Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hit Pan #2 Za Skin Beauty Two Way Foundation

This is one of the contestants of the Pan-Killing game I collaborated with my friend Tao from iamgrape1119 on youtube a while ago.  Want to know why it looks so poorly scattered?

The Story

During our MUPK, I put in extra effort to use this 2 way cake up.  I carry this foundation with me every day in my make up bag, and try to attack it as regular and frequent as possible.  It hit pan, easily.

One day, in office washroom, the instance I took this out from my make up bag for touch up, it slipped and fell to the ground.  About half of the compact cracked and broke.  If this accident happened at home, I would have transferred it to another box or perhaps pressed it back.  As the accident happened at work, I sadly carry the remains and tossed them.

Hence the foundation has this much left.

The Review

Mostly I use this dry, like a powder foundation or setting powder with extra coverage - mainly under the eyes on top of concealer/brightener.  The powder is really finely milled and not drying - although it can look caked up if I packed on too much

The colour is pretty good match for me.  I figure #21 and the slightly darker #23 are both suitable for most Chinese* skin tones, depending on whether you like a brighter finish or more natural finish.  There could also be a 3rd shade - not sure.  As this line is Made in Taiwan/China and mainly targetted towards people there, with less shades to choose when it comes to base products.

*Asian skin is too broad a term to be used!

Za products are pretty reasonable drugstore items.  This 2 way is about US $10-15 and I think the quality is very good for the price, probably exceeding its cost - good value!  Side note: I remember loving Za's squeeze tube concealer, mascara - which was one of the 1st one I ever purchased 10+ years ago  - and blusher. 

Definitely check this brand/foundation out if you got the chance to!  :)

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. *writes down brand as a must try* lol

    1. ^^ actually just 'another' drugstore subbrand of shiseido... if you prefer cuter packaging you can go for Majolica majorca, Integrate those brands.



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