Friday, 27 April 2012

April Mask Journal

This post also serves as my April Empties #2.  I've decided to accumulate the sheet masks I have used this month to one post and then review them altogether.

*20120430 - added ingredient photos
Again, the above reference pic is (one of those I taken for) what I short-listed for boyfriend to choose for me every night.  All pics in this post are taken with the built-in camera of iPhone4 - hence the mediocre quality.
Sheet Masks

#109 - My Beauty Diary, White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask
Taiwan. This and the Camelia moisture one are in the same 'platinum'/luxury line. Before the 'ordinary' MBD mask cloth was upgraded, these cloths are the best and superior. Now that the 'ordinary' MBD has the upgraded cloth, I don't see the need to buy this version. Also, I mentioned before that these platinum ones were discontinued - I was wrong - I still see them on shelf in Mannings (a local pharmacy)... The cutting is a little tricky, but works and feels lovely on the skin, just not especially good enough :P
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: No + Reason: NA

#110, 111 - Skinlite, Snail Age Regenerating Multi-step Treatment
(Step 1 - Age Regenerating Ampoule, Step 2 - Snail Essence Mask)
Korean.  I like the step one serum a lot.  As seen in the pic above, it is a slightly gel-like serum, and gives skin a very good feeling, moisturising and slightly tightening. However, the sheet mask itself smells a bit alcoholic, isn't cut very nicely, and does pretty much nothing to my skin. Would consider the ampoule/serum if it is sold separately.
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: Not the set + Reason: NA

#112 - Silk Whitia, Soy Milk Moisture Express Mask
Like - The natural soy milk scent, very yummy.  Moisturise and brightens decently.
Dislike - Sticky.  Need to wash off the residue after the mask.  Slightly irritating esp. to dry patches and tiny razor cuts on face .
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: No Reason: Don't like wash off

#113, 114 - My Beauty Diary, Autumn Repair Pack
(Step 1 - Snail Mask, Step 2 - Snail Repair Cream)
Step 1: Love, it has the quality of the better MBD masks, the scent is fresh, and really gives skin a boost of moisture and vitality.
Step 2: It is a thick and quite heavy cream in terms of Asian skin care formula.  Love it, it gives skin a very 'repairing', soothing and nourished sensation.  It did locked in the mask's effect and last through all night. 
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: Did and Will! + Reason: Love the cream

#115 - Silk Whitia, Hanfang Moisture Hydrating Mask
Material from France and Hong Kong (pretty sure we don't grow our own plant for extracts though, huh).  The scent is a lovely soothing rather mature wood scent - maybe sandalwood.  The moisture is decent also.
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: may not Reason: Don't like wash off

The 4th 'after' pic was taken on the following morning.  Note: I didn't put any skin care after the mask at night, and haven't washed my face before this pic.

#116 - Dewytree, Tea Tree Trouble Solution Mask
Love: Cloth is perfect, meshed, soft, hold to skin very nicely.  Solution is moist, soothing and clarifying.  Good amount of liquid but not dripping.  Scent is not traditional over-powering tea tree (which I don't mind), instead, a very lovely blend with more sophistication.  Pores seem significantly smaller.
Dislike: Price is not the cheapest (HK $19.9 each = US $2.6)!  Availability, only sold in Mannings, and always out of stock!
Rating: 5/5 + Repurchase: Yes, I'm holding the urget to! + Reason: LOVE, but I have more to use up

forgot to include 'after' pic, hence the bare-face-of-the-day-after.

#117, 118 - La Vie, Quick Fix 10-min Recharge Face Mask
Love: the thickness of sheet, texture of the fluid
Like: 10min does the trick, light scent
Dislike: nothing miraculous, doesn't last more than 1 day
Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: No + Reason: Bored, probably discontinued.

  • Was pretty lazy this month - need to work harder on my mask stash next month.
  • My goal for next month is 20 masks, hope to exceed that, even!
  • I'm in an internal battle whether I should buy anymore Silk Whitia mask, as I find it really bothering to wash off and the effect doesn't seem significantly superior to others, e.g. My Beauty Diary.
  • Last time I visited a Sasa, I paid special attention to the Silk Whitia shelf - coz I was tempted to try the Aromatherapy Rose and Chamomile - but then I think Soy Milk and Han-fang are scarce, perhaps being discontinued? 
  • I will re-visit each kind of Silk Whitia in my stash, referring to the point above - to help me decide whether I should get more (e.g. SW Aromatherapy)
  • Life cycle of sheet mask in Hong Kong, or Asia in general, is really short.  Normally shelf life of a sheet mask is 1 to 3 years.  I bought too much hence it can sit in my drawer for 1 to 3 years before I use it/them; when then I like it or want to repurchase, 50%+ chance is, it is no longer available in the market.  Um...
  • Masks I still want to get, besides the SW-debate above, include: Puresa Rose, Puresa Collagen, Puresa Pearl, My Beauty Diary Arbutin, Dewytree Tea Tree (waiting 25% off)
  • *Added a short 'disclosure' at the end of the post.  Tell me what you think about it, if any.

