Thursday, 5 April 2012

Disappointment #3

 Lost count of the number of 'Regrets' posts so let's name this #3.  Just 2 items to show and tell here, but they're enough to affect my mood to an extent that I need to vent my feelings - serious, no? 

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in #01 Fair

My friend (or swap buddy) Joselin got this for me in our swap.  It is technically the No.1 favourite drugstore concealer amongst UK youtubers and bloggers.  I can vaguely guess why.  This stuff has amazing coverage and lasting-power, and although it is a tad thick, for Caucasian (Western) skin, I think it is bearable.  However, for my thin (cough, delicate) Asian skin, this is too much.  I can blend it with fingers, or brush, or even a sponge - but whichever method, it looks thick and obvious and 'on-my-skin'.  I don't think we're supposed to rub this in like scrubbing erasers on pencil marks on our facial imperfections, are we?  

Aside from the thickness, there's the dryness.  Yes it is long-lasting, but on me, it means accentuating dry flakes and patches and clinging to them forever.  Not flattering.  My skin is dry and occasionally these dry naughty bits show up, hence this concealer is not my best friend - or friend, at all.  Last but not least, the colour match is tiny bit pink and pale for me.  This is not really a serious complaint because I didn't go pick up the shade myself nor was this designed for my skin tone - perhaps.

Naruko Rose n Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Makeup Removing Oil

The 1st Naruko/ampm product that let me down!  The first is always the most memorable, eh?  This is one of the more recently launched products by the company, maybe around Dec'11 or so.  First, let's not focus on the long and hard-to-decode product name.  For the volume and the price, this is one of the more expensive Naruko product, which I expect is for good reasons, but I was wrong.

It cleanses alright.  Removes face make up decently well, and emulsifies (meaning adds little water, turns milky and get washes away) well, and doesn't leave skin too dry or too oily.  I guess this means it is rather hydrating with the HA, Hyaluronic acid, or rose, etc.

Yet, its smell is pungent.  Ok, some exaggeration here, but it smells really bad.  If you have tried those 50% alcohol shots which tastes and smells like nothing except liquor, imagine adding rose perfume to it and call it a fragrance blend for cleansing oil... Yuck.  Perhaps some would like such smell in a cleansing product, not me.

Rant Over.  :S

Onto some happier news:
- Integrate, a Japanese drugstore sub-brand of Shiseido which is not available in Hong Kong, is launching some very delicious looking eyeshadow palettes.  See Rouge Deluxe's post for a sneakpeak.
- Beautyblender is launching a new Pure version with a set which looks promising.  I have never tried a real beautyblender, only similar sponges I got from Sasa, so I am wanting to try one... :P

That's it!

Jacq :)


  1. The scent can really make or break product for some. Too bad for the cleansing oil.

    1. yea, sometimes I'd rather things to be unscented instead!

  2. oh I didnt know that the Collection 2000 was the UKs no.1 drugstore concealer?! Personally I think Collection 2000 products are pants! But I guess you have to try the bad products as well as the good to know the difference ;-)

    1. well, it is not THE no.1 drugstore concealer - but numerous UK bloggers/youtubers rave about it and call it their no.1... I haven't tried every single collection2000 item but so far the items I have tried, for their price, are just okay - not spectacular :)



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