Monday, 9 April 2012

12x12 Current Favourites #2

In the order of their appearance:
  1. Hera HD Powder Pact, Shade #21
  2. Real Techniques Contour Brush
  3. Naruko Narcissus Moisturizing Dew (for day)
  4. Naruko Narcissus Night Brightening Serum
  5. My Beauty Diary Winter Bright Pack
  6. Haus of Gloi Twice is Nice Pumpkin Butter
  7. UNT Nail Polish, GA015 冰晶公主 (shimmery pink)
  8. Burberry Blush, Misty
  9. Naris Up Brow Pencil
  10. Stila Eyeshadow 'Wheat'
  11. Kiss Me Long n Curl Mascara
  12. Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush
Not in the mood for too many words, speak soon!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. ooo... I have the long and curl mascara! Haven't opened it, I was considering giving it away but I will definitely try it now! How is it at holding a curl?

    1. Ari, that's (one of my) holy grail! I always make sure I have backups of this as this is really lengthening + hold curls + waterproof + define/separate + a little volumising! most importantly it is reasonably priced! :D



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