2012 Empties Update:
Jumbo Size: 2 + NA
Full Size: 28 + NA
Deluxe Sample/Travel Size: 26 + NA
Samples: 31 + 2
Sheet Masks: 23 + 8
Random/Extras: 11 + NA

Project 20 Skin Care Update:
Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Balance Brought Down: 32
Finished: Jumbo/Full Size x, Deluxe Sample/Travel Size x, Samples 2
Total Finished: 0.5
Total Purchased: Nil
Distance from Goal: 31.5

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

– Disclosure –
The product(s) mentioned on this post was purchased by the editor for personal use and review purposes.  All reviews are expressed with complete honesty.  I don’t do paid or guaranteed reviews.


  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera"


    Greetings from Italy


  2. Im so envious of all your skincare! lol I tried my first sheet mask today!! It was by FaceQ and felt so lovely! What do you think of FaceQ ones compared to the other brands? A blogger friend from India sent a bunch of different ones from in a kinda swap (on my blog if you wana see). 20 masks in one month sounds awesome! Good luck x

    1. Yay Cherry Lane, I love buying and using my skin care! ;) I have never tried FaceQ, but I just did some research on it. FaceQ and My Beauty Diary are diff lines from the same Taiwan company. I believe they are good stuff (also read great reviews on them). Hehe. You just put FaceQ on my wish list, naughty you!

    2. oh they are the same company! haha I cant believe that I introduced you...skincare guru a new (?!) brand! yay!! Since I tried that first mask yday I have become a little obessessed with researching products on sasa and have watched quite a few haul vids in youtube too lol. Are there any things you recommend?

    3. I wasn't interested in the brand before coz the packaging leans on the childish side :P and I've so much masks (or skin care) in my possession to use, or on my wish list to get, already! Well, for Sasa, there are so much I love and recommend, any specific brand or category you want to try? So that I can give u some suggestions~~ cheers~

    4. oh I only just saw your message! Damn! I place my order just a couple hrs ago so that I got my order in before the 'free shipping over $29' offer ended. I wanted to get some skincare but didnt want to spent too much so ended up ordering the Juju Aquamoist Hyaluronic moisture toner, Kose Softumo Hyaluronic acid washing foam, Laneige Water Sleeping Pack, Kokubo Q10 moisturising bath, Silk Whitia Collegen Hydrating masks and the 5 layer cotton pads.What do you think? Whats your fav toner?x

    5. Your picks are good ones, all seem things I will buy myself. The only thing I'm not too sure about is the bath thing, and the Silk Whitia Mask (because it requires washing off afterwards)

      Toner - the Juju Aquamoist toner seems good - right now I'm loving my Naruko ones. Any requirement you want your toner to do? Moisturising, whitening, or anything?? :P

    6. Glad you approve! :-D Oh no I thought the Silk Whitia was a normal sheet mask...oh well its not the end of the world lol. I looked at the Naruko ones too...its a really popular brand hey. Maybe I will try the Naruko next time. I just watched Bubz Beauty skincare vid on youtube and realised that she uses the Aquamoist toner and leneige sleeping pack too! I didnt even realise! I would like my toner to be moisturising cos I have quite dry skin. I cant wait for it to arrive now!:-)

    7. not a big fan of Bubz, but now I'm putting Aquamoist on my never-ending wish list too :P do write up some reviews or haul on your blog when you get your sasa stuff! would love to read that too!

  3. WOW these are great masks! A few months ago a friend of mine gifted me several of these types of masks very different from what we have in the US a squeeze out tube. I also scrolled down and love the nail polish post you did! Visiting from the blog hop, hope you'll stop by and would you like to follow each other?

    1. hi! going to visit your blog now. Sheet masks are so much more convenient in my opinion, coz I'm a little too lazy to do the wash-off kind of cream/clay ones... hehe... Thx for liking the nail polish posts too~ :P



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