Friday, 13 April 2012

Make Up Face-Sketching

Some of these are already posted in facebook/twitter, and as some requested, I'm gonna write up a short blog post on these.  Most, if not all, of these were taken with iPhone built-in camera - some with HDR.  Quality was indeed compromised as I opted for convenience.  Anyways, here you go...........

Look 1:

- inspired by one of the image from Bianca Marques, Rio 2012 (link) (another link)
- yes, I only did 1 side of my face, and 1 eye
- I didn't bronze my face all over - and my lamp pales out my complexion like nothing - I'm normally a NC20ish in terms of colouring, fyi.
- I didn't wear the right false ashes
- my cut-crease was poorly done.
- things I used can be seen in the below picture.  you can use any similar or generic items, doesn't matter IMO.  stuff i used basically includes: brown and black eyeliners and shadows, black liquid eyeliner, false lashes, concealer (a few shades too fair) to highlight under-eye triangle, cream highlight to highlight the same area, bronzer for cheeks, nude lipstick.

Look 2:

- inpsired by a Taiwain beauty book image - it is very different from what my outcome looks like so I don't bother to post it.
- basically a brown winged liner look with some bronze and gold shadows going on.
- I added a pink lips just for additional sweetness
- lash glue wasn't totally dried when I took some of the pictures.  ANYWAYSSS......


Today is 'black Friday', yet no matter what, TGIF!  I'm so glad it's weekend again. ;)
Speak soon!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. ooo... I like the looks you did!! haha I like to try looks out just before I take my makeup off. Hope you do more of these posts!

    1. Yes sure, Ari, at least 2 more looks coming - glad you like these :P

  2. Love both looks but my fav is the look 1 xxx

    1. yea i know - but i needa practise more shapes - hehe - try it yourself and share with us too! :P



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