.  Not enough lotion/serum.  Refreshing.  Just okay.
Rating: 2/5 + Repurchase: No.

#052 - Dainty Design Lycopen Mask
Taiwan.  Tomato food scent - too strong - dislike.  Decent sheet.  Moist.
Rating: 2/5 + Repurchase: No.

#053 - Barrier Repair Facial Mask HA (supermoist) *pink*
Japan.  Soft babys scent.  Very moist.  Love.  I like this in winter and the *blue* for summer.  Bought a bunch of *yellow* to try out too.  ((happy))
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: Yes.

#054 - Naruko Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Mask
Taiwan.  Moist.  Soft scent.  Love.  Super soft sheet and nice cutting.  Cover sides of nose nicely. 
Rating: 5/5 + Repurchase: Yes.

#055, #056 - My Beauty Diary Camellia Mask
Taiwan.  A little expensive.  No special scent.  Super soft sheet.  Very moisturizing. 
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: No.

Special/Random Mentions

#1003 - Daiso Lash Glue (pictured above with the brow pencil and avene)
Everything in Daiso used to cost HK$10 (i.e. US$1.3), but now raised to HK$12 (US$1.5).  This was bought at US$1.3, and I guessed the price was the only reason I got it.  Turned out it doesn't dry fast, nor dry clear.  It is of no use to me and because of the dried glue around the opening, I decided to toss this.  Strongly dis-courage anyone to try this glue!

#1004, #1005 - Brand-less Tweezers (not pictured)
Found 2 pairs of tweezers that rusted in my drawer, probably because of the leakage of solution from my contact-lens-cases.  Need to clear out my expired contact/circle lens soon, maybe next month. :P

2012 Empties Update:

Jumbo Size: 2 + NA
Full Size: 9 + 3
Deluxe Sample/Travel Size: 19 + 2
Samples: 13 + NA
Sheet Masks: 9
Random/Extras: 2 +3

Cheers :D


  1. I have no luck with Clinique mascaras. I've tried 2 samples of them -1 being the High Impact-, both did nothing on my lashes. These Elf lipglosses are so easy to go through, ain't they?

    1. as far as I can remember, clinique mascaras are the same (useless) on me too :P but i like their base make up and lip stuff :)

      yes~ those elf glosses are tiny! and even rare wearers like me can finish them!

  2. I love the idea of doing empties blogs and especially seeing other peoples ones, Im hoping to do one soon, is it easy or hard to finish the products?

    1. hi khloe~ yes pls do it, I love reading them too! :P Well, talking about finishing products, I'd say it totally depends on your consumption habits! personally I don't go through make up as quickly as I use up skin care~ it can be challenging or easy peasy~ :P

  3. I am going to start a Jacq recommendations list for things I must pick up! hehehe


    1. Ari~ I'm just sharing what I like and dislike, you can pick what seems to suit you to try! :)

  4. Wow. A raving review for Sephora's brow pencil. I've got to give it a try.

    1. yes yes, that's a nice one! I'm not sure if they still sell that though, I don't find it on the sephora website anymore! :S



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