Saturday, 21 April 2012

Red vs Red NOTD

So here are my nails for Chinese New Year - yes long time ago I know.   It just sank to the bottom of a lot of draft posts so I'm finishing this up and publishing it now, like 3 months after CNY.

The only pic taken without flash - under yellow indoor lighting

Anyway, somehow, my boyfriend, again, managed to come up with this idea of cool red against warm red for a nail colour combo.  Nails are cut to inside-my-comfort-zone short because I need to enjoy cracking and eating the traditional red melon seeds 紅瓜子 (google images for red melon seeds if desired).

What I used:
  • Base and Top coat - forgotten which ones
  • Warm Red - OPI HLA13 Meet n Jingle (from some holiday collection I think)
  • Cool Red - OPI NL E22 Kinky In Helsinki (from the 2009 Colorcopia collection (link to scrangie)- which I have all the 12 re-released best-sellers;  this particular Helsinki colour is from 2002 European collection)
I don't actually like the cool red on myself, and together with the warm red - even queerer.  Anyway, thanks Mr. Boyfriend for his brilliant idea - I would probably not be doing this again - or will I? :P

Tell me, do you think this looks too queer, or just weird enough to be categorised as 'interesting'? 


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