Saturday, 7 April 2012

Review: Cle de Peau Cotton

I have kind of put my 'cotton pad overview' project aside and now I'm filling up the gaps with the most expensive one in my stash - as titled - the cotton from Cle de Peau.

What it says:

= Special skincare cotton pads made of soft, natural cotton enveloped in carefully selected, natural silk
= Extra-soft, smooth texture
= Increases effectiveness of balancing lotion and moisturizer.

1 pump (Cle de Peau balancing lotion)

2 pumps

3 pumps

My Verdict:

PRICE: 3/5
I use this for:
- Applying toner (or lotion, or refresher, whatever you like to call it) using patting and wiping motion
- Applying moisturiser, the emulsion kind (some call this milky lotion, whatever) using mainly wiping motion.
- Not for exfoliation.  **I have other kinds with rougher surfaces to do the gentle exfoliation**
- Not for make up or nail varnish removal.**It is just too expensive to be wasted for such purposes**

This cotton is not just pure cotton, as its product description says, a layer of silk is pressed on the 2 surfaces.  The sheet is large, very soft, absorbent enough to keep lotion in, but not too much that everything is soaked up.  Feels like silky soft pure luxury on the skin.
Indeed, it is rather expensive but for the quality, very reasonable.  It asked for $95 (USD $12.2) for a box of 120 sheets.  That's about USD $1 for 10 sheets.  Compared to their USD $126 mediocre moisturiser, this is definitely 'inexpensive'!

The only thing, besides a decrease in price, I'd like to see is a better box design.  The current one is elegant looking indeed, but the large opening seems unnecessary and prone to 'contamination'.  If they have to keep the box design (instead of a bag), They could make it slimmer, more compact and with a nicer opening.  :)  For cotton at this price range, I expect every little detail to count, right?


Overall Rating: 16/20
Recommend?  Yes - this could be the cheapest and most worthwhile thing to try from Cle de Peau Beaute - trust me, give it a try!
Repurchase?  Yes - if my budget allows, I'd always like to have a box of this by my side, in conjunctino of some other cheaper ones for rotation. 

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  1. These are the best cotton pads ever but I rather spend my money on Shiseido's as they're half the price, and great on it's own, though not as luxurious.

    1. Hi Piellebaby, yea it is very good indeed. I have heard great things about the Shiseido ones... shall give that a go when time comes (meaning when my cotton stash shrinks a little...)




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