Monday, 28 May 2012

Chatter 0528

This is a very random post partly related to beauty, partly not. 

One - A random short review on Biore body wash.  I found this when I was doing routine check of my bathroom cupboard and decided to get this moving.  I emptied the content of "MOISTURE" as refill to my family toilet's hand soap bottle.  It isn't a scent I personally like and the body wash is not particularly "moisturizing".  "MILD" is the scent I like, and acceptably moisturizing in the current humidity, hence it is in my shower now.  "REFRESH" smells refreshingly of apple, but extremely drying on the skin, this shall serve the handsoap refill purpose well.  :P

Two - There's only a couple days left before I go on a short vacation to Tokyo.  So I'll probably have no uploads for quite some time.  When I'm back, expect to see at least a few posts, namely i) May Acquired ii) May Empties iii) False Lashes Haul iv) Shiro Haul v) Tokyo Haul

Three - I have technically not received my box/parcel of some beauty swap-deals I have arranged with individuals through private emails.  I didn't have them done on any platform, e.g. makeupalley, so I don't think I have any ways to voice my complain.  On the good side, I trust that they will send their box, and/or the mail just got lost or damaged or so on.  On the bad side, I believe if they have cheated me on such small matters (i.e. say a US$50 worth box of make up), they must be vulnerable to committing more serious discreditability.  Anyway, would it make a difference if I name them in my blog?  After all, I treat most of the people I meet in my blog as general friendly beings.

Four - I have been jotting down my wish list using ink and paper.  I limit myself to 1 product per day.  But I have 3 lists, a make up one, a skin care one, and a third one for everything from body to hair to nails.  These lists very effectively help me suspend my spending.  And they are very interesting to make.

Five - I have sprayed the Caudalie Beauty Elixir on my hands and palms to try and smell in several occasions where I popped into a Sasa.  It feels decent but I don't quite get the scent.

Six - My SO (significant other) bought me a new EVIL (electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens) camera.  It's a SONY NEX 5N.  It is gorgeous.  I will play with it more and get familiar with this new gadgets asap, for the sake of Tokyo.  Expect to see some future pictures taken by that.

Seven - New opportunities at work.  Let's preliminarily see that as positive advancement.  Not sure of what that implies in terms of stress or so, but if my superior thinks I'm suitable to be challenged to such new tasks, his judgement won't be vague.

Eight - I will be even limiting my spending on beauty more after my Tokyo trip, yes, even before I go on my trip.  It is because of some big change is going to happen to my life... Happy thing, just that in near future, acquire new things is low priority, I have other things to care about... hehe.  Need not speculate here.  :)

Nine - I just finished reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, which is the 3rd book in the Lisbeth Salander trilogy (or the Girl with Dragon Tattoo).  The trilogy was amazing.  It is 2am in the morning and I am going to bed.  I feel so tired after the last page, must be the adrenaline!  Next book?  I need to choose between Eat Pray Love and the Helper.

Ten - I dyed my hair and I'm loving my current shampoo.

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

– Disclosure –
The product(s) mentioned on this post was purchased by the editor for personal use and review purposes.  All reviews are expressed with complete honesty.  I don’t do paid or guaranteed reviews.


  1. Hopefully your swap parcel has just got held up in the post, it's horrible to think that someone has tried to rip you off! x

    1. Thanks Emma. I am thinking on the bright side too. :) Hope they will come in soon... there's about 3 packages that don't seem to arrive and their supposed senders don't contact me... hmm...

  2. Replies
    1. yes @girlieblogger, they do make body washes! Besides these 3 floral/fruity ones, they also released 2 tea scents this season. A green tea and a jasmine. I might get them when time comes... :)

  3. It sucks your swap package isn't here yet. Were you able to contact the sender? Hope it'll arrive soon....

    1. well - maybe i can try to contact them again :S

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