Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy Birthday, Black Knight!

Yay - another random title made up with the colour names!  This post is just another Nail Combo trying out 3 new nail polishes - out of which, 1 love, 2 disappointments...

The cover picture was taken under daylight with my DSLR, while the following one is taken the night before, with artificial lighting, using iPhone4.

I didn't choose these 3 shades to go together - it was J5's decision - but I did decide how to wear this combo, i.e. which goes on which nail, etc. 

A few words/review on the colours I used will follow; pics are taken under daylight, with DSLR also.  Didn't bother to do white balance whatsoever, but the background should be a white envelope for your reference.

Butter London Black Knight (in the cover pic, ring finger is solely this shade)

  • semi-opague charcoal grey gloss as a base
  • multiple colours glitters - pink, blue, red, etc
  • flimpsy brush
  • polish in gritty texture
  • doesn't dry to a shiny finish
  • not stunning

China Glaze, Smoke and Ashes (in the cover pic, middle finger base colour)

  • dark green with a hint of charcoal, not much different from black
  • very fine forest green shimmer, maybe also some blue-green ones
  • dries to a semi-metallic, semi-suede finish
  • kind of dull

Deborah Lippmann, Happy Birthday (covering entire index, half-middle, entire little finger)

  • clear base
  • 2 sizes of hexagon glitters
  • multi colour glitters - silver, gold, green, blue, pink, red
  • reminds me of confetti, but more interesting
  • dry smooth and fast
  • makes any nail colour more fun and sophisticated

I'm not a big fan of dark nail polishes that look too similar to black on my nails.  Black is not a shade I like to wear on my nails.  Butter London polishes have quite a lot of good reviews online, so perhaps I just didn't get a good bottle, or this shade is not particularly well-formulated.  Smoke and Ashes is the 1st shade that disappoint me in the Capitol Colours collection, hopefully the last, 'coz I still have 5 more shades to try out.  ;)  Happy Birthday is really lovely - I'm thinking of NOT returning this to my girlfriend - at least not until I get bored with it!  XD

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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