Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hello Kitty Mild - She Loves Candy

My friend W.A., who's a stylist (or an architect), inspired/forced me to try out some MAC face charts - or vice versa(?).  I'm naming these practices Face Sketching, 'coz that's my blog is named for... hehe... 

As ALWAYS, I ask J5 (Mr. Boyfriend) to help me hand-pick a few to begin with.  As an insane pink-lover, he naturally pick which seems obvious - She Loves Candy.

I don't have many MAC products, or at least not from MAC HK collection, so I have to manipulate what I own and create my adopted look.  Although, now that I'm typing this post, I realise that I have 'Milk' pigment in my possession, I didn't when I was doing this make up.  I'll make sure I grab that the next time it appears in a face chart!

What I used and what I did, roughly. // sorry, all pics were taken by iPhone due to laziness.

0. Foundation used were Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect #72 Rose Clair and Za Skin Beauty 2 way cake #21.

1. On upper lid, I used theBalm cream shadow #Home Plate Kate, as a base.  The hot pink with some blue tone reflects from Lelan Vital 18 colour Dazzling Shine Eye palette was applied to inner and outer corners, also into the inner crease - replacing MAC Romping.  Some super shimmery pink from my no-brand 72 ultra-shimmer palette in the middle of my lid and crease - replacing MAC Milk.

2. For the lower lash line, the lighter shade of elf cream shadow #black licorice went on with a cotton bud.  Then a mixture of bourjois mini #55 Emerald Green and a light blue from the same Lelan Vital 18 palette as above is used - replacing MAC Too Dolly.

3. Random black pencil from Red earth (discontinued) went on waterline and lower outer corners.  Ellefar/Daiso liquid eyeliner goes on to line upper lid.  For brows, Mio piccolo brow mascara #LB (light brown) and Integrate eyebrow liquid #2 (warmer brown) just fill in the brow-tail.

4. Top lashes (forgot brand) and lower lashes (Diamond Lash - natural) applied with DUP 552 Eyelashes Fixer Ex, which dries clear.

5. A mixture of violet Pupa Matt Extreme #50 eyeshadow and pink Touch Color 2 blush powder #06 on the apples.  Used theBalm Mary-lou Manizer as highlight.

6. Sephora maniac liner in #04 Beige Maniac to line the lips and NYX round lipgloss #Ballerina Pink all over.

More pics:

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  • Some MAC Face Charts to look at~  Tell me what you want me to do next in the comments!
  • I have already done the Hello Kitty Wild - Stylin' look, post coming soon.
  • Shall be doing the Hello Kitty Mild - Fashion Mews, very soon, probably tonight!

fashion mews

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")



